Tokyo Revengers: Who is Hinata Tachibana's Love Interest?

Hinata Tachibana is the female lead of Tokyo Revengers and Takemichi's girlfriend. She is a gentle and kind person who always looks out for the people she cares about.

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Tokyo Revengers is a popular anime and manga series. The first season of the series ended recently and was soon renewed for its second franchise. The season ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the fans impatient and anxious for what's more to come.

The plot basically involves middle school drama, action, romance, suspense, and even time traveling. The story centers on Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old part-time worker. Takemichi lives a mundane life and hates the fact he is an underachiever.

While procrastinating against the television on a random day, he saw the news of his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana's death. She was murdered by the notorious Tokyo Manji Gang. Her death came out as a shock to him. The next day, while he was reminiscing about his middle school days, when he dated her, Takemichi was pushed down the platform.

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Somehow ending up 12 years back in the past, Takemichi initially believed that it was just his life flashing before his eyes. However, the more he experienced this "memory", he realized that he ended up time traveling.

He came back the exact moment before everything in his life went wrong. After a series of events, Takemichi went back to the future and met Naoto, Hinata's brother. Naoto was supposed to die with Hinata that day but Takemichi's time travel changed that.

Naoto remembered everything related to the original timeline. This was due to the fact that Takemichi traveled back to the future after shaking hands. The fact that they shook hands on the basis of the promise of protecting Hinata from Toman was the trigger for Takemichi's powers.

Naoto became an important ally to Takemichi and he supported him the most. The two worked as partners to create a better future for both Hinata and Toman. Hinata is a major character in the series and Takemichi's girlfriend whenever he travels to the past. Here, we will discuss her relationship with Takemichi.

Hinata Tachibana and Takemichi Hanagaki

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The first-ever interaction we saw between the two was in the first episode when Takemichi went to meet her after being beaten up by bullies. Hinata was nagging him for constantly getting into fights but she also seemed worried about him.

A few days after this, she came to slap Mikey when she thought he was bullying Takemichi with Draken. When Draken confronted her about this, she stood up for her boyfriend and said that she can protect him. She was shaking from fear but tried her best not to show it.

After clearing up the misunderstanding, she apologized to Mikey and asked Takemichi to spend some time with them. Hinata was always a caring and supportive girlfriend. This always made Takemichi regret leaving her in the original timeline.

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Their relationship started when Hinata proposed Takemichi to date him. During the second year of his middle-school, Takemichi was popular and had the best time of his life. It was a common misconception that he had a girlfriend only for this popularity.

However, the truth was that Hinata had been in love since childhood. One day on her way to return home from her cram school, she was being bullied by a bunch of older boys. Takemichi soon rushed to the scene and rescued her from them even after getting hurt.  

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In every future Takemichi created, he had to break up with her for one reason or another. However, Hinata was never able to forget him, no matter how much time passes. As Tetta Kisaki was also in love with Hinata, he'd propose to her with a ring but Hinata would reject him every time. Unknown of the fact that Kisaki was insanely obsessed with her, Hinata would always end up dying because of rejecting him.

In the first future Takemichi created where Hinata was alive, they end up meeting in front of her house. Takemichi didn't notice at first, but even over a decade after their breakup, Hinata was still wearing the pendant he gifted her. This shows that she could never forget him.

After the Black Dragon Arc, Takemichi created the best future for everyone, except Mikey. In the future, they were about to get married but Takemichi had to travel 10 years back to save Mikey. This shows that from now on, no matter the outcome, both of them would end up together.

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