Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 4 Review | 'Supper'

Episode 3 ended with the arrival of a strange man at Anteiku. He is Shuu Tsukiyama, the infamous Gormet ghoul of the 20th ward

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 4 Review | 'Supper'

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 4 aired on July 25, 2014. The episodes centres around Kaneki and his encounters with the mysterious Tsukiyama Shuu.


Episode 3 ended with the arrival of a strange man at Anteiku. He is Shuu Tsukiyama, the infamous Gormet ghoul of the 20th ward. Touka express an instant disproval of him as he proceeds to acquaint himself with Kaneki. Kaneki is visibly uncomfortable in his presences.

Touka asks Tsukiyama to leave, which he does muttering to himself that they’ll meet again. Kaneki inquires about him to Touka. She just warns him to steer clear of Tsukiyama.

tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 4

Later Tsukiyama is thinking of Kaneki and his unique scent while having a meal.

At school, Touka is having lunch with her Yoriko Kosaka. Yoriko notices Touka isn’t eating well and feeds Touka some of her homemade food. Touka pretends to eat the food just fine. Later she struggles in trying to not puke the food out in the bathroom. She is somehow able to keep her best friend’s food inside her but ut renders her weak.

Elsewhere, Kaneki is sitting by himself, reading a book when Tsukiyama approaches him. He is suspicious of the strange man at first, but they quickly bond over books.

Tsukiyama invites Kaneki to visit a nearby cafe where his favourite author is rumoured to visit sometimes. Tsukiyama mentions being friends with Rize which piques Kaneki’s interest. After bonding for some time, Kaneki agrees to see him again.

At Anteiku, Kaneki is thinking about his exchange with Tsukiyama when Yoshimura tells him to go see Yomo. Yomo takes him to an underground place and begins to train him in hand to hand combat.

Helter Skelter | Tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 4
Helter Skelter | Tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 4

Afterwards, Yomo takes Kaneki to Helter Skelter, a bar. Here, he meets Itori, the bar owner and friends to Yomo and Uta. Itori throws blood at his face to reveal his awakened kakugan. Then, she proceeds to talk about an urban legend about another one-eyed ghoul.

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Apparently, he was born to a human and a ghoul. Itori also mentions that Rize’s death might not have been an accident. Yomo dismisses it but the thought gets stuck in Kaneki’s head.

Sometime later, Kaneki and Tsukiyama meet again at the cafe. Kaneki asks him about Rize which makes Tsukiyama recall the memory of Rize rejecting his offer to join his gourmet club.

This makes Tsukiyama infuriated and he ends up breaking the cup in his hand inadvertently. Kaneki gets a cut on his finger trying to check on Tsukiyama, which the latter immediately covers up with his handkerchief.

To make things up to Kaneki, Tsukiyama offers to take him to Rize’s favourite place to which he readily agrees. He offers to wash Tsukiyama’s bloodied handkerchief but the latter says he’d do it himself.

In the bathroom, Tsukiyama reprimands himself for losing his cool in front of Kaneki. He seems enthralled by his scent as he keeps sniffing the handkerchief from before.

Later at Rize’s “favourite place”, Kaneki is told to shower and wear formal clothes. Masked servants serve him coffee too. He is wondering what is going on when suddenly, he discovers he is on a lifting platform. The platform rises, revealing to Kaneki an auditorium full of ghouls.

Tsukiyama enters as Mr MM and introduces Kaneki as the dinner for the night. Owned by a certain Madam A, the executioner Taro enters and after greeting everyone, proceeds to attack Kaneki. HE dodges Taro’s attacks at first.

After futile attempts of striking back, Kaneki tries to run away only to realise his legs are paralysed. The coffee from earlier was spiked and he loses his mobility as its effect. Taro takes advantage of this and starts choking him.

Tsukiyama and Kaneki

At this moment, Kaneki’ kakugan is activated revealing him to be a one-eyed ghoul to the surprise of everyone including Tsukiyama. He quickly intervenes and impales Taro with his hands and tells the audience Taro will serve as their dinner, not Kaneki.

Tsukiyama approaches Kaneki and says it was all a joke as he leans in and sniffs him. He thinks of what a rare treasure Kaneki is and resolves to make him all his.