Tomorrow Kdrama | Who Did Koo Ryeon Needed to Save?

What was the Ill-fated relationship between Park Joong Gil and Koo Ryeon? Who’s Ryu Choi Hui?

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The MBC/Netflix Korean Drama Tomorrow has finished airing. The drama was a rollercoaster and emotional tear-jerker that maintained suspense and enough cliffhangers although the stories were basically standalone.

One of the brimming questions posed from the very beginning episodes of Tomorrow Kdrama was what offer did the King of Heaven give to Koo Ryeon? Who was the destined person Ko Ryeon needed to save?

Simply, who was the so-called “important/ last person” Koo Ryeon needed to save? There were theories afloat and it felt like maybe it was Choi Jun Woong, but let’s find out the identity of the person and why did the needed saving.

How is the person connected with Koo Ryeon’s previous life and what is the relationship between Koo Ryeon and Park Joong Gil?

Park Joong Gil and Koo Ryeon’s Ill-fated relationship

It was hinted from the very beginning of Tomorrow that Park Joong Gil and Koo Ryeom didn’t just have a superior-subordinate relationship. Koo Ryeon worked under Park Joon Gil in the afterworld/criminal escort team. Park Joong Gil was not initially happy with Koo Ryeon and like others, he had a prejudiced attitude towards her.  

Koo Ryeon belonged to Hell as she committed suicide in her last life. Park Joong Gil was never aware of her crime or the reason for committing suicide.

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Koo Ryeon and Park Joong Gil were childhood sweethearts who later married and had a good life until life turned upside down. Due to an incident, war broke out where Park Joong Gil had to go.

The barbarians invaded the town and Koo Ryeon went to save back her friend, ultimately getting captured. Although they made a safe return and reunited with Park Joong Gil, you can’t stop the trashy rumors and nosey people in ancient society. Oh welp, it’s the same even in present-day society, irrespective of country.

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People just love to gossip and trash talk. Poor Koo Ryeon ‘cause her mother-in-law cared more about reputation and honor than her son’s wellbeing. Park Joong Gil was in love with her wife Koo Ryeon, and to be honest, neither of them did anything wrong.

Unfortunately, life drained energy and willpower from Koo Ryeon who decided to commit suicide to free her husband. Too bad, things didn’t go as she hoped. She ended up in hell, in a never-ending loop and her ties with Park Joong Gil were forever severed.

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Unfortunately, Park Joong Gil’s wounds and trauma were deep even after 2 more reincarnations. After that Park Joong Gil stopped reincarnating and became a member of Jumadeung and became a grim reaper.

This is how everything fits and the reason for their conflict stands due to her past life one concerning her friend Gop Dan, who later reincarnated as Ryu Choi Hui.

Who’s Ryu Choi Hui?

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Koo Ryeon had one friend in her past life, Gop Dan who died trying to protect her from the angry village mob. After her death, Koo Ryeon couldn’t go back to a normal life. Koo Ryeon said that even if she did nothing wrong, it’s difficult to live. Later Gop Dan reincarnated as a famous idol Ryu Choi Hui.

Life doesn’t go the way we want and even Ryu Choi Hui isn’t an exception. Due to a fake scandal, Ryu Choi Hui gets involved and things became pretty nasty. It became messed up to the point she wanted to commit suicide.

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The risk management team got alerted that Ryu Choi Hui will commit suicide. Koo Ryeom wanted to save her but unfortunately, Park Joong Gil used the reaper’s contract he previously collected from her.  

Due to the handicap, Koo Ryeon failed to prevent Ryu Choi Hui from getting hurt and she ended up in the hospital.  From the looks of it, Ryu Choi Hui could be the person Koo Ryeon was destined to save from fate.

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After Ryu Choi Hui’s accident Koo Ryeon lost her calm and engaged in a personal vendetta against the people who harmed her (Ryu Choi Hui).  Koo Ryeon lost her rationality to the point she didn’t listen to Lim Ryung Gu or Choi Jun Woong.

The disruption and the aftermath of the chaos by Koo Ryeon brought someone from hell, Ha Dae Soo (pretty clever naming if you ask). Ha Dae Soo became determined to drag Koo Ryeon back to hell and overthrow the King of Heaven.

Unfortunately for him, we have Choi Jun Woong who is not only a nutcase but an unpredictable one. Choi Jun Woong implored Park Joong Gil and questioned the authenticity of his nightmares.

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This led to Park Joong Gil discovering his history with Koo Ryeon. After realizing everything, Parl Joong Gil helped Koo Ryeon and got dragged by Ha Dae Soo.  

Koo Ryeon was successful to save Ryu Choi Hui from committing suicide, but who was the person Koo Ryeon meant to save? It was none other than Koo Ryeon herself who was stuck in the pain of the past and couldn't forgive herself.

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It was Choi Jun Woong’s words that made her realize that no matter how many people she save, she needed to save herself from guilt, blame, and self-torment. It’s not her fault.

Koo Ryeon finally realized that she needed to save herself so that she can save others. When Koo Ryeon met the King of Heaven they reflected on how it was predetermined the existence of Choi Jun Woong who would come to Jumadeung. Thankfully, all’s well that ends well.

Tomorrow Kdrama has ended, do check out the drama. The webtoon is currently updating and ongoing! Have fun with the series and only caution warning, too much emotional you might end up needing tissues.

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