Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 6 Review | 'Cloudburst'

Continuing the events of the previous episode, Touka releases her kagune after taking a bite of Kaneki’s flesh.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 6 Review | 'Cloudburst'

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 6 aired on August 8, 2014. The episode follows the events of the church around Kaneki and its aftermath. It also explores the events that befall Hinami and the Fueguchi family.


Continuing the events of the previous episode, Touka releases her kagune after taking a bite of Kaneki’s flesh. She gets an upper hand on Tsukiyama, quickly overwhelming him with a barrage of attacks.

Tsukiyama tries to eat Kimi to gain some strength but is stopped by Nishiki. Angered, he repeatedly stabs Nishiki. Taking advantage of a distracted Tsukiyama, Touka injures him critically. In a frenzied state, Tsukiyama reaches out to Kaneki, but Touka lands a finishing on him, telling him to eat himself.

Touka and Kimi | tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 6 kaneki

Nishiki proceeds to open the ties of a now conscious Kimi. However, Touka feels she needs to kill Kimi as the latter knows too much about ghouls. Kaneki pleads to Touka to not kill Kimi as she is precious to Nishiki, just like Yoriko is precious to Touka. This only serves to anger Touka more.

She shoots ukaku shards at Kimi but Nishiki shields her with his own body. In that very same moment, Kimi’s blindfold comes off. She is mesmerized at the sight of Touka and calls her pretty. A confused Touka runs away without killing Kimi.

After this incident, things go back to business as usual at Anteiku. Incidentally, Hide arrives at the Anteiku and is shocked to see Nishiki now working there. The two share a back and forth banter and bring up Touka. We learn she hasn’t been to work since the church incident.

Nishiki hinami kaneki

At the same time, Hinami and Ryouko break into an argument. Hinami leaves crying and shuts herself into her room. Kaneki fails to speak to Hinami. He then goes to talk with Ryouko herself. She explains Hinami just wants to see her father again. Due to his shady past haunting Mr Fueguchi, his family has to stay away from him for the time being.

After this, Ryouko attempts to talk to Hinami again. They have a heartfelt conversation and reconcile, as Kaneki watches from a distance. Ryouko promises to buy Hinami a gift.

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Elsewhere, Yamori or as he is better known, Jason visits Dr Fueguchi to receive his new pliers. Dr Fueguchi requests Jason not to visit him again. Jason agrees, but attacks him immediately, throwing him out into open space. Here, they are greeted by Amon and Mado.

They engage in a fight with Jason but are immediately and visibly overpowered. After humouring the Doves for a few minutes, Jason leaves. An injured Dr Fueguchi tries to fight against the CCG agents but is killed on the spot.

At Anteiku, Kaneki goes to check on Touka. He apologizes for bringing up Yoriko’s name during the church incident. Bringing up Hinami and Ryouko’s and Nishiki and Kimi’s relationship, he exclaims the bonds between people are the same whether they are ghouls or humans. He wouldn’t have understood this, had he not become a ghoul himself.

After this, Kaneki goes to check on Hinami, reading in the meeting room. He helps out with her Kanji and teaches her a new word “cloudburst”. Later, when talking with Ryouko, Hinami says, she wishes to buy a new book as a present for her dad.

Out in the streets, Hide notices CCD agents conducting enquiries amongst civilians. He notes the rainy weather to himself.

As it begins to rain, Hinami and Ryouko exit a bookstore. Hinami explains to her mother what a cloudburst is. They are having a good time until Ryouko notices suspicious men and pulls Hinami the other way.

They proceed to walk towards Anteiku presumably when Hinami notices her father scent. Wishing to see her father she chases after the scent. A troubled and scared Ryouko chases after her. They reach an alley with Mado and Amon waiting for them.

Ryouko summons her Kagune and wraps it around Hinami and herself. She pleads to Hinami to run away and wait for her at Anteiku. A scared Hinami starts running as Ryouku prepares to fight.

Hinami runs frantically through the streets calling for help. She calls out for her mother and Kaneki. The episode ends with Kaneki presumably noticing a scared Hinami on the streets.