Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 12 Review | 'Ghoul'

Continuing the events of the previous episode, Yamori continues to brutally torture Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 12 Review | 'Ghoul'

Tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 12 aired on September 19, 2014. The episode centres around Kaneki and his acceptance of being a ghoul. Meanwhile, Yamori continues to torture him.


TW : Torture

Continuing the events of the previous episode, Yamori continues to brutally torture Kaneki. He makes Kaneki count backwards from 1000 as a coping mechanism to retain a frailing sanity. Kaneki begins to hallucinate Rize present in his past memories.

His father died when he was quite young. Consequently, his mother had to work hard to support herself and Kaneki. She ended up working herself to literal death. Kaneki’s only source of comfort was Hide. He recalls how Hide is always there for him.

Meanwhile, Yamori continues to brutalise him. Yamori reveals that Kaneki turning into a ghoul was an experiment planned by Dr Kanou. Shortly thereafter, he forces a centipede down Kaneki’s ears. Kaneki breaks down completely. He begins begging to be killed.

To further torture Kaneki’s mind, Yamori devises a hideous plan. He places Shuu and Haru in front of Kaneki, gagged and bound. Then, he demands that Kaneki should choose which one to spare. Utterly distressed, Kaneki asks Yamori to kill him instead. Yamori gets annoyed at this and kills both of them.

Riddled with guilt, Kaneki spirals into thinking about all the people that were hurt because of his perceived weakness. Meanwhile, Rize continues to taunt Kaneki in his hallucinations. She makes Kaneki question his mother’s philosophy of “It is better to be hurt than hurt others”.

Confronting Kankei, Rize warns him, he has to be ready to sacrifice one thing for the other. If not, others around him will suffer. After some contemplation, an emotionally traumatised Kaneki accepts himself as a ghoul.

This causes massive physical and psychological transformations in Kaneki. He breaks his shackles in an instant. After mercilessly beating him, Kaneki pins Yamori to the ground.

He then proceeds to torture Yamori in the same ways Yamori was torturing him a while ago.Kaneki asks him to count back from 1000 minus 7. He breaks down and is left vulnerable. Kaneki then proceeds to devour a defeated Yamori.