This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Interest, Ranked

Kevin Pearson has spent most of his life searching for the perfect love story. But did he get one? Read the full article to know more.

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

Over the course of its six seasons, This is Us has tracked numerous relationships. This is Us knows how to tell a wonderful love story, from the legendary fairytale romance between Jack and Rebecca to the happy, inspirational marriage of Randall and Beth to Kate and Toby's adorable friendship that has developed from the very first episode.

Kevin Pearson has spent most of his life searching for the perfect love story. He has rekindled his initial love and had long-lasting relationships that ended in divorce, but he never gave up. Fans have voiced their opinions about who will ultimately become his real love and wife, but only time and the show's creator Dan Fogelman can determine what is meant to be and when.

7. Olivia

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

Kevin and Olivia Maine's brief romance was a sweet tale of rivals becoming lovers, but it was also just that—short. The Back of an Egg was supposed to feature Kevin and Olivia as the lead actors, but Olivia's spoiled, conceited attitude caused her to completely abandon both Kevin and the project.

The only true similarity between Olivia and Kevin was that they were both performers. Bringing her home for Thanksgiving was an attempt by him to make their relationship more serious, but it simply served to increase tension and demonstrate their short-term viability.

6. Sloane

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

The Back of an Egg's author Sloane contrasted sharply with Olivia, the book's lead character. Sloane took on the role of the lead in her own production after Olivia disappeared, and she grew close to Kevin. They were a far better match than Olivia and Kevin and an odd duo.

However, Sloane and Kevin's romance was likewise relatively brief and appeared to be largely a rebound from the well-known actress he had previously dated. The fact that their relationship was never given the time to develop made it appear less plausible in the end. Along with that, it was discovered after a lengthy talk with Toby that he was still fixated on his first love.

5. Cassidy

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

Cassidy Sharp, a combat veteran and recovering alcoholic who befriends Kevin and his uncle Nicky, was introduced in the Season 4 opener. She is not pleased by Kevin's inflated ego and rockstar status, thus their relationship is off to a bumpy start. He does, however, enable her to understand that she wishes to preserve both her failing marriage and her alienated relationship with her little son.

When Cassidy realizes she belongs with her ex-husband, Ryan, and that she needs to work harder to rebuild what she damaged, their brief romantic relationship ends very suddenly. The two characters had enough chemistry to lay the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship, but because of where Kevin and Cassidy were in their life at the time, things didn't work out.

4. Adult Sophie

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

Fans have supported Sophie and Kevin despite seeing them break up multiple times because of their unforgettable childhood love story. Sadly, his mature relationship with Sophie never appears to work out.

In Season 1, when he confesses his love to her after a 12-year absence, the couple decides to attempt their relationship once more, this time in their 30s. They split up again as a result of Kevin's drunkenness and admission that their marriage is over (he cheated on her). They occasionally cross paths again during the series, but "A Hell of a Week: Part 2" gives away the fact that their narrative is finally over.

3. Zoe

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

At the end of Season 2, Kevin and Beth's cousin, Zoe, start dating. In order to understand more about his father's military service, they later embark on a joint trip to Vietnam. For a very long time, their bond was the closest Kevin had felt to Sophie. They were able to communicate well, and she tried to support him in his fight against alcoholism.

They even move in together at one point and begin talking about the future. Kevin, on the other hand, is eager to start a family, while Zoe has no desire to do so. After some time of trying to make things work, Zoe makes it clear to Kevin that she will not compromise on the child issue and that she understands he needs to be a father, so she fires him. Although it is heartbreaking, Kevin needed this friendship to advance.

2. Teen Sophie

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

There have been many years worth of references to The Princess Bride and Good Will Hunting from what began as a young boy's obsession with his sister Kate's closest friend. From the time they were young children into their early 20s, Kevin and Sophie were deeply in love. After moving to New York together and attending prom, they got married.

Even the night Jack passed away, Sophie was with Kevin and stayed by his side. Kevin and Sophie's relationship as teenagers was evocative of the love Kevin so much wanted for later in life; it's a shame that their partnership didn't last. In the end, this relationship taught him to always be looking for love and to treat his future relationships better.

1. Madison

This Is Us: Kevin Pearson's Love Relationships | Ranked

Madison has witnessed all of the Pearsons' significant life events. Madison has always been a good friend and someone the Pearsons may have taken for granted, from being present for Kate and Toby's first date to helping them plan their wedding and being there for the birth of their baby.

Despite Kevin's initial hostility toward his sister's companion, they ultimately grew close and eventually got into bed together. She later became pregnant with his twins as a result of this.

Even after she gave birth to their children, Frances and Nicholas, Madison and Kevin's bond is still gradually growing. They went in reverse, starting a family before finding love. But their relationship has a lot of promise to bring them both the love they deserve. Madison holds Kevin responsible, and Madison becomes more of her true self thanks to Kevin. Kevin has all the parts he needs to finish the puzzle of his ideal life, he just needs to put them together.

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