Why did Hanma Follow Kisaki in Tokyo Revengers?

Despite being proud and arrogant, Hanma has been loyal to Kisaki since the start. Here's the reason why he followed Kisaki unconditionally to the very end.

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Tokyo Revengers gained a lot of popularity as soon as the anime series was released. Even the manga sales blew up rapidly after that. The anime series completed its first season on the 19th of September and it was renewed for a second season soon after. The manga was released in March 2017 and sold more than 17 million copies only in that year.

Also, as was revealed in September this year, over 40 million copies of Tokyo Revengers manga are now in circulation. Before June 2021, the manga series became the third best-selling manga, leaving top manga like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen behind. Tokyo Revengers is nearing its finale and fans are all the more eager to find out how the last future turns out.

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The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old part-time worker in a neighborhood supermarket. Following his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana's death, he found out about his powers that let him travel back to the past. After an accident, somehow, he had traveled back to 12 years in the past when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana.

It was also the time when Toman, short for the Tokyo Manji Gang, that was responsible for Hinata's death, was at its peak. Takemichi swore that he will save Toman from getting ruined by Tetta Kisaki and also save Hinata from dying in the future.

The series continues from that point on as it shows Takemichi's relentless struggles to change the future. As he meets with failure after failure, Takemichi finds out about the elaborate plot of Kisaki to gain control over Toman.

Through schemes and strategies, he continues to bring trouble and misfortune to Toman, not just in the past, but also in the future as well. However, Kisaki wasn't alone in all this, His most trusted follower still remains to be Shuji Hanma. Here, we will discuss why Hanma continued to follow Kisaki up until the very end.

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Who is Shuji Hanma?

Hanma was first introduced in the anime in episode 9 when he was serving as the temporary leader of Moebius. During the skirmish at the summer festival when Draken and the others were outnumbered against Moebius, Mikey arrives just in time.

However, a few moments later, Hanma himself made his entrance. He introduces himself and after the Toman's members arrive, the real battle between the two gangs finally begins.

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Mikey's overwhelming power was soon rendered futile as Hanma blocks his iconic kick with his arms. In the Valhalla arc, he appears as the acting leader of Valhalla and plays a major role in the arc.

He was then assigned as the captain of the 6th division in Toman, along with Kisaki (third division captain). However, it was slowly uncovered that even before the Moebius arc, everything Hanma did was under the order of Kisaki. His loyalty even went as far as directly killing Hinata from a car crash in an alternate future.  

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Why did Hanma Follow Kisaki?

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Following Kisaki's death in the manga, we were able to get a glimpse of Hanma's past in chapter 205. He was shown to have defeated a few guys and exclaims about how bored he is with his life. Hanma wonders whether his tasteless life will continue till the day he dies. Soon after, he meets Kisaki who approached him after hearing about his reputation as "The Shinigami" who never loses in battles. Kisaki says in a clear-cut way that he wants Hanma to become his pawn.

Hanma agrees as he finds him different than other thugs. He learns about the gift Kisaki has of manipulating people from the shadows and making them do their bidding. As he follows Kisaki, Hanma realizes how much he loves his interesting life. As the battle with the Black Dragons against Toman was about to start, Kisaki asks Hanma why he wants to follow him. Hanma jokes and says that he will tell him when he's dead.

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As Kisaki was preparing to kill Emma, Hanma asks why he is getting his hands dirty. Kisaki replies that he was never meant to be the main character and is rather suited to be a clown. He also says that regardless of this, he will get what he wants. As Hanma sees Kisaki's dead body lying on the road, he genuinely cries for him and visits his grave afterward.

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As Hanma sits near his gravestone, he says that just as he promised, he will tell Kisaki why he always followed him. The chapter ends with Hanma saying that he will now start the "story of the shinigami and the clown". The author leaves that as a huge cliffhanger and immediately jumps to the final arc from the next chapter onwards.

Till now, we never got to know about the story Hanma wants to tell. However, we believe that the reason Hanma wanted to follow Kisaki was because he genuinely admires him as a person and a friend. Regardless of what it is, the author will reveal most likely reveal everything before the manga ends.