Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 11 Review | 'High Spirits'

Following the events of previous episode, Touka expresses her disapproval at Tsukiyama’s presence.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 11 Review | 'High Spirits'

Tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 11 aired on September 12, 2014. The episode centers around the conflict between the CCG and Aogiri tree. Simultaneously, the Anteiku try to rescue a kidnapped Kaneki.


Following the events of previous episode, Touka expresses her disapproval at Tsukiyama’s presence. Yomo reassures her by stating he’ll keep an eye on Tsukiyama. They plan on rescuing Kaneki amongst the chaos caused by CCG and the Aogiri tree in the 11th ward.

As Anteiku devises a rescue plan the CCG prepares for their attack. Meanwhile, Hide keeps a wary eye on the news. The CCG evacuates all civilians in the city. Anteiku summons reinforcements from Uta.

The CCG attacks the 11th Ward Base and finds it more difficult than anticipated due to sniper ghouls. Juuzou steals Marude’s motorcycle and rides it into the foundation. In an instant, he kills the snipers. They make it inside, but Aogiri’s executives kill several of them.

Anteiku takes advantage of the confusion by posing as Aogiri members and slips in. While the others infiltrate, Yoshimura, Hinami, and Kaya wait outside. Tsukiyama, Yomo, and Uta run into Noro when they break up to pursue Kaneki.

Amon approaches Touka, but the Bin brothers attack him. Touka flees taking advantage of this. Meanwhile, Amon battles and defeats the Bin brothers with his new sword, Kura.

Yamori keeps Kaneki in his hobby room as the war rages outside. Tatara agreed that because Aogiri had no use for Kaneki, he should be given to Yamori. Yamori injects him with RC inhibition fluid. This is meant to suppress Kaneki’s kagune. It also makes him vulnerable to Yamori’s attacks.

Yamori tortures Kaneki on a regular basis with only brief periods of rest to allow him to regenerate. At these moments, Banjou and his companions come in to clean. They promise Kaneki that they will save him.

Touka desperately looks for Kaneki. Suddenly she is hit by okaku shards. Just in time, Nishiki takes the hit for her, saving Touka in process. The attacker turns out to be Ayato. The siblings prepare to fight.

CCG’s most competent investigators have penetrated the base to its deepest depths. In doing so, they secured many sections. They reach the roof, but they can’t see find any ghouls. This felt suspicious to them. However, suddenly, the one-eyed ghoul appears before them.

They summon Marude, who advises them to send only a limited number of their best soldiers into battle who are not afraid to die.