Who is Keisuke Baji's Love Interest?

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Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular anime of the year. At first glance, it seems like a typical middle school drama.

However, the series has lots of plot twists that keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

The story revolves around  Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old part-time worker in a supermarket.

He resents himself for being a failure and an underachiever in life even in his late twenties.

One day, he watched the news of his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, being murdered by the Tokyo Manji gang.

Hinata's death made him go through a roller coaster of emotions and he started reminiscing about his middle school years when everything in his life went wrong.

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One day, he somehow time-traveled 12 years back in the past when he was his second year in middle school.

After a series of events, Takemichi made it his life goal to save Hinata from dying and keep the Tokyo Manji gang from being ruined by Tetta Kisaki.

The series introduces us to several optimistic teenagers who value friendships and bonds.

Tokyo Maji gang from the past is comprised of such people.

One of them is Keisuke Baji, who was the captain of the first division in the gang and a founding member.

We recently witnessed his heart-wrenching death.

However, Baji is still one of the most popular characters in Tokyo Revengers. Here, we will discuss who Baji's love interest is.

Chifuyu Matsuno

The vice-captain of the first division and Baji's right-hand man, Chifuyu is one of the most important characters in the series.

In the coming seasons, we will get to see his importance in Takemichi's life and character development. However, for now, let's discuss Chifuyu's and Keisuke's relationship.

The first-ever interaction we saw between the two was during the Valhalla Arc when Baji was punching Chifuyu to gain the trust of Valhalla's members.

It was brutal but it helped Baji join Valhalla as a legitimate member.

Chifuyu later met Takemichi and told the latter about his assumptions on Baji's plan, which were all true.

Chifuyu and Baji had a sort of mutual understanding where one didn't need to say anything but the other will automatically realize their motives.

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Chifuyu and Baji never talked about the latter's plan and reasons to join Valhalla.

However, Chifuyu was able to guess everything accurately.

This shows how strong their bond was. Baji ultimately died during the skirmish between Tokyo Manji and Valhalla with Kisaki as the ring leader.

This left Chifuyu devastated.

It was later revealed that Chifuyu and Baji met in school where Chifuyu teased the latter for his nerdy looks.

Later, as Chifuyu was being threatened by some delinquents, Baji came to his rescue.

This made Chifuyu greatly admire him and he stuck to Baji ever since.

They even lived in the same apartment complex so the two quickly bonded.

It was hinted in the series that Chifuyu's favorite spot is where he and Baji sat and talked for a few hours.

Even more than his childhood friends, who were the founding members of the Tokyo Manji gang, Baji was shown to have a much deeper relationship with Chifuyu.

As for Chifuyu, Baji was the first person the former was ever polite to.

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Following Baji's death, Chifuyu rides the former's motorcycle in his honor.

Later, Chifuyu spared no efforts to make Takemichi the captain of the first division since Baji trusted the Tokyo Maji gang and Mikey to Takemichi.

Even in the "best" future outcome that Takemichi created, Chifuyu was shown to run a pet shop with Kazutora.

This showed that he was never able to forget Baji and opened a pet shop since they both loved pets. It was Chifuyu's way of honoring Baji's memory.

Fan Shipping

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Fans love the bond between Chifuyu and Baji and were hoping to see some progress.

Sadly, all their expectations were crushed as soon as Baji died.

Fans ship them by the name of "Bajifuyu". Bajifuyu is extremely popular within the Tokyo Revengers fandom.

Fans still discuss Chifuyu's reaction to Baji's death which was the most hurtful in the series.