Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3 Review | 'Dove'

Following the events of last episode, episode 3 opens with Doctor Asaki Fueguchi who is attending to a patient.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3 Review | 'Dove'

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3 aired on July 18th, 2014. The episodes centres around Kaneki getting used to his life at Anteiku while a couple of visitors arrive. On the other end of things, the CCB gets new leads in investigating ghouls.


Following the events of last episode, episode 3 opens with Doctor Asaki Fueguchi who is attending to a patient. Suddenly he gets an unwelcome visit by the Masked Man, Jason. Jason intimidatingly asks the doctor to make new pliers for him as he lost the old ones. He promises he’ll be back soon, leaving the Fueguchi family terrified.

Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki is adjusting to his new life at Anteiku. Yoshimura teaches Kaneki how to brew coffee amongst other things. He remarks that he likes humans before sending Kaneki downstairs to help Touka. A puzzled Kaneki heads downstairs.

Hide visits Anteiku

Kaneki goes into the cafe to help out Touka only to discover her conversing with Hide. Furthermore, Hide gives no indication of having any memory of the Nishiki incident and leaves soon thereafter. Touka warns Kaneki that Hide should never discover their status as ghouls.

Their conversation is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a scared Fueguchi family seeking asylum. Kaneki is curious to know about their situation but Touka refuses to fill him in. Instead, she asks him if Yoshimura has ever mentioned the “men in suits” to him.

Elsewhere, a CCG branch holds a meet regarding ghoul investigations. Koutarou Amon reports Mado and his findings at the meeting regarding Jason. The meeting is adjourned as members of CCG reaffirm their purpose, which is the eradication of all ghouls.

At Anteiku, Kaneki practices eating human food with the Manager. Yoshimura gives him a present, sugar cubes to keep his hunger under control. Whilst discussing food, Yoshimura asks him to accompany Renji Yomo for “food procurement”.

A confused and somewhat terrified Kaneki goes with Yomo later that night. They arrive at a popular suicide spot and Kaneki learns Anteiku scavenge suicide victims for their food.

Meanwhile, Mado and Amon roam around the 20th ward, hunting down ghouls, looking for clues regarding Jason.

Concerned by the rumours of the two Doves (ghoul investigators), Yoshimura asks Touka to take Kaneki to get a mask. The next day she takes him to HySy ArtMask Studio where they meet Uta.

Uta proceeds to take Kaneki’s measurements and they get to talking. Uta exclaims how she sees Touka as a really hardworking person, trying her best to live a normal life.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 4 aired on July 25, 2014. The episodes centres around Kaneki and his encounters with the mysterious Tsukiyama Shuu. Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 4 | Plot Synopsis Episode 3 ended with the arrival of a strange man at Anteiku. He is Shuu Tsukiyama, the infamous

Kaneki discovers newfound respect for Touka and reflects on his own self-worth. Wishing to be of help somehow, he inquires Touka about Fueguchi’s situation. Touka explains how Hinami and Mrs Fueguchi have to live separately from Dr Fueguchi for a while and that’s affecting Hinami.

Kaneki also asks her the purpose of getting a mask. An annoyed Touka tells him it is to protect their identities from the Doves.

At Anteiku, Kaneki enters Hinami’s room with the intent of speaking to her. However, she is in the middle of having her “meal” which freaks Kaneki out and embarrasses Hinami. Later, Kaneki approaches her with a cup of coffee to make amends. They end up getting along quite well. Incidentally, he promises to teach Hinami new words every now and then.

Somewhere else a ghoul who survived Mado and Amon’s attack, complains about his wounds to a companion. The other ghoul suggests he get Dr Fueguchi to have a look. They are immediately killed by a hiding Mado and Amon.

The next day, Hinami and her mother visit Anteiku and greet everyone pleasantly to everyone’s reassurance. As they head upstairs, a strange man arrives at Anteiku, giving off a very peculiar aura.