The Veil Review (Ep 1 & 2) | The Hunt for the Spy Begins!

The action thriller Kdrama The Veil started airing. What shocking revelations are up for store awaiting Ji Hyuk?

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The 12-episode MBC Kdrama The Veil had a spectacular start. Veil Kdrama starts with some gory scenes and introduces a brutal man killing and sabotaging what looks like organ traders and single-handedly decimating them. It’s exciting to watch another new Kdrama in September 2021 and what’s more, it’s a Namkoong Min Kdrama. His dramas are a must-watch. The Veil Kdrama is one of the most anticipated Kdramas of 2021.

A brutal ship in the middle of nowhere has people busy in organ trading and conducting illegal operations on people. It looked like a case of human trafficking. The main lead Namkoong Min is introduced to what looks like a rescue attempt by killing the organ traders.  

The mystery thickens when coast guards come for the rescue and find a disheveled and blood-lashed guy mercilessly killing people. He verbally confirms some sort of code or identity which gets tracked to a high classified file when someone at the backend tries running them.

The Veil starts with utter chaos and confusion at the NIS where people get red flags after trying to access the file. It comes to attention that the so-called legendary NIS agent Han Ji Hyuk (Namkoong Min) who was presumed dead is very much alive and breathing.

Han Ji Hyuk gets transferred to the NIS and shocking revelations begin. He was exposed to ZIP, a memory-erasing substance, and some other kind of drugs. Han Ji Hyuk might have been tortured by other parties as indicated by the number of wounds he has all over his body.

He has lost all his memories of the last year and only remembers a few fragments of memory. He went on a covert mission in China along with his partners who ended up dead.

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Ji Hyuk does not remember how his colleagues died and trying hypnotherapy failed as well. His memories are locked and he violently attacks everyone near him. In a shocking twist, it turns out that Ji Hyuk did this to himself. He erased his memory to catch the mole in the NIS who betrayed their group in the mission.  

Ji Hyuk leaves a video for himself and warns him not to trust anyone. Meanwhile, the people at NIS don’t trust him and had him on constant surveillance. The Veil episode 1 set up most characters and introduced what looked like key players and what’s their connection to the plot.  

The real nightmare begins when the Huayang gang starts killing law enforcement officers and demands the release of the gang member Jang Gwang Cheol. The NIS foreign intelligence bureau members had a discussion and sent Ji Hyuk and Ha Dong Kyun (Kim Do Hyun) to get a confession from Gwang Cheol. There is a beef of some sort between Ji Hyuk and Dong Kyun and they do not seem to be on good terms.

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There are more shocking twists awaiting The Veil Kdrama in episode 2. Ji Hyuk is successful to make Gwang Cheol but no important information is disclosed by him. Ji Hyuk has a meeting with the driver of the gang and leaves him a contact number to get information. More shock and betrayal awaiting.

The Huayang gang had their own plans. At midnight the gang infiltrated the police station where Gwang Cheol was locked. They attacked with full force and killed many police officers. What’s more shocking was the identity of the real leader and what happened to Gwang Cheol.

The leader is the driver and he ended up slitting Gwang Cheol’s throat for reasons undisclosed. The gang massacred the police station and left the scene after taking care of Gwang Cheol. Han Ji Hyuk ends up chasing them and gets into a confrontation. The Huayang gang leader mocks him and calls Ji Hyuk. He releases the identity of the leader, but it’s too late by then.

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Ji Hyuk goes back to the station and sees the mess created by the gang. He reviews the CCTV footage and saw what went down and found an interesting yet shocking discovery. Lee Choon Gil, the information broker from one year ago was in the police station with the gang.

He might have disclosed about Ji Hyuk who had killed few members of the gang in the past and made significant damage to them. The Veil episode 2 ends with Ji Hyuk remembering the identity of the person when he opened the door in the flashback. The person revealed is Lee Choon Gil.

The Veil Kdrama started with a cliche plot but with a solid storyline and acting. Namkoong Min is impressive as the solitary NIS agent who’s feared and admired by everyone. It will be interesting to see how he deals with the aftermath of the mess the gang has left for him. With no one to trust, Ji Hyuk is busy dealing with his own fight.