Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 8 Review | 'Circular'

Following the events of last episode, Mado and Amon discuss their strategy prior to confronting “the rabbit”.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 8 Review | 'Circular'

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 8 aired on August 22, 2014. The episode follows intense fights between Touka, Hinami and Mado, and Kaneki and Amon on two different fronts.


Following the events of last episode, Mado and Amon discuss their strategy prior to confronting “the rabbit”. They plan on splitting up as the waterway is huge. Additionally, Mado plans to bring along something special with him.

At Anteiku, Hinami is awakened by a scent. She leaves the Anteiku following her nose. Meanwhile, Touka is preparing to go somewhere. Kaneki offers to help but Touka brushes him aside, declining.

She checks up on Hinami only to find her missing. Kaneki and Touka set out in search of Hinami but to no avail. Hoping to broaden their search, they split up.

hinami tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 8 kaneki
Hinami screams

Suddenly Kaneki hears Hinami’s loud screams. He begins to look where it came from. He sees a running Touka being followed by Amon. Amon guesses her to be the “Rabbit” judging from her running speed. He closes in but a hooded Kaneki intervenes.

Meanwhile, Touka finds Hinami holding a bag. When Touka asks about the said bag, Hinami says it’s her mom. Hinami asks if it is wrong to be a ghoul. Talking about her mother, Hinami breaks down. Touka hugs her to comfort her.

All of a sudden, they hear footsteps closing in. A gleeful Mado confirms Touka to the rabbit and makes fun of her attempt to set a ruse. He then taunts Hinami if she liked her “present”.

An angry Touka charges at Mado releasing her kagune, cursing at him furiously. Mado unleashes his quinque at Touka and attacks back all the while commenting on Touka’s abilities. He gets distracted and ends up getting his quinque entangled in pillars, rendering it useless.

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Touka thrashes him around for a while. She throws his body off crashing into a wall. Touka approaches him and asks if he knew what it feels like to lose precious people around him.

Mado laughs at this, further infuriating Touka. She angrily asks why Ryouko had to be killed. As she launches her kagune to attack Mado, he releases a new quinque. This one is made out of Ryouko’s kagune. This sight traumatises Hinami.

Mado holds both Touka and Hinami captives in the two quinques wondering whom to kill first. Touka tells him emotionally that ghouls just wish to live. What choice do they have if the only thing they can eat is human meat.

Having had enough, Mado slams the two quinque together, hoping to kill them both. However, Hinami severes his hand, making him drop his quinque.

Hinami gets upset that Mado is using her parents to hurt Touka. She releases her kagune, revealing she has inherited both her parents’ kagune. Mado is amused at this and declares he is going to make her kagune his.

Hinami continues to attack Mado, rendering him unable to fight. Touka asks Hinami to finish him off.

Hinami refuses. She accepts that she is saddened by her parents’ death. However, she does not seek revenge. Mado is still determined to kill Hinami and charges to attack her. In that moment, Touka stops him by piercing through his body.

Touka notices that Mado is wearing gloves. She assumes he was so disgusted by ghouls that he did not even want to touch them. When she takes the glove off, she notices a wedding ring. She collapses upon realising he was married and had a family.

All the while, Kaneki and Amon engage in a fierce fight. Amon releases his quinque and Kaneki seems to be no match for him. Amon sends him flying over the railing. He speaks to a lying Kaneki as he approaches closer.

Holding his quinque over Kaneki’s body, Amon asks if ghouls ever take into consideration the feelings of people whose lives they mercilessly take. He tells him about the life of his friend Touka took the other day. Amon believes it was unjust. He asks Kaneki why Ippei had to be killed.

Amon declares ghouls are ruining the world and attacks Kaneki fiercely. Kaneki begins to ponder if that is true. He thinks ghouls have feelings just like humans do. It is so obvious and yet humans do not take this into consideration.

Standing up, Kaneki tells Amon it’s not the world that is messed up. Both humans and ghouls need to do better and try to understand each other.

He tries to get through to Amon by fighting back. However, he still seems to lack the strength for it. Eventually, he accepts the Rize within and attacks Amon taking a bite off of his shoulder.

Kaneki now releases his kagune and begins fiercely attacking Amon’s quinque. He manages to destroy it, rendering Amon unable to fight. Kaneki can feel his ghoul side beginning to overwhelm his senses.

He begs Amon to run away, not wanting to kill him. Amon does so and resting on a stoop begins to wonder why Kaneki let him go.

Kaneki tells Amon to run
Kaneki tells Amon to run away

Meanwhile, Kaneki struggles to control his hunger. He cries out for help all the while craving some flesh. He pierces his kagune through the person standing behind him.

This person turns out to be Yomo. Yomo gives Kaneki a packet of meat and asks him to come back to Anteiku. Kaneki and Yomo find a distraught Touka and Hinami. They begin to return.

Later, Amon discovers a dead Mado and screams in anguish.