10 Best Harem Anime TV Series To Watch Right Now!

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Harem Anime to watch Right now!

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10 Best Harem Anime TV Series To Watch Right Now!

The main character in harem anime is always covered with a lot of girls and the girls may or may not like the main character. There is one distinct quality of the main character and that is main character is always shy, oblivious or bold personality. Harem anime involves a  lot of genres it can be horror harem anime or action related but the main thing that is present in these anime is lot of girls.

Here is the list of Top 10 Harem Anime series which you should definitely watch!

1. School Days

school days

You may have definitely read the light novel series of this anime. This is the series that is infamous for it's dark and bizarre places. The main character of the story is Makoto Itou who is the most selfish character in the anime history and he gets two girls involve in romance with him. This anime series which is not quite special but at the end of the story it delivers some good plot twist which make this anime a worth watch.

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2. Sekerei


The main character of this story Minato Sahashi can not get into college because he is not able to do well under pressure. The main thing that makes this series stand apart is its storyline. Minato deals with a genetic disorder which turns him into a superhuman, but the twist is he can unlock that power only by kissing a girl. The series contains his journey with a lot of battles with certain masters who also contains such power.

It is quite a fun anime series and the kiss contact makes it special. So, make sure to check it out.

3. Demon King Daimao

demon king daimao

Demon King Daimao also known as Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou is a popular harem series. It is a very funny anime to watch.  Akito wants to graduate from Constant Magical Academy and based on your talent only you get into different professions. When Akito tests his aptitude he is declared as the future Demon King. He gets shocked after hearing it.

So, as the story moves forward Akito tries to resist his reputation as the future evil. He don't want to be considered as a Demon King. He meets many girls during his journey some wants to exploit him and some wants to destroy him. But at the end they all loves him.

Overall, it is a very fun and exciting anime series to watch.

4. Kiss X Sis

Kiss X sis

Ako and Riko are the two stepsisters of Keita who have been very close to him from the starting when they were children. As now they have grown up and are in high school their feelings for each other have only grown strong especially for the twins.

Not only Keita's classmates but also also his teacher fall in love with Keita. The two stepsisters also fall in love with Keita. So, what will he do in this kind of situation whom will he love back?

It is not like any typical harem anime series it is quite different from the rest. It is very fun and exciting at the same time and sometimes bring shocking turns too. Definitely worth watching this series.

5. Heaven's Lost Property

heaven's lost property

There is this question that what is more better than beautiful and adorable girls? Is it the Harem of Angels?  To sum up this show is all about how our main character Tomoki who is perverted in nature, he is having the responsibility of teaching humanoid angels about how to love!

Tomoki must help angel Ikaros to develop to the nature of the earth. All these moments in this anime leads to a beautiful harem experience.

6. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

This anime is about the amazing story of a zombie. The main character of the story is Ayumu Aikawa who is murdered and the next moment he is enslaved and revived by a beautiful necromancer named Eucliwood. One unlucky accident turns him into a magical girl after which the whole fun begins as he began to battle magical girls and ninjas too as well as he fends of affection of his classmates. It is quite a fun anime series to watch.

7. Rosario To Vampire

Rosario To Vampire

Tsukune Aono is the main character of this series. He is not very well in studies and he always gets average marks due to which he can't get admission into any academy. But Youkai Academy accepted him.

Main story starts after his admission in this academy and he finds out that this school is not for humans but for monsters. Moka is the female lead in this anime series who later on became Tsukune's girlfriend and he finds out that she wear a rosary which seals her vampiric powers.

No one knows that he is a human but Moko always love to drink his blood as any vampire does. It is a very fun anime series which took great turn and lots of women come across our protagonist.

8. I don't have many friends

I don't have many friends

This series is also known as Haganai. This harem series draws attention from author's own teenage awkwardness. The main character of this series is Kodoka Hasegawa. He is facing the problem in making new friends. Due to his blonde hair he is thought to be a delinquent.

Soon, later on he meets a girl in his class he is also considered an outcast. They form a group and soon he is all around beautiful girls. Quite fun to watch this anime.

9. Nisekoi


It is one of my personal favourite harem anime. As through many unexpected accidents our main character is always around girls. It is a very funny anime series with a lot of comedic scenes. Ichijo the main character is the heir of the Yakuza family and suddenly he finds  out that in order to avoid gang rivalry he is forced to marry the rival gang's daughter.

As the story continues another girl confess love to him. It is definitely worth watching.

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10. High School DXD

High School DXD

High School DxD is the best harem anime ever. The main character of the story is killed in the very first episode but later on he is resurrected. He get to know from his classmate that his school is full of supernatural beings.

So, after that he fights with enemies and increases his harem. A very good show to watch.