Top 10 Josei Manga Recommendations For The Fans!

What exactly is Josei Manga? And what are some good josei manga to read?

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By Akash
Top 10 Josei Manga Recommendations For The Fans!

The meaning of Josei is Women in Japanese. So, it is clear from the meaning that Josei is the genre that is targeted towards women. The manga of these genre are mainly aimed at the women and that especially who are aged between 16 to 40 years. There are lot of fan service moments in this genre of manga but it is rarely seen. Josei manga is very mature in nature. There are variety of plot in this manga ranging from realistic to romantic type. It is another version of slice of life manga.
It is a very serious type of romance and mature manga. It can be said it is one of a kind about serious relationships. But it's market is rather small as it is only aimed at women.

Bokuro No Kiseki

It is about a young age man named Minami who kept dreaming about Veronica many times, and she is a princess as well as her kingdom is on the verge of collapse. Well, he kept dreaming about that dream again and again and he don't know why? He thinks at one point that these dreams that he is seeing continuously are some recollections of himself or his past life to be accurate. He is that princess he thinks. So, he tell this story to his classmates who seems he have a defect in his brain and ridiculed him in the class.

After this incident he become a target of bullying each day and bullying on him continues to grow only and one day he suddenly discovers about magic which Veronica in his dream have learned and perform. After this incident he gets sure that these are not simply some memories but something more than that. So, he goes out in order to search the meaning behind this. This is One of the best Josei Manga to Read.


The main character of this story is Reguna who is the member of dying out clan of dream seers which are known as Oracles. They serve under the king of that country. One day Reguna experience a dream where the king is Assassinated and then he tries to protect the king by investigating into the matter. And as he investigates further he got involved more into dreams and politics. These are some of the popular josei manga out there. So, make sure to check them out.

Otona ni Nattemohe

The main character of this story is Ayano who is a elementary school teacher and is living a steady life. Her life is going on very smoothly as everything is going on smoothly as she have good relationship with her students as well as their parents. Well, we know everything can't remain normal until she visits a bar her life took a whole new turn. In the Bar she meets her old friend and after some drinks they get little bit intimate. This is a story about complex relationships and feelings that will surely attracts the attention towards you. The conversation between characters is like no other.

The Blue Flowers and the Ceramic Forest

It is a very unique and different story about a ceramic painter whose name is Aoko. On her way home she meets a man named Tatsuki who had came from overseas to work in Hasami Wares Pottery. He told Aono that he doesn't like his ceramic painting as their can be no passion seen in them. He then shows his ceramic painting to which Aono seems Awe Struck.This is a cute love story which revolves around ceramic painting. If, you read this manga than definitely you will find yourself interested in in taking ceramic painting classes.

You’re My Pet

This Story revolves around Lwaya Sumire, she is a well reputed journalist. This is a career which many thinks to be not suited by the women. Well, even after she acclaimed a lot of things in her life she still of her  boyfriend about how he dumped him. After getting heartbreak, she finds a puppy and she decides to take him as his pet and she would provide him food. She names that puppy as Momo. This Manga also won an award for shoujo in 2003. So, we can know that this manga is quite good.

Darling Wa Namamono Ni Tsuki

Setsuko is the main character of this story and she is the only daughter of a transexual man who runs a bar. It is quite a unique story about Tanabe who agrees to marry Setsuko. Dr. Tanabe is the one who activated her senses that's why Setsuko confesses her love for her. It is full of comedy as well as humor and it is a good story about a married couple and if you like such stuff than make sure to check it out.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

The main character of the story is Narumi loves everything related with manga and anime and is crazy about them. But due to this she have not been able to maintain her relationship for very long. The story moves forward as Narumi is ridiculed for being an Otaku. So, in order to hide this embarrassment she leaves her job and settles elsewhere. But, as she thought that her life is smoothly going she suddenly one day encounters her old friend. Well, as he is also an Otaku their relationship starts to develop. This is quite a cute love story.

Usemono Yado

This is a very unique story about an Inn where you can found lost items and the owner of that inn is quite cold in nature but in the end of the day she helps them and that matters only. That Inn can also find out things that are deep rooted into one's heart. Each one of the character have less screen time but they are able to tell inspiring stories in such a short time.


It is a story about two women who shares the same surname by chance as well as age too. Nana Komatsu came to Tokyo in order to straighten her life. On the other hand the other Nana is very confident in herself and she wants to be a star. By luck they become friends while travelling on a train and they came to conclusion that they will share the same apartment. Well, youth is a very tough time for both of them. This story is very beautifully presented and depicts everything about being young.


It is the story about a young girl whose name is Chihayafuru who wants to become one day a Karuta Queen alongside his childhood friend Arata. Karuta is a Japanese card game and traditional one. She is inspired from Arata after she watched his game. This manga is so popular that an official anime is made of this manga. It is a story of Hard-work, friendship and as well as relationships. Definitely worth reading so, make sure to check it out.