Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Episode 1 Review | 'New Surge'

Following the events of the last episode of season 1, the episode opens with Hide looking for Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Episode 1 Review | 'New Surge'

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 (Tokyo Ghoul√A) episode 1 or aired on January 9, 2015. The episode centres around various conflicts between the CCG and Anteiku and, the Aogiri Tree. Meanwhile, Kaneki finds a new path to walk on.


Following the events of the last episode of season 1, the episode opens with Hide looking for Kaneki. Meanwhile, Kaneki exits the torture building after defeating Yamori and wears his mask.

At the same time, several conflicts are still ongoing in the 11th ward. The ghoul investigators face the Owl. The superior officers decide to fight him on their own. Hence, they instruct the other officers to go fight Aogiri Tree. Amon refuses to leave and insists on joining the fight. Hirako and Amon manage to land a hit on the Owl. However, he quickly regenerates.

Officer Shinohara realises that they are losing and decided to use his last resort. He and Kuroiwa activate a boost on their Arata proto armours. However, as a consequence, it starts eating their bodies.This gives them a fighting chance. Even so, they have to stop as the Arata continues to eat Shinohara.

Meanwhile, Touka continues to fight her brother Ayato. She tries to persuade him into leaving the Aogiri tree but to no avail. Ayato is able to overpower her easily. He starts walking away after defeating her.

However, he gets enraged upon hearing Touka call out to their father. He begins to attack her again but Kaneki intervenes. He carries Touka body to Nishiki and asks him to look after her. Afterwards, he confronts Ayato and the two engage in a fight.

Kaneki clearly has the upper hand in their fight. He says he won’t kill Ayato since the latter is the only family Touka has. Kaneki then comments Ayato could have killed him earlier but didn’t. He wonders what is Ayato’s objective in joining the Aogiri tree.

Suddenly Noro appears, having evaded the trio of Tsukiyama, Uta and Yomo earlier. He takes Ayato away as Kaneki watches.

During all of this, Hide watches through binoculars from a distance. He notices shaking lampposts and the 11 ward begins to crumble. Kaneki comes to Nishiki and Touka. He carries Touka on his back and they leave.

Meanwhile, as buildings crumble all around the 11th ward, a part of a building is about to fall on Shinohara and Kuroiwa. The Owl intervenes and saves them by destroying the debris above. The two ask the rest of Ghoul investigators to take shelter.

Elsewhere, Kaneki leaves Touka with Nishki and starts walking towards the falling debris. Nishiki tries to stop him, but he doesn’t listen. Kaneki watches the bodies of dead CCG members. He sees Eto smiling at him.

Later Kaneki returns to Touka to tell her he isn’t coming back to the Anteiku. Instead, he intends to join the Aogiri Tree. Touka tries to stop him but is too exhausted and passes out. Kaneki is welcomed by the Aogiri Tree executives and leaves with them.