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Who doesn't love a bad boy?

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K-dramas are all about the main leads. The cast of the K drama adds soul to the storyline. Who doesn't love a bad boy?  Honestly, there are many K dramas with badass leads.

Top 20 badass leads in K-Dramas that will literally roll your mind

20. Jin Do Jun from Reborn rich

Yoon Hyeon-Woo has worked for Soonyang Conglomerate for more than 10 years.

His job mainly consists of taking care of the family that runs the company.

His work is similar to that of a servant, but he is falsely accused of embezzlement by the conglomerate family.

He is then shot while on a business trip overseas. The next moment, Yoon Hyeon-Woo finds himself in the body of the family's youngest grandson Jin Do-Jun.

He decides to take revenge on the Soonyang Conglomerate family and also take over the company.

19. Ji Soo Heon from Revenge of others

Ok Chan-Mi is a high school student who is 19 years old. She was a shooter for a high school team in the past.

Ok Chan-twin Mi's brother passes away one day.

She searches for the truth about her husband's passing. She begins dating Ji Soo-Heon.

Ji Soo-Heon exacts retaliation against the bullies on behalf of the harassed pupils.

18. Jang Uk from Alchemy of souls

Because of "hwanhonsool," these people's fate has been changed (the soul of the dead return to the living).

Jang Uk is descended from a prestigious Jang family in the nation of Daeho.

People all over the nation talk about the unpleasant secret he has about his birth. He causes trouble. By chance, Jang Ukk runs into Mu-Deok.

Although she is a skilled warrior, her soul is imprisoned in a frail body. She becomes Jang Wook's servant while also teaching him how to fight in the shadows.

From the illustrious Seo family comes Seo Yul. With his attractiveness, intelligence, and superior martial arts abilities, he appears to be ideal.

The prince of Daeho is Go Won. He aspires to be a kind king.

17. Lim Soo Hoo from Snowdrop

Taking place in 1987, a time of dictatorship in South Korea. Lim Soo-Ho, a graduate student at Hosu Women's University, jumps into the female dorm while covered in blood.

He is discovered and is helped to flee by Eun Yeong-Ro. They become romantically involved.

Graduate student Lim Soo-Ho attends a prestigious university. He is German and Korean. He is mysterious and endowed with charisma.

First grader Eun Yeong-Ro attends Hosu Women's University. English literature is her area of study.

Im Soo-Ho was the first person she ever met, and she instantly fell in love with him.

Gye Bun-Ok decided against going to college because of her struggling family. She is currently employed by a women's dorm as a telephone operator.

She goes on a blind date with Eun Young-Ro while posing as a college student.

Later on, Gye Bun-Ok becomes involved in a case. Team 1 at NSP is led by Lee Gang-Mu. He is a man of principles and never makes concessions.

16. Park Chang Ho from Big Mouth

Park Chang-Ho is an attorney with a pitiful 10% success rate. Because of his talkative nature, he has earned the nickname Big Mouth.

He happens to become involved in a murder investigation and is subsequently linked to the cunning con artist Big Mouse. Park Chang-Ho consequently finds himself in a potentially fatal circumstance.

Go Mi-Ho, Park Chang Ho's wife is a nurse by profession. She has a stunning appearance and a brave and wise personality.

She supported her husband financially and emotionally as he pursued his legal career.

When Go Mi-Ho finds out that Park Chang-Ho is thought to be the cunning con artist Big Mouse, she makes an effort to clear her husband's name.

15. Sun Woo/Dogbird From "Hwarang: The Poet Youth Warrior"

He is a young guy of humble origins who rises above his circumstances to become a famed Hwarang fighter.

After one of the queen's Dowager's men kills his best friend Kim Sun-Woo, Ah-biological Ro's brother, he adopts the name of Ah-Ro.

Throughout the drama, Sun-woo is seen standing up for the Silla Dynasty's impoverished and vulnerable people.

Later on, he understood he was the royal family's precious bone.

14. Go Bok Dong From "Angry Mom"

Initially regarded as the bully at Munsyung High, he was the one who threatened Oh An-Ran's life and terrified her.

He has his own motivations for bullying and threatening people because his older brother is in jail.

Due to high commands, he is compelled to accept responsibility for horrible actions, which makes him feel guilty and eventually causes a transformation in his heart.

Things become problematic when he falls for Jo Kang-Ja and learns the truth about her.

He later becomes Kang-Ja's ally and maintains his affection for him despite their age difference and his initial bewilderment over Kang-Ja's identity.

He was incredibly endearing in how he transformed himself despite knowing Kang-Ja's identity and continued to love her.

13. Gu Jun Pyo From "Boys Over Flowers"

The man behind the group F4 and the heir to the Shinwa Group, one of South Korea's largest corporations. His mother is a harsh woman who feels that only positive interactions are permissible.

He has a short temper and believes that money can buy anything. Though he is unable to communicate his emotions, he has a heart of gold.

He is always trying to protect Jan-di, even if it means hurting his own feelings in the process.

He torments Jan-di after she stands up for his bullying methods, but he eventually falls in love with her and would go to any length to defend her.

12. Kang Maa-Roo From "The Innocent Man"

A bright but impoverished medical student who must care for his younger sister in the absence of his parents.

He was in love with Jae-hee, but she left him for a rich CEO because she had always wanted to be wealthy, but she had always loved Maa-Ru and still has feelings for him.

Six years after Jae-departure, hee's he has become haughty and has taken up work as a bartender.

He approached Eun-Gi as part of his plan to exact revenge on Jae-Hee, but he began to care for her and finally fell in love with her.

11. Shin Se-gi From "Kill Me, Heal Me"

When Cha Do-Hyun is subjected to violence, a fervent young guy with a devil-may-care demeanour appears.

