Tomodachi Game | Can Katagiri Yuichi Trust his Friends?

Who are Katagiri Yuichi’s friends? What twist did Katagiri pull at the end?

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Tomodachi Game | Katagiri Yuichi and his Friends

One of the most anticipated Spring anime 2022 Tomodachi Game has started airing. The series had a live-action Japanese drama and two live-action movies released in 2017. Tomodachi Game is created from the manga adaptation work of Mikoto Yamaguchi. The Manga Tomodachi Game is still ongoing with 19 volumes published so far. Tomodachi Game revolves around Katagiri Yuichi, a high school, and four friends.

As the name suggests, a Friend Game or a game of friendship is the main theme where Katagiri Yuichi, Sawaragi Shiho, Kokorogo Yutori, Mikasa Tenji, and Shibe Makoto will choose between money and friendship.  

That makes us wonder how much the anime will adapt considering Tomodachi Game anime will have 12 episodes and no announcement of the second season yet.

There are over 90 chapters and the first episode of Tomodachi barely covered the first two chapters or so. Tomodachi Game is a psychological thriller and strategy game series so it will be fun to watch. Let’s find out more about Tomodachi Game anime Episode 1!

Who are Katagiri Yuichi’s friends?

Katagiri Yuichi’s friends

Tomodachi Game introduced Yuichi Katagiri as a hardworking individual working to earn his keep for the school trip.  

Katagiri Yuichi has financial issues and in a brief flashback, two people advise him about what’s more important in life. His mother told him that friends are the most important thing in life.

However, in the flashback, there’s one more person who told Yuuichi that the most important thing is money. Katagiri Yuichi has four friends introduced early on.

Shibe Makoto is the class president who has an affluent and rich upbringing. He can be condescending but doesn't mean harm, probably.  

Sawaragi Shiho is the vice president of the class. She has a strict upbringing and is someone seen as a dependable and just person.

Mikasa Tenji is the genius and top student in the class. He is recognized as a good negotiator and has excellent communication skills.

Kakorogi Yutori is a quiet person who was bullied in the past. She doesn’t speak much and got acquainted with the group through Sawaragi Shiho. Kakorogi Yutori likes anime, she’s definitely us!!!

At first look, everyone looks so nice, happy going, and has positive vibes. Wait till the shocking events turn everything upside down.

Who’s Suspicious?

class leaders mikoto and sawaragi

Things were nice until a sudden turn made everything questionable. The class collected money for the school trip and suddenly a total of 2 million yen went missing from the locker. No one came forward and things were bad.

Both Sawaragi and Shibe were held accountable and they even missed school for 1 week. It's pretty questionable for them to go AWOL for an entire week. A sudden letter brought the friends back but was it an elaborate setup to trap them? Who ambushed them and trapped them?

Tomodachi Game…? Who to Trust?

the gang before the game

When the group received a suspicious letter they met in front of the school only to be knocked unconscious and kidnapped. The group including Katagiri was forced to play in the "Tomodachi Game" because someone made a payment (entrance fees) of 2 million Yen.

That's right, the stolen money was the entry fee. That's great. More shocking revelations are yet to come. The group has the play a weird game hosted by Manabu Kun, a malicious character from a children's program.

katagiri and manabu

It was quite suspicious as their friends decide to play the game to reduce the debt of 20 million Yen, without knowing the extent of the real truth. No one knows who the debt belongs to or who paid the money to enter this ridiculous game and why.

Not only that the most suspicious at this point were Sawaragi and Mikasa who conveniently prohibited the group from discussing or speaking up. It felt weird how they decided to enter a game knowing full well that it's a trap and no one could actually have the debt.

Katagiri Yuichi’s friends

Or is it the other way around? Their actions are not very convincing. Had they discussed, couldn’t they have figured out if it was real or entrapment for god knows? Honestly, it’s absurd how all of them have to bear 4 million Yen as debt by sharing the 20 million Yen Debt if it’s real.

Yes, the setting feels very similar to Squid Game or Alice in Borderline, but Tomodachi Game is very different, so comparing them just by watching the first episode is very unrealistic.

playing the first game

Anyhow, moving on, the gang has to win the first game to eliminate a certain portion of the debt. There are rules obviously, and it’s certain that Katagiri does have doubt and suspicion as it’s the very nature of the game.

When Manabu Kun asked Katagiri “Who’s the unworthy trash?” That was quite weird and funny as if Manabu knows the predetermined answer.

The first game was Kokkuri san, the yes-no kind of game. The real twist came when everyone was answering the question wrong to reduce their debt. Throughout the game, the people were asking their own questions, as the envelope was empty. Will it be the same even in the last person’s turn?

game masters

The last person to play the game would be Kokorogi Yutori who might not be aware of the internal betrayal going on. Her question was “Will we be friends forever?” The question was quite a genius yet tricky one.

Given the setting of the game, someone is gonna lie and she might become the scapegoat. They have to win the game to reduce the debt.

There are two weird people involved in monitoring the game, who are yet to be introduced. They are clearly enjoying from behind the scenes as Katagiri and his friends are going through this ordeal.

What twist did Katagiri pull at the end?

Katagiri Yuichi’s friends


The rules said that if someone broke the rule of speaking during the game, the debt will be doubled. People are allowed to speak only while reading the question. 

Damn, Katagiri pulled a wild card or twist of turn. Katagiri spoke just before the final vote! Not sure if the penalty applies to the group or the person who spoke, but let’s see how this moment will impact everyone.

Whether they win or game or not, gotta wait till Episode 2 of Tomodachi Game until next week. Have fun watching Tomodachi Game.

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