Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 7 Review | 'Captivity'

Episode 7 begins where the last episode ends, with Kaneki finding an upset Hinami on the streets. They set out to find Ryouko, who is cornered by the Doves in the alley.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 7 Review | 'Captivity'

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 7 aired on August 15, 2014. The episode shows confrontations between Touka and the Ghoul investigators following certain events.


Episode 7 begins where the last episode ends, with Kaneki finding an upset Hinami on the streets. They set out to find Ryouko, who is cornered by the Doves in the alley. Mado is disgusted and amused at Ryouko’s act of trying to protect her daughter. He makes fun of her for “acting human”.

Mado reveals his new quinque to be made of Ryoko’s husband’s kagune. This shocks and terrorises an already distraught Ryouko. Mado enjoys her misery and offers her the time to let out her last words. Kaneki and Hinami arrive there at the same time. Kaneki holds Hinami back and they hide as they do not have their masks on. While hiding, Kaneki helplessly wonders what to do.

Mado asks Ryouko if she is going to say anything. As Ryouko opens her mouth to speak, Mado kills her. Kaneki is shocked to his core at this cruel sight. Even so, he somehow manages to cover Hinami’s eyes and mouth, muffling her scream.

Kaneki and Hinami Tokyo ghoul seaspn 1 episode 7
Kaneki and Hinami

Later at Anteiku, Touka arrives at work, only to find the cafe closed. Everyone is in the meeting room discussing that day’s event. Touka expresses her frustration at this and enquires about Hinam’s safety. Yoshimura informs her, while Hinami is physically safe, her face is now known to the Ghoul investigators. Incidentally, he considers moving Hinami to the 24th ward.

Touka tries to persuade everyone to launch an attack on the Doves. However, Yoshimura and Yomo firmly reject this. An angered Touka storms off. Kaneki begins to blame himself for the incident but Yoshimura reassures him. Later that night, Touka sulks to herself in her room. On the other hand, Kaneki has a complete meltdown in the shower.

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At the branch office of the 20th ward, Mado concludes that Jason must belong to the 11th ward. This means, Amon and he can not do anything about him. Mado tells his officers, Nakajima and Ippei to be wary of number 745, Hinami. The officers laugh it off as she is just a kid.

After work, Amon joins Nakajima and Ippei for dinner. They probe Amon about the academy days and the women there. Amon explains, he had two women comrades, both died on the job.

Later Nakajima and Ippei walk down a barren road, discussing work and Amon. Just in that moment, Ippei gets suddenly killed by Touka who ambushed the two. Touka swiftly moves to attack Nakajima as well. Suddenly, Amon interferes, saving Nakajima.

They engage in a fight and Touka seems to have an upper hand. As Amon prepares to fight Touka barehanded, Mado interferes with his quinque. As he engages Touka in a fight, he continues to taunt her by bringing Ryouko up. Mado tires Touka out while asking her about Hinami.

Touka launches a reckless attack on Mado. He in turn releases his quinque at her, getting gravely injuring Touka in the process. She flees the scene, barely escaping the reach of Mado’s quinque.

At Anteiku, Kaneki covers a sleeping Hinami. He is rattled by a crash in the other room. He rushes there to find an injured Touka. Yoshimura arrives at the scene but refuses to give her medical help. He concluded Touka must have engaged herself in a fight with the Doves.

Kaneki protests but Yoshimura quiets him down. Kaneki exclaims, the world of ghouls is new to him and he wants to figure things out for himself.

He finds Touka outside and brings her a first aid kit. Kaneki asks Touka why she went to confront the Doves by herself. Touka explains her true feelings on the matter. Kaneki tells her, he doesn’t know who is in the right here.

Even so, he would be sad to see anyone he knows die. That includes Touka. For this reason, he wishes to help Touka out.

Meanwhile, CCG holds a service for a now-deceased Ippei. Afterwards, Marude approaches Amon, poking fun at Mado’s absence. As he comes closer, he tells Amon about an upcoming mission in the 11th ward.

He expects Amon to be called in for it as well. As Marude leaves, Nakajima approaches Amon. They have dinner together where Amon comforts a grieving Nakajima.

Elsewhere, Touka roams around a shady, murky area, looking for something. A confused Kaneki follows her, wondering what they are doing out there.

Mado receives a mysterious tip about the whereabouts of number 745. Mado finds it suspicious so he researches the sighting area. He discovers, it is a waterway where using quinque would be difficult. Mado concludes it must be the girl in a rabbit mask from before. He is curious to meet her again.

At the end of the episode, Kaneki visits the HySy ArtMask studio and receives his mask.