Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 5 Review | 'Scars'

Following the events of the previous episode, Kaneki overhears worried conversations of the patrons over the increased activity of Doves at Anteiku.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 5 Review | 'Scars'

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 5 aired on August 1, 2014. The episode follows Kaneki Ken’s Interactions with Touka, Nishiki and Kimi, and an altercation with the strange Tsukiyama.


Following the events of the previous episode, Kaneki overhears worried conversations of the patrons over the increased activity of Doves at Anteiku. Yoshimura comes to relieve him of his work and asks him to go see a sick Touka.

Touka Kaneki Tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 5
Yoriko & Touka | Episode 5

As Kaneki arrives at Touka’s door, he sees Ryouko leaving Touka’s apartment. Incidentally, she left Hinami with Touka to watch over. While Kaneki is helping Hinami with reading, he learns Touka got sick because she ate too much.

Yoriko pays Touka a surprise visit. However, she sees Kaneki and leaves quickly. Apparently she falls under the impression that he and Touka are romantically involved. Despite Kaneki’s protests, Touka eats food brought by Yoriko. This leads him to believe that the two must be close friends.

Elsewhere, Tsukiyama is going through his books obsessively to figure out what to do with Kaneki. While sniffing the bloodied handkerchief, he arrives at a plan.

Tsukiyama devises a plan
Tsukiyama devises a plan

Returning back from a training session with Yomo, Kaneki sees Nishiki being beaten up by some ghouls. After some initial reservations, he decides to intervene. After fighting off the ghouls, he takes Nishiki back to Kimi at his apartment.

Later, Kaneki asks Kimi about their relationship. Kimi admits she is a human and knows about Nishiki being a ghoul. However, she does not care as long as Nishiki doesn’t hurt someone she knows. Kaneki notices Nishiki needs some meat urgently, and agrees to help out of kindness.

At Anteiku, Kaneki is looking for some meat. Suddenly, he comes across a note and a rose left behind by Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama tells him that he has Kimi captive and invites him.

At the same time, Nishiki arrives at Anteiku looking for Kimi. Kaneki shows him the letter, making him furious. Both of them leave to go after Tsukiyama.

Kaneki and Nishiki arrive at a church. Tsukiyama is waiting for them while Kimi is tied on the altar. For his ultimate meal, Tsukiyama wishes to eat Kaneki as he eats Kimi.

Infuriated, Nishiki and Kaneki attack him at once. However, they aren’t able to land a single attack on Tsukiyama.

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As Tsukiyama approaches Kaneki, Touka suddenly intervenes, slashing his eyes. Tsukiyama is able to heal instantly and their fight continues. He recalls his memories of having a crush on young Touka.

Touka takes advantage of his distraction and kicks him in his face. She is visibly disgusted at his perverted infatuation.

Tsukiyama overpowers Touka and Kaneki and Nishiki
Tsukiyama breaks Kaneki's arm.

Kaneki joins the fight by kicking Tsukiyama and announces he won’t be eaten. However, Tsukiyama quickly overpowers both of them and breaks his arm.

To have a sample he pierces Kaneki’s abdomen. Tsukiyama is enthralled at the taste of his prey’s blood. Touka attacks him again but he pierces through her with his Kagune. This renders her unable to fight.

He proceeds towards the altar as Kaneki asks him how could he hurt humans like that. Unbothered, Tsukiyama calls himself an equal-opportunity carnivore. He pulls off Kimi’s sweater and is irked by a scar on her shoulder.

Nishiki starts having flashbacks of his childhood. He and his older sisters were orphans. They sustained themselves on homeless people for years. When they got older, his sister developed feelings for the Manager she worked under. However, he turned her in as a ghoul. As the result, ghoul investigators killed her. Nishiki hunted down the manager and killed him, vowing never to trust anyone.

Kimi offers her flesh to Nishiki
Kimi offers her flesh to Nishiki

At Kamii University, Nishiki came across Kimi and they began dating. After his fight with Kaneki, Nishiki was unable to heal. He writhed in agonising pain until Kimi came to visit. Nishiki thought of attacking Kimi but was too weak to go through with it. Kimi offered her own flesh which he readily bit off.

Kimi told him the day they met was the day she lost her family. She was incredibly depressed but Nishiki’s presence in her life made it easier for her to live on.

Emboldened by these memories, Nishiki continues to attack Tsukiyama. However, Tsukiyama keeps striking him down again and again. He explains a ghoul can not use its kagune without consuming human flesh. Even so Nishiki continues to fight to protect Kimi.

Touka activates her Kagune Tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 5
Touka activates her Kagune

At this, Kaneki offers his own flesh to Touka. As Touka takes a bite, Tsukiyama gets furious. He feels Touka is taking Kaneki away from him. An enraged Tsukiyama attacks Touka with his Kagune, shouting Kaneki belongs to him. Touka counters with her own kagune announcing nothing there belongs to him.