Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 10 Review | 'Aogiri'

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 10 Review | 'Aogiri'

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 10 aired on September 5, 2014. The episode introduces us to a new organisation named, Aogiri Tree and their involvement with Kaneki Ken.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode 10 | Plot Synopsis

Following the events of previous episode , Aogiri Tree’continues to terrorise the wards putting everyone at unease. A group of ghouls attack the 11th ward. They end up killing the entire branch office there. Marude waits impatiently at the 20th Ward Branch Office until he receives word that the 11th Branch is gone.
Yoshimura and Yomo discuss the movements of the Aogiri Tree and the One-eyed king.

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tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 10

Elsewhere, Marude holds an emergency meeting in light of recent events. He relays to everyone that everyone in 11th ward has died. The CCG is plans a large-scale attack on the gang responsible. Suddenly, Juuzo interrupts the meeting by showing up late .

After the CCG meeting, Amon and Shinohara research and discuss their strategies. Amon is surprised that Marude let Juuzou participate in the upcoming mission. However, Shinohara figures that he must see value in him.

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tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 10
Amon and Shinohara

Shinohara talks about Yamori, but Amon is distracted. He’s still confused about Kaneki who takes him back to his past. Shinohara mentions that Amon’s quinque was broken. As such, he can take one among Mado’s because it had been in his will.

Meanwhile, at Anteiku, Kaneki and Touka discuss business. The cafe does not get many customers lately because of the ghoul investigators’ presence in the area. At the same time, the cafe bell rings. It’s Banjou and the Gas Masks, associates of Aogiri Tree. Banjou demands to talk with the manager. However, Yoshimura is absent. So, he decides to speak with the two at the cafe instead.

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Kaneki Aogiri
Kaneki, Touka and Banjou

Banjou becomes infuriated when he notices Rize’s scent on Kaneki. He figures they are dating.
Banjou starts threatening him. However, Kaneki ends up accidentally headbutting him. This knocks him unconscious.

When Banjou awakens, they create amends. He explains things within the 11th Ward. Incidentally, he came to warn Rize to run because Aogiri was after her.Suddenly, Ayato breaks into Anteiku and attacks Banjou. Touka confronts him and they bicker until Yamori and Nico arrive.

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Kaneki tokyo ghoul season 1 episode 10 aogiri
Kaneki and Yamori

Yamori takes an immediate interest in Kaneki. Yamori starts beating Kaneki up, till he is unconscious. They intend to take him to Aogiri. Touka tries intervening but to no avail.

Yoshimura and Yomo return. The figure out that Kaneki was taken. Later, Yoshimura holds a meeting with Anteiku. They discuss rescuing him. Tsukiyama joins their meeting. Yoshimura reveals he invited Tsukiyama, to Touka’s dismay.