The Veil Kdrama (Episode 9 & 10) | Why did Han Ji Hyuk Kill his Partners?

What happened 1 year ago? Who killed Kim Dong Wook and Oh Kyung Suk?

3 dead bodies lying on the ground

The Veil Kdrama is closer to the series end and yet so many questions still remain unanswered. Yoo Je Yi was last seen heading off to kill Do Jin Suk. Han Ji Hyuk is still searching for the people behind the death of his partners in the last mission they went together. His partners and comrades Kim Dong Wook and Oh Kyung Suk (Soo Yeon’s boyfriend).

Han Ji Hyuk’s memory revealed that Kim Dong Wook was the mole; but is it really the truth? What exactly went down in the secret mission in Shenyang? Who is the real mole? Did Han Ji Hyuk kill his partners? If so what was his reason? The Veil Kdrama Episode 9 & 10 had lots of burning questions left for views and only two episodes left to unravel the mystery.

Thankfully Yoo Je Yi does not kill Do Jin Suk. She went there in hopes of getting some answers that were long overdue. Kang Pil Mo tried to kill Han Ji Hyuk but his car was hacked, most likely from the Planet