Top 15 Kdrama Couples With Sizzling Chemistry

If you feel like giving your time reminiscing about romantic couples, you should definitely watch these K-dramas.

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The major reason K-Dramas have a large fan base is the fact that K-drama couples exude romance like no other. The way they connect and protect each other is barely seen anywhere else.

Watching these steamy romantic couples make our knees go weak. From the best romantic scenes to unforgettable kisses, they have definitely raised some standards.

Here, we've rounded up the Top 15 K-drama couples with the best chemistry that left the fans in real awe.

1. Shin Do-Hyun & Lee Soo-Hyuk (Doom At Your Service)

Even though, being the second lead in 2021 released K-Drama "Doom At Your Service", they definitely won the hearts of many fans.

Lee So Hyuk played the role of Cha Joo-Ik and Shin Do-Hyun played the role of Na Ji-Na.

The couple brought a whirlwind of emotions for the viewers. It seemed like they were a perfect match for each other. Na Ji-Na was Joo-Ik's, first love.

Even Though Na Ji-Na has loved his younger brother Lee Hyun-Kyu since High-School, he intended to keep his feelings to himself until the day he found her crying at his doorstep when Lee Hyun-Kyu decided to shift to the USA.

The way he waited for her really impressed fans and they were one of the favourite ships of 2021.

2. Park Bo-Young & Park Hyung-Sik (Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon)

Do you really think our list will be completed without mentioning the most adorable puppy couple in the world of K-drama?

Park Bo-Young played the title role that is of Do Bong-Soon and Park Hyung-Sik played the role of Ahn Min-Hyuk.

The chemistry they both had was eye-catching and heartwarming. The way Min-Hyuk was always by her side through thick and thin gave them their own fanbase.

If you haven't watched this K-drama, you're definitely missing a major part of your life.

3. Kim Ji-Won & Park Seo-Joon (Fight For My Way)

Although Park Seo Joon was incredible in all the K-dramas, his chemistry with Kim Ji-Won in "Fight For My Way" was worth remembering.

Park Seo-Joon played the role of Ko Dong-Man and Kim Ji-Won played the role of Choi Ae-Ra.  

The way they portrayed friendship and love in such a short span of time was really incredible.

It was adorable to see how Dong-man protected her and comforted her on her low days. The drama is known for its comedic moments.

4. Yoon In-Na & Lee Dong-Wook (Touch Your Heart & Goblin)

The chemistry of the main leads in the drama "Guardian: The lonely and great god" also known as "Goblin" is amazing.

The chemistry between these two was breathtaking. They literally stole the hearts of every fan.

The couple was again united for the K-drama "Touch Your Heart" as the main lead. In this show, we get to see their love in-depth.

They had this weird magic whenever there was a super intense romantic scene.

5. Moon Ga-young & Hwang In-Youp (True Beauty)

Yes, they didn't end up together, but they definitely were an endgame for a lot of fans.

The kind of bond they both shared was unpredictable throughout the show. They had many memorable scenes.  

We didn't get to see any steamy kisses or romantic gestures. They were always bickering, and still became favourites of their fans.

Hwang In-Youp gave a lot of people the dreaded Second lead syndrome.

6. Han Hyo-Joo & Lee Jong-Suk (W: Two Worlds)

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong-Suk were seen with explorable chemistry, not just on-screen but even when the cameras stopped rolling they were the best. A lot of fans wished for them to date in real life.  The drama did have a happy ending and this couple gave butterflies to a lot of people.

7. Nam Joo-Hyuk & Lee Song-Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

Who doesn't love this not just on-screen couple but off-screen too? You must be aware of the fact that Nam Joo-Hyuk and Lee Song-Kyung didn't just date in the drama but also in real life.

Fans were all over them when they officialized their relationship. Even though they were endgame in the drama, sadly, they didn't last long in real life.

8. Park Min-Young & Ji Chang-Wook (Healer)

Regardless of the ups and downs they had, this couple is perfect. Shy glances, romantic gestures, intense kisses, they had it all.

Even though they displayed amazing chemistry with every co-star they paired but together they lifted a different vibe which created magic all around.

9. Song Hye-Kyo & Song Joong-Ki (Descendants Of The Sun)

This couple had amazing chemistry on-screen which soon turned off-screen. Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-Ki started dating in real life.

They even got married but parted ways because of their busy schedules. They may not be together in real life anymore but they definitely left a huge impression on their fans.

10. Kim So-Hyun & Song-Kang (Love Alarm)

Love Alarm revolves around a story of a technology that enables users to discover love through an application that notifies whether someone within the range of a 10-meters radius has romantic feelings for them.

Even though may not have been together in the drama they definitely had fans wrapped around them.

If you feel like giving your time reminiscing about romantic couples, you should definitely watch these K-dramas.

11. Park Min Young & Park Seo Joon (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim)

Butterflies would flutter all around the room as these two stood there. Our hearts begin to race when we see Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon together. Oh, how we long to witness a more loving "aura" from them. Not just the humorous and amusing instances, but also the hot, sizzling scenes. They had everything.

12. Son Ye Jin & Jung Hae In (Something in the Rain)

This noona-dongsaeng pairing serves as a reminder of what it's like to fall in love.

Ye Jin and Hae In played their roles as closely as possible to how they would interact in real life because, as they say, "chemistry is hard to fake".

We can't say enough good things about them both for the unrivalled affection we experienced. They not only had the best chemistry, but they defied the conventional wisdom about dating "elder guys."

13. Seo Ye Ji & Kim Soo Hyun (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

The chemistry between Ye Ji and Soo Hyun is as distinct as their characters on screen.

Even though it was their first time working together, there was no awkwardness at all.

The two did a great job of conveying this love with nuance, which only increased our admiration for the plot and their chemistry.

Ye Ji literally proclaimed that "he's probably the best partner that I've had," so how can we help but be charmed by them? Oh my!

14. Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin (Crash Landing on You)

Chemistry? Yes. Appeal, yes. Wedding? DOUBLE YESSS!!! 

Sincerity tells us that these two are a match made in heaven. They are not only one of the greatest k-drama pairings ever, but also simply smart.

Along with success, Ye Jin and Hyun Bin also found love in the real world.

When two people are meant to be together, it is obvious in their eyes and in the way they smile.

15. Han Hyo Joo & Park Hyung Sik (Happiness)

Our power couple! The ones who backhanded the zombie but at the same time gave us fuzzy feelings of love and warmth.

Hyung Sik might be best with Bo Young but he really gave us a flight of feelings with Han Hyo Joo.

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