Top 10 Kdrama badass Male Lead | Unranked

These K drama badass leads make us fall in love with them. Make sure to watch these K dramas to know more about them.

Top 10 Kdrama badass Male Lead  | Unranked

K-dramas are all about the main leads. The cast of the K drama adds soul to the storyline. Who doesn't love a bad boy?  

Honestly, there are many K dramas with badass leads. But here are the top 10 badass leads in K-Dramas that will literally roll your mind.

1. Vincenzo Cassano From "Vincenzo"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Vincenzo Cassano

Here! Vincenzo Cassano the mafia of the K drama world and the main lead of the K drama Vincenzo released in the year 2021.

At the age of eight, Park Joo-Hyung was adopted by an Italian family and went to live in Italy.

He later joins the mafia and is adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano Family.

Renamed "Vincenzo Cassano" he becomes an Italian lawyer, a consigliere of the mafia, and Don Fabio's right-hand man.

This is where the story of Vincenzo Cassano begins. He is the heartthrob and one of the favorite Oppas in the K-Drama world.

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2. Myul Mang From "Doom At Your Service"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Myul Mang

The doom, the destructor, the reason death happens is what Myul Mang was made for. Myul-Mang was born between dark and light: when he breathes, countries disappear, when he walks, seasons collapse, even when he smiles, destruction happens.

Everything which is destroyed is because of him. All he has to do is exist for something to fall into ruin. This is not his intention but simply his fate.

His life is changed in a glimpse of the moment when he falls for Tak Dong-Kyung, a girl suffering from Glioblastoma.

His love for humans becomes stronger than ever. Tak Dong-Kyung brings the kind side of Myul Mang.

3. Kim Shin From "Guardian: The Great And Lonely God"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Kim Shin

The immortal Goblin spent his whole immortal life in search of his bride to appear so that he can break his 900-year long curse.

But when he finally meets his bride he falls for her.

This made his wish to end his immortal tortured life in confusion. According to his fate and curse, one of them has to die.

Kim Shin aka the Goblin dies to save the woman he loves. Now! this is perfect, right?

4. Han Seo Jun From "True Beauty"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Han Seo Jun

Han Seo Jun, one of the best bad yet good boys in the K-Drama world.

Although rude to people he dislikes, Seojun is very caring and protective of his friends and family. He tends to have difficulty expressing his feelings.

A person who doesn't want himself into a relationship unexpectedly falls for Lim Jung-Kyung, unaware of the fact that she already likes his former best friends Lee Soo-Ho.

Han Seo Jun sacrifices his love for Soo-Ho which brings tears to his eyes but at last, is still happy.

Now, who doesn't love a guy who is rude to everyone except for his girl?

5. Go Bok Dong From "Angry Mom"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Go Bok-Dong

Initially known as the bully at Munsyung High, he was the one to give life threats to Oh An-Ran and make her traumatized.

He has his own reasons to bully and threaten others due to high orders since his older brother was in jail.

He is forced to take the blame for heinous crimes due to high orders which somewhere made him feel guilty and finally makes a change in his heart.

Things start getting awkward when he falls for Jo Kang-Ja and discovers the truth about her.

He later becomes an ally to Kang-Ja and maintains his affections to Kang-Ja despite their age difference and his initial confusion towards the truth of Kang-Ja's identity.

The way he changed himself despite knowing Kang-Ja's identity and kept loving her was very adorable.

6. Gu Jun Pyo From "Boys Over Flowers"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Gu Jun-Pyo

The leader of F4 and the heir of the Shinwa Group, one of the biggest companies in South Korea. His mother is a cruel woman who believes that only beneficial relationships are allowed.

He is hot-tempered and believes there is nothing that money can't buy. Though he is unable to express his feelings, deep down, he has a heart of gold.

He always tries to protect Jan-di even if it means hurting his own feelings.

He torments Jan-di after she stands up to his ways of bullying, but ends up falling in love with her and will do anything to protect her.

7. Kang Maa-Roo From "The Innocent Man"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Kang Maa-Roo

A smart but poor medical student who has to look after his little sister without any parents.

He was in love with Jae-hee but she left him for a rich CEO as she always dreamt of being rich, but she always loved Maa-Ru and still harbors feelings for him.

Six years after Jae-hee left he became arrogant and a playboy who works as a bartender.

He approached Eun-Gi as part of his revenge plan against Jae-Hee but he started to care for her and eventually fell in love.

8. Shin Se-gi From "Kill Me, Heal Me"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Shin Se Gi

A vehement young man with a devil may care demeanor who appears when Cha Do-Hyun experiences violence. He may be violent, but he never hurts children or women.

Se-Gi endures all of Do-Hyun's pain as he is the only identity to have all of Do-Hyun's memories. His first love is Oh Ri-Jin.  

9. Sun Woo/Dogbird From "Hwarang: The Poet Youth Warrior"

Sun Woo

A young man of low birth who rises above his situation in life to become a legendary Hwarang warrior.

He assumes the identity of his best friend Kim Sun-Woo, Ah-Ro's biological brother after he is killed by one of the queen's  Dowager's men.

During the whole drama, Sun-woo is seen taking a stand for the poor and weak people of the Silla Dynasty. Later, he realized he was the sacred bone, belonging to the royal family.

10. Park Sae-Royi From "Itaewon Class"

Top 10 Badass Male Leads In K-Dramas | Unranked
Park Sae-Royi. 

Proprietor of Danbam, a bar-restaurant in Itaewon. In his youth, he gets expelled from high school for punching CEO Jang's son Geun-Won, who was bullying a classmate, and becomes bereaved when his father is killed by Geun-Won's reckless driving.

Angered by the loss, he attacks Geun-Won, leading to his three-year imprisonment.

Following his father's steps,  Sae Royi opens his bar-restaurant DanBam in Itaewon seven years after he is released from jail, with the aim of expanding it into a franchise and defeating CEO Jang's food company  Jangga Group.

In 2020, he becomes the CEO of his company IC Group.

These K drama badass leads make us fall in love with them. Make sure to watch these K dramas to know more about them.