He is an aggressive person, yet he never harms children or women.

Se-Gi bears all of Do-suffering Hyun's because he is the only identity with all of Do-memories. Hyun's Oh Ri-Jin is his first love.

10. Park Sae-Royi From "Itaewon Class"

Danbam, an Itaewon bar-restaurant, is owned by him.

In his childhood, he is expelled from high school for punching CEO Jang's son Geun-Won, who was bullying a classmate, and is heartbroken when Geun-reckless Won's driving kills his father.

Angered by the loss, he strikes Geun-Won, landing him in prison for three years.

Following in his father's footsteps, Sae Royi launches DanBam, a bar-restaurant in Itaewon, seven years after his release from prison, with the goal of expanding it into a franchise and challenging CEO Jang's food company Jangga Group.

He takes over as CEO of his company, IC Group, in 2020.

These tough protagonists in K dramas make us fall in love with them. Watch these Korean dramas to learn more about them.

9. Myul Mang From "Doom At Your Service"

Myul Mang was created to be the doom, the destroyer, and the cause of death.

Myul-Mang was born between the light and the dark: when he breathes, countries vanish; when he walks, seasons collapse; and even when he smiles, destruction occurs.

Everything that has been destroyed is due to him. All he needs to do is exist for something to go wrong. This is not his intention; rather, it is his fate.

His life is changed in an instant when he falls in love with Tak Dong-Kyung, a girl with Glioblastoma.

His affection for mankind is stronger than ever. Tak Dong-Kyung brings out Myul Mang's gentle side.

8. Lee Yeon From "Tale of the Nine-Tailed"

The eponymous gumiho. Former mountain ghost and guardian of Baekdudaegan, Ah-eum/ Ji-lover, ah's and Lee Rang's half-brother.

While searching for Ah-reincarnation, eum's he does assignments from the Afterlife Immigration Office.

He came across several Ah-eum impersonators, but none wore the fox bead.

He protected Ji-ah when she was little, but she lacks the fox bead, leading Yeon to assume she is not Ah-eum's reincarnation.

Ji-ah is revealed to be the reincarnation of Ah-eum later in the series.

When Lee Yeon stopped her from falling from a building, her fox bead was revealed.

Evening primrose, which grows atop tombs, is his weakness.

7. Han Seo Jun From "True Beauty"

Han Seo Jun is one of the best bad yet good boys in the world of K-Drama.

Seojun is highly caring and protective of his friends and family, despite being nasty to those he dislikes.

He has difficulty expressing his emotions.

A person who does not want to be in a relationship falls for Lim Jung-Kyung suddenly, unknowing that she already likes his old best buddy Lee Soo-Ho.

Han Seo Jun sacrifices his love for Soo-Ho, causing him to cry, yet he is ultimately happy.

Who doesn't like a person who is just an anti-hero to everyone but a hero to his girlfriend?

6. Vincenzo Cassano From "Vincenzo"

Vincenzo Cassano is the mafia of the K drama world and the main lead of the K drama Vincenzo.

His real name is Park Joo-Hyung was adopted when he was only eight years by an Italian family and went to live in Italy.

He later joins the mafia and is adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano Family.

With his new name"Vincenzo Cassano" he becomes an Italian lawyer, a consigliere of the mafia, and Don Fabio's right-hand man.

This is where the story of Vincenzo Cassano begins. He is the heartthrob and one of the favorite Oppas in the K-Drama world.

5. Lee Su-Hyeok From "All Of Us Are Dead"

One of the best zombie shows from this year has to be "All of us are dead". It has given us the two most memorable male characters.

Su-Hyeok is fiercely protective of his peers, as evidenced by his attempt to save Min Eun-Ji and Cheol-so from Yoon Gwi-Nam.

He's selfless and willing to give up his life to defend his companions, as when he offered to let Nam-Ra bite him to keep her from hurting herself, even if it meant turning into a halfbie or zombie.

4. Cho Do Il From "Little Women"

Wi Ha Jun has rolled off with one of the hottest roles in the K-drama industry.

Choi Do-il, an erudite member of the Wonryong Group with a mysterious aura, was one of the characters who piqued our interest.

Choi do Il with his cold yet so warm for Oh In Ju left us with all butterflies and love.

Despite this demeanor of Choi Do Il, he is extremely smart and plays the best mind games.

Currently, Choi do Il has served us in the best role that will always be unforgettable.

3. Cha Joo Ik From Doom At Your Service

If we were to talk about the most romantic characters, Cha Joo Ik will definitely be one of them. Joo Ik prodded Ji Na's feelings on a regular basis.

Despite her insistence that he was not the main character of her story, he continued to express his feelings.

Cha Joo Ik is able to properly convey his true feelings towards Na Ji Na despite his serious and stoic character.

Mr Manner has definitely given us some unrealistic standards which will never be fulfilled.

2. Kim Shin From "Guardian: The Great And Lonely God"

The immortal Goblin spent his entire immortal life waiting for his bride to emerge in order to break his 900-year-long curse.

When he finally meets his bride, he falls in love with her.

This fueled his desire to end his eternal miserable life.

One of them must die due to his fate and curse. Kim Shin, aka the Goblin, sacrifices his life to save the lady he loves.

Isn't this just perfect?

1. Jung Yi Hun From Happiness

Jung Yi Hyun tops our list of the most badass characters ever.

From being the best fighter towards zombies to being the softest person for Yoon Sae-Beom. He rocks our hearts.

Happiness is the best zombie show released this year.

Jung Yi Hyun being the detective serves us the entire show with his kicks and super moves.

Yoon Sae Beom is his companion and best partner and rocks throughout the show with him.

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