Top 10 Josei Manga of the Decade!

Top 10 Josei Manga of the Decade!

Josei Manga is the term used for Women centric manga. The word Josei means Women in Japanese. Josei Manga have a lot of storylines included into it ranging from blackmailing a boy or girl to heartbreak and romance between a couple on the basis of art etc. It mostly features a realistic portrayal of various topics. Here, is the Top 10 list of the Josei Manga of the decade which remained popular throughout this decade.

10. Beauty Bunny

The author of this manga is Mario Yoshino, who is also the creator of the manga Peach Heaven one of his popular works. The main character of the story is 17 year old girl named Kohane Yoshino, who lives a normal life and isn't interested in any sort of makeup products. On her first day of school one boy named Iori in Tokyo calls him ugly. After that she starts hating him but he is an expert at makeup. When she implies makeup on her it made her stand out. This manga tells the story that makeup is not an unnecessary thing to do but it enhances the confidence and personality on the other hand. It secures 10th place in top 10 josei manga list.

9. QQ Sweeper

The author of this manga is a female named Kyousuke Motome, but the name that she uses is quite masculine so, there is often a conflict about her gender. The main character of the story is a 16 yr old girl named Fumi who is suffering from Amnesia and she is homeless as well. She uses her school's unused room as her bedroom. It is a supernatural manga which shows how Fumi discovers a unique power which is layed dormant inside her brain after meeting a second year boy named Horikita of her school.

8. Devils and Realist

The author of this manga is Madoka and it is illustrated by Utako. The story is set in early England in the year 1889, and the main character of this story is a royal named William Twinning who is considered a genius. One day he found out that his family have run bankrupt and also got to know how to summon a demon in the process of getting money for his fees. This manga is about the magic and the history of Demons as it is shown that the demon is the reincarnation of Solomon and he is looking for the new ruler of hell.

7. Perfect World

The manga is written by Rie Aruga. This manga deals with the problem of disability that people have in their life in its true form. The main character of this manga is Tsugumi who is 26 years old, one day she reunites with her crush who studied with her in the high school. His name is Itsuki Ayuka. When she meets him, she saw him on wheelchair which came as a shock to her. Well, at first she thought nothing about him as it will be difficult to date a man on wheelchair but she realizes that he still holds space for him in her heart. It is a perfect story about a person being imperfect. And how she fell in love with him despite his disabilities.

6. Queen's Quality

This manga is the sequel to QQ sweeper manga. Well, the sequel either gets lot of hate due to its improper implication or it gains tremendous love from the fans. But this sequel is on the point. The story starts from the point where QQ left as Fumi began to slowly lose her mind due to her dormant power. It is more dark as compared to its prequel. The story fights about what is right and wrong. Also the story progress with the romance between the two lead. Both prequel and sequel are good in engaging the fans. It is 6th in top 10 josei manga of the decade list.

5. House of the Sun

The author of this manga is Ta'amo. And this manga is the winner of 38th Kodansha Manga Award. The story revolves around 17 year old Mao and the other Nakamuras. From the early childhood Nakamura household have a place in her heart. Due to one accident Nakamuras died and she loses a place to stay. After that her childhood friend Hiro invites her to live with him at his place. Slowly it became a good place for her laughter, tears and especially a place she can call home.

4. Wotakoi: Love Is Harder For Otaku

It was started as a Web manga which is published by Fujita. After some time it began to take its place in the community for artists. The main character of this story is childhood friends Narumi Momose who is an Otaku, and another Hirotaka who is also an Otaku like her. As they have the same hobby they fell in love with each other. They also started to dating each other later but the thing their date is difficult as they are both Otakus. It also involves the story of another couple Hanako and Tarou. It is avery good comic Josei. It is 4th on the top 10 josei manga of the decade list.

3. Daytime Shooting Star

The author of this manga is Mika Yamamori and this manga have done clothing line collaboration too. The main character of this story is Suzume and she moves to Tokyo from village and starts to live with her uncle. While on her way to home she bumps into an odd man Shishio. Later on she gets to know that he is her homeroom teacher.He is also her uncle's friend and she fells in love with him. While on the other hand Daiki the boy who sits in front of him began to fall in love with her.

2. A Silent Voice

This manga is also known by the name of Shape of Voice. It is a very popular manga and a movie have also been made of this one. The author of this manga is Yoshitoki. Shoya is the main character of this manga who bullies Nishimiya for her being deaf. Shoko then transfer her school and Shoya's friend began to outcast him for bullying Nishimiya. It is a very heartwarming manga to read.

1. Your Name

It is considered one of the best Josei manga of all time. It is known as Kimi No Na Wa. It is the story about both switching between Mistuha and  Tachibana. The main topic of this story is fate as well as destiny that they acts in each other's life and body.