10 Underrated BTS Soundcloud Songs That Feels Like A Blessing To Ear!

BTS Soundcloud Discography is to die for. The songs are very addicting and underrated. Don't forget to check their Soundcloud channel.

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It is right to say that BTS has the best discography in the entire music industry. From ballads to rock pop to the best falsettos, the boys have literally covered every genre present in today's music. They are very diligent and dedicated to music which makes them one of the best groups worldwide. On top of that, the lyrics and choreographies are incredible and worth the attention.

It is no secret that the boys constantly shower their love on the ARMY through music. They are very active in writing and producing for their Soundcloud Account. BTS's Soundcloud Discography feels like heaven. The songs are very addicting and underrated.

1. Still With You by Jungkook

Released in 2020, Jungkook took part in writing and composing this song. This is by far one of the most praised songs on BTS Soundcloud. The lyrics are about falling in love.

It was like a love letter which it was. This was Jungkook's love letter to the ARMY all over the world. The pain of not being together, repeatedly asking to meet again one day, reminiscing about the laughs and cries they had together.

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Jungkook definitely made 2020 more emotional by dropping this song. "Still With you" was recently chosen as the best song to listen to on a rainy day with almost 900K votes. ARMY's are still waiting for the day when Jungkook will sing "Still With You" live.

2. Promise (약속) By Jimin

Promise was originally meant to be a dark song. It was meant to reprimand himself when he was going through his inner struggles.

It was not meant to be a comforting song as it is now, it was more so like a dark version of Jimin's inner struggles. According to credits posted on the blog post,  Jimin co-composed Promise along with Slow Rabbit. The lyrics were written by both RM and Jimin.

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Jimin's Promise is now the most-streamed song in Soundcloud History with 275.1 million streams.

3. Abyss By Jin

Jin released this song on his birthday as an ode and promise to the Army. This shows Jin's different vocal styles and his silver voice shines the best. In a press conference, Jin confessed that he didn't want to show his sadness and vulnerability to the ARMYs.

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But, at a point, he understands that he is a human being too and it is okay to get sad sometimes and he knows that ARMY's would understand him. This was the best birthday gift a fan could've asked for.

4. Bicycle By RM

This song was released very recently and came as a surprise for the Army. RM has always been very fond of Bicycles.

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In his interview with KBS, he mentioned that he is so happy while riding Bicycles that he could literally shed tears. The song was released in honour of BTS's 8th Anniversary. It was dropped to keep the Festa spirit alive.

5. Winter Bear By V

The song is about V's grandmother. V was very close to his grandmother as he even mentioned in his speech.

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She always wanted to see him performing on stage but she died before it could happen. This deeply disturbed V.  He wrote the song in memory of her.

6. Blue Side By J-Hope

J-Hope first released an outro version of the song and then treated fans to the full version.

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The color blue is a metaphorical expression of all the good times J-Hope had under the blue sky. It refers to all the blue side i.e happiness and wanting to escape the windy side of his life.

7. Agust D By Agust D (Suga)

Agust D is the debut mixtape by Agust D. The title track was Agust D which is the name of Suga's alter ego.

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The song lyrics talk about the haters who hate on him but still low-key tries to copy him. The mixtape topped the iTunes chart in 27 countries.

8. Sea (바다) By BTS

It is one of the most underrated songs of BTS. In this song, BTS uses the imaginary ocean and a desert to convey the hope and despair they experience while pursuing their dreams as K-Pop artists. The song has a very sad and melodious tone which is very easy to fall for.

9. Ddaeng( 땡) By Suga, J-Hope, And RM

It was initially J-Hope's idea to produce Ddaeng. He later collaborated with the other rappers Suga and RM and made the song Ddaeng.

The song is a bop. Ddaeng is a phrase used in South Korea when someone disagrees with the other person.  

10. 4'o Clock( 네시)By RM And V

Released during BTS Festa in 2017, this fresh pair has a charm that still hasn't fade and will never fade. Both RM and V, produced this soft melodious song themselves. It has a vibe that can put anyone to sleep. It talks about loneliness and friendship. It was majorly V's idea to produce this soft ballad.

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