Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 9 Review | 'Birdcage'

Following Mado’s demise in the previous episode , episode 9 starts with Amon’s first day at the CCG.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 9 Review | 'Birdcage'

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 9 aired on August 29, 2014. The episode features Kaneki and others at Anteiku trying to cope with the recent tragic events as trouble brews around the 20th ward.


Following Mado’s demise in the previous episode , episode 9 starts with Amon’s first day at the CCG. Here, he meets Arima who introduces him to his partner, Mado. They start investigating a case that involves the Applehead ghoul. Incidentally, Amon is shocked to find out that an elderly woman is a suspect.

Later, they speak with the elder woman, Kie, and her medical records appear to be normal. Afterwards, Amon gets upset that Mado did not him about the records. However, Mado informs him, they’re easy to forge.

Mado assures a nervous Amon that it’s all going according to his plan. Mado tries persuading Amon in showing his quinque. At this, the latter becomes upset. He feels that his partner isn’t taking the work seriously and storms off.

He runs into Kie having trouble together with her rolling luggage and offers to assist. Once secluded, Kie reveals that she is that the ghoul, Applehead. Suddenly, she attacks Amon. However, Mado arrives and saves Amon.

Amon bumps in Yukinori Shinohara on his way to Mado’s grave. The two decide to talk more later. Shinohara tells Amon that Mado was proud of him.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 10 Review | ‘Aogiri’
Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 10 aired on September 5, 2014. The episode introduces us to a new organisation named, Aogiri Tree and their involvement with Kaneki Ken. Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 10 | Plot Synopsis Following the events of previous episode , Aogiri Tree’continues to terrorise the war…

The CCG prepares for an upcoming mission within the 11th ward. Simultaneously, they bring in Seidou Takizawa and Kousuke Houji to help within the 20th Ward.

Following the tragic events, life returns to normalcy at the Anteiku. They welcome their new pet, Hetare. Hinami starts living with Touka. Everyone tries to move forward with their lives. Incidentally, Nishiki and Touka get into a bantering session while working at the Anteiku.

Meanwhile, In his pursuit to find out more about Rize, Kaneki visits Itori. However, Itori only seems to know that Rize came from the 11th ward. She advises Kaneki to check it out for himself.

The next day, Kaneki tells Hide about having been pick-pocketed on his way home. He couldn’t see the face of the pickpocketer. However, Kaneki isn’t much bothered by this. Meanwhile, the news announces forces are to be deployed to the 20th ward by the CCG. They decided to do this in response to increased ghoul activities.

On his way back, Kaneki bumps shoulders with a young man. The man pickpockets Kaneki’s wallet. Later, he explores its contents, looking for something.

Hide tells Kaneki his theory about a few ghoul organization within the 20th Ward. He expresses his fascination with a search book on ghouls by Hisashi Ogura.

That afternoon, the Anteiku staff talks about their concerns with an aggressive ghoul organization killing investigators. Kaneki goes to seek out Touka. They end up talking about their families.

Hide drinks his coffee alone when Yamori and Nico pass him. He overhears them taking Rize’s name. At the episode’s end, Kazuichi Banjou and his crew arrive within the 20th ward in search of Rize. Elsewhere, Ayato, Touka’s estranged brother plans on joining them.