Top 10 Kdrama With Sad Endings That Left Fans In Tears

Not all couples stay together nor do the main character finally get their shot at long-lasting love.

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K-Dramas are often known for their sweet storylines following sweet happy endings. K-dramas rarely go past one season or two if you're lucky. When one has to end the show in a shorter span of time, that often means the overarching storyline has to come to a close by the season finale. Sadly, not all of these endings are happily ever after.

Not all couples stay together nor do the main character finally get their shot at long-lasting love. Here, is the list of Top 10 Kdrama With Sad Endings that left fans in tears.

10) Black (2017)

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The K-drama audience really hoped for a happy ending in the supernatural K-drama "Black". The drama revolves around a woman who sees ghosts join forces with a detective who is actually possessed by an elite grim-reaper.

Fans saw the cold and dark grim-reaper, Black, falls for Ha-Ram. The ending didn't sway certain fans as the Reaper's deem Black's punishment to be that he never existed.

They erase all memories of him from Ha-Ram's mind. This clearly means she grows up to have a normal life like everyone else. While being alive, she forgets about the fact that she loved Black.

Fans didn't like the fact that Ha-Ram lived her days without Black. Ha-Ram grows old and passes away and joins Black in her afterlife.

9) Empress Ki (2014)

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Empress Ki is a highly popular K-drama that had a sad ending that left fans heartbroken for the main character. The final episode entrails the last of Empress Ki's enemies to be defeated.

The joy of their win is overshadowed by the death of the main character.  Ta-Hwan realizes that he's been betrayed by someone close to him. He's been secretly fed poison for some time.

Realizing it's too late he allows Empress Ki to take over his rule. He subsequently dies leaving Empress Ki to take over his rule. He subsequently dies leaving Empress Ki to once again lose someone she loves and rule the kingdom alone.

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8) Record Of Youth (2020)

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Record Of Youth is a Netflix show that debuted in 2020.  The ending left viewers with a heartbroken feeling. The two main characters go through a rough time as the male lead rises in fame as an actor as the female lead gets recognized as a makeup artist.

As the end follows, they part ways that it's not the right time for them to be together despite their love for each other.

They promise to meet again if their fate allows them to. In the last episode, they meet by chance at a movie shoot, strike a conversation and take a walk together.

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7) A Korean Odyssey (2017)

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A Korean Odyssey, the fantasy drama left fans with a bittersweet feeling with the ending but ultimately made sense for the story. As the story goes, Oh-gong becomes indebted to Sun-Mi for what he did to her when he was a child.

Many fans stated theories that their love story was fated from the start. Their fate also came with a dark reality. Sun-Mi is a Sam Jang and is fated to die at the hands of her true love, Oh-gong.

In the final episode, she comes to accept her fate but wants to die on her own terms. She ends up being killed to stop a heinous evil from entering the world but Oh-gong becomes the one to vanquish it. In the end, Sun-Mi dies in Oh-gong's arms.

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6) The Hymn Of Death (2018)

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The Hymn Of Death was a 2018 historic romance drama. The story would attract any viewer as it depicts the tragic story between Joseon's first Soprano and a playwright.

Woo-Jin and Sim-Deok catch a ferry together using their pen name as an alias. That night they go on the deck for a final dance.

Sim-Deok tries to hide her tears Woo-Jin wipes them and takes her hand in his. They share one final moment before turning into railings.  

5) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

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The ending of Moon Lovers left fans in immense emotional pain. The storyline revolves around Go Ha Jin/ Hae Soo being transported to Goryeo Dynasty and falls in love with the "wolf dog" 4th prince.

Their story goes through the test of time but in the end, she dies after giving birth to her child. To make matters worse Wang So doesn't visit her beforehand, and upon hearing of her death realizes that the letters he refused to open explained her feelings for him.

Hae Soo wakes up in her own time thinking it to be a dream.  Fans cried along with her when she visits the Goryeo exhibit and realizes it wasn't at all.

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4) Mr. Sunshine (2018)

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Mr. Sunshine has gotten high remarks since its debut in 2018. It interviewed the drama and turmoil of a political era and the romance between Eugene Choi(Lee Byung-Hun) and Go Ae-Shin.

But the astounding story ends on a sad note. In the final episode, Dong-Mae dies fighting off his enemies but suffering fatal knife injuries.

He dies smiling and thinking of Ae-shin. Dong-Mae warmed hearts despite his bad boy appearance.

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3) Hotel Del Luna (2019)

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This drama has fans heartbroken with the finale over Man Wol not getting her happily ever after. She spends decades serving her past crime by helping troubled souls who entered her hotel.

Fans love the character of Man Wol for being independent and badass. Her end was bittersweet. She doesn't drink the moonflower wine that would render her and Chan-Sung to live out their own lives once again as the hotel's manager.

2) Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

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Uncontrollably Fond gave fans high hopes about the main two leads. The two childhood classmates find each other in adulthood. Noh-Eul is tasked to document the life of actor/singer Shin Joon-Young.

Fans would recall Kim Woo-bin for his not-so delightful characters in Heirs. The show's end brought tears to fan's eyes. Joon Young comes to terms with his life in the final scene, he's with Noh-Eul.

He rests his head on her shoulder and a while later she asks if he's asleep. There's no answer and Noh-Eul knows he's passed away. After some time, and in the very final scene, she looks at a poster of him, kisses it, and says "See You Tomorrow, Joon Young-Ah".  

1) I'm Sorry I  Love You (2004)

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If there was one K-Drama for having the most tearing heartbreaking and gut-wrenching end, It's I'm Sorry I Love You. It told the story of a bad boy scammer living in Australia when he meets Song Eun-Chae who gets her items stolen by criminals.

Their love story really blossoms when he returns to Korea to find his birth parents. He soon comes to learn about his real family. He, at first, seeks revenge but when his newfound brother is injured, he makes a decision. Moo-Hyuk kills himself in a motorcycle accident to save his brother. Before his death, he calls Eun-Chae and says "I'm Sorry I Love You". In the final scene, she visits his grave and dies by suicide.

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