Top 10 BTS performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | Ranked

BTS performed at World Cup Bridge, Gyoenghoeru Pavillion, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Grand Central Terminal For "The Tonight Show Starring jimmy Fallon".

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BTS performing at the Grand central station, USA
BTS on Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is one of the most famous and loved people in the world of Hollywood. Not just that Jimmy is also very famous among BTS Fandom ARMY for the love that he has shown to the most famous South Korean Boy Group.

Jimmy Fallon is the host of the American Late night talk show "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" which airs on NBC. Jimmy Fallon has a very strong bond with the band.

A fun fact: BTS is the only South Korean Boy group that made their appearance on The Fallon Show. Today, we've rounded up the Top 10 Best Performances given by BTS on the show.

10. BTS Idol With The Audience

The band performing their song 'idol' on Fallon show

This was BTS's debut performance on the Fallon Show and it definitely left a huge mark on the audience.

Even though the song is in Korean it still left people hopping onto their seats proving language is not a barrier when it comes to music. Idol is from their album "Love Yourself: Answer".  

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9. Dynamite

The band performing their song 'dynamite'

Dynamite is the song that broke every record known in the music industry. From entering the 1 Billion club on both Spotify and Youtube to topping the charts in over 100 countries, it was definitely a smash hit.

The performance was from the BTS week that was organized by The Fallon Show. It is a very colourful and lovely performance where the members were seen in different characters and occupations.

Jin and Jimin were shown in a roller skate store,  RM was shown as a waiter, Suga was shown as a basketball player,  J-Hope is shown in an ice cream shop, and last but not least Jungkook and V are shown as sweepers. The concept adds more essence to the performance.

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8. I'm Fine

I'm fine song performance from Love yourself: Answer album

I'm Fine was accompanied by Idol as one of the debut performances at the Fallon Show. I'm Fine is one of the most underrated songs from BTS's Album "Love Yourself: Answer". The performance was followed by a power pack choreography.

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7. Permission To Dance

PTD performance on Fallon show

Permission To Dance is BTS's most recently released song which broke many records. The song holds a very special meaning in these hard times of crisis.

Every Permission To Dance performance is up to the mark but the one which was performed at the Jimmy Fallon show was extraordinary. It gave a very positive vibe with purple balloons and lively choreography.

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6. Butter

Butter performance in Fallon show.

Even though BTS performed Butter several times on other platforms, Jimmy Fallon was one hell of a performance. It was one of the most expensive performances ever.

They performed the song on the World Cup Bridge. The bridge hasn't been open to the public yet but they allowed BTS to perform there.

The bridge was originally planned for August 2015 but will finally open in the next few months. Borrowing such luxurious places is not a big thing for BTS, but they are still so humble and speak volumes.

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5. Mikrokosmos

The band performing 'Mikrokosmos' on Fallon show

Mikrokosmos has been one of the most favourite songs over the years. BTS dedicated this song to their fandom ARMY.

The group performed the song at Gyoenghoeru Pavilion at the palace, where royal banquets were held. The performance was a gig at the time of the pandemic.

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4. Home

Home performance on Fallon show

BTS performed Home on the second night of the BTS week at The Fallon Show.

The performance gave a music video vibe, with BTS relying on mirror illusions and camera tricks that would have been impossible in the usual late-night studio setting.

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3. Idol At The Palace

Another performance of Idol on fallon show

"Home" was followed by "Idol" which was again performed at a very famous place in South Korea.

BTS performed the song at Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul, South Korea. It is again one of the most expensive BTS performances on the Fallon Show.

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2. Black Swan

black swan performance by bts on fallon show

Before talking about the performance let's talk about the music video of Black Swan. One of the most iconic and underrated videos in the history 0f K-pop.

Where other artists talk about love and heartbreak; BTS expressed their love for music through this song.

If the music video was iconic the performance was more iconic. The group gave a more than iconic performance for Black Swan in a cathedral for The Fallon Show.  

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1. ON

on performance by bts on Fallon show

Yes, we are talking about the Grand Central performance. Yes, you read it right, BTS performed their song ON at the Grand Central Terminal, New York. The five-minute performance BTS gave took two months and a small army to organize the whole thing.

A crew of about 180 people was needed in order to arrange the whole shooting. The dancers and marching bands rehearsed in Vanderbilt Hall and the North West Balcony rooms while the crew set up their cameras.

The group waited until 2 am for the shooting. They had about two hours to shoot the video before the terminal's cleaning staff arrived to wash the floors.

BTS is now a recurring guest on many American talk shows like The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  The group has been pre-recording gigs for the sh0ws from their home country Korea itself.  

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