This Is The End: Comedy On The Edge While Hammered

This Is The End is a hilariously raunchy and satirical film that somehow stays grounded while having the world set on flame around them.

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Movies that are better to watch while drunk is equal to diamonds in the rough.

Films that can be enjoyed even more while intoxicated can be argued to be some of the best.

They provide a form of trashy entertainment while sober but a whole new world of fun when you're not.

This Is The End is a comedy film featuring Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogan, and James Franco among many other Hollywood stars.

This film revolves around a group of friends who band together to survive the apocalypse.

It is a hilariously raunchy and satirical film that somehow stays grounded while having the world set on flame around them.

The best kind of fiction is a story with a hint of non-fiction

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One of the best parts about being hammered while watching a film is that all the jokes land, regardless of how poor the quality of the jokes may be.

This is why watching comedy films is all the better, however, this also means that a lot of little details such as the characters' names and goals may not be able to be recalled while watching.  

This is where This Is The End brings in its A game by having all of the characters within the film play an alternate version of their real self.

Meaning that all the characters are essentially playing themselves and therefore completely negates the trouble of remembering fake names for the real actors on screen.

Not only that, but the film also provides the simplest of goals for all of its characters. Survive the apocalypse.

One can argue that this goal is made clear within the first 20 minutes of the film when a party that consists of celebrities such as Micheal Cera, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Paul Rudd face the start of the apocalypse as Micheal Cera gets impaled by a streetlight.

Seth Rogan and James Franco

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The chemistry of the famous comedic duo is very much present throughout the film.

The pairing of Seth Rogan and James Franco has always been close to legendary with their films such as The Interview, Pineapple Express, and The Disaster Artist.

The closeness and friendship that they show within This Is The End is nothing short of comedic genius by having James Franco practically obsess over his friendship with Seth Rogan.

Having the film let the actors act out themselves as close as possible to their real selves let out a great amount of fan service for the actors' fans.

Representing all types of friends

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The film perfectly captures the chemistry and rivalry of friends with each other. James Franco represents the overly obsessed friend.

Jonah Hill represents the sympathizer. Craig Robinson represents the friend that is most relaxed and goes with the flow on almost every occasion.

Seth Rogan is the extrovert who basically acts like the glue of the group. Jay Baruchel represents the clingy friend who only came to the party because his only friend was there.

Danny McBride is the weird friend that every friend group has.

With the intricacies that each friend has with one another, the comedic value of the friends only increases when unique situations arise throughout their attempt to survive the apocalypse.

Especially when Emma Watson storms into their base for supplies.

The interactions which each friend has with each other makes the film perfect for a drunk comedy movie.

The heaven credits

a dog sitting on a person's lap

If there ever was a scene that proved that this movie was made to watch while hammered, it would be the credits taking place in heaven.

As the movie studio managed to pull in the Backstreet Boys to play out their outro as they throw money bills and smoke marijuana in the background.

There's nothing that says that this movie is made to watch with your friend group quite like these credit scenes.

We know that it is going to be a great time when Craig Robinson is the one who opens the gates of heaven for you.

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