Tokyo Revengers Manga Reveals Death of a Major Character in the Three Deities Arc

Tokyo Revengers manga is currently running its final arc. As the story is about to end, the unexpected death of a major character, who is also a fan-favorite, left everyone astounded.

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Tokyo Revengers manga rapidly grew into popularity with anime. The series concluded its first season on the 19th of this month and it was renewed for a second season soon after. The manga was released in 2017 and it sold more than 17 million copies only in 2017.

In total, as it was revealed in September 2021, 40 million copies of Tokyo Revengers manga are now in circulation. In the first half of 2021, Tokyo Revengers became the third best-selling manga, behind Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen. The manga is nearing its finale and fans are all the more eager to find out how the story turns out.

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old part-time worker. Following his ex-girlfriend's death, Takemichi found out about his powers of time-traveling. He can go back to 12 years in the past when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana.

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It was also the time when the Tokyo Manji Gang, that was responsible for Hinata's death, had the best members who were all good people. Takemichi swore that he will save Toman from getting ruined by Kisaki and also save Hinata from dying in the future.

He met Mikey, the current commander of Toman, and Draken, the vice-commander. Takemichi formed a special bond with those and keeps trying to carve the best future for them. Here, we will find out which major character died in the recent chapter of the manga and how.

Draken's Death

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Draken's death was something that Takemichi gave his all to avoid. In the first season, according to Naoto Tachibana, Mikey followed the path of darkness after losing his best friend at the age of 15. So, in the Moebius Arc, Takemichi saved Draken from dying.

Though it didn't create a happy future, it was still better than before. After the Black Dragon Arc, Takemichi created the best future where everyone was living a happy life, including Draken. However, the only exception was Mikey.


So, in order to save Mikey, Takemichi again traveled back to the past, this time it was 10 years. Takemichi and the others are now high school students. He met Draken and told him everything about the new future and Mikey. Draken promised to help Takemichi save Mikey.

In chapter 220, Takemichi and Senju were in trouble with the Tandai Gang members. Hearing the news, Draken quickly arrived to save them and despite the gunshots, the attackers fled and everything seemed fine. In chapter 221, Mikey was bothered and told Haruchiyo Sanzu that he has a premonition that something bad is about to happen.

Draken then collapsed after telling Takemichi that he wants to tell Mikey not to cause too much trouble. In chapter 222, we can see Draken's life slowly slipping away. Though Takemichi promised to save him, Draken knew it was too late and that he will die soon. He asks Takemichi to take care of Mikey. In chapter 223, the situation looked chaotic where the doctors were trying to save him.

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On the other hand, Draken was reminiscing about his childhood with Mikey and the other members of Toman. It was during the time Toman was the happiest with no skirmishes and no deaths. Draken then speaks that he is on this way to meet Emma.

The chapter ended with both of them holding hands. Even after all that, there was slight hope in the fans' hearts that he may miraculously survive. Unfortunately, the release of chapter 224, shattered all hopes where it was confirmed that Draken did die from the gunshot wound.  

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The Outcome of Draken's Death

Draken's death left a huge impact on the readers. Since the story is about to end, no one was expecting such a major plot twist. Draken's death was both unexpected as well as heart-wrenching. It will cause major changes in both Takemichi's and Mikey's life. In the recent chapter, we can see Takemichi's devastation after seeing him die.

Though we don't know what he will do, part of him will definitely blame himself for Draken's death. Takemichi will believe that if not for his time traveling, Draken would still be alive in the future, taking care of his bike maintenance shop. As for Mikey, the situation seems a bit more complicated. While Takeomi was arguing with Senju about taking revenge, Rokuhara arrived at the scene happily celebrating Draken's death.

As the brawl was about to start between Brahman and Rokuhara, Mikey arrived on the scene. His expression was the emptiest we have ever seen and it is a safe bet to say that in the upcoming chapters, Rokuhara would lose terribly after suffering Mikey's wrath.

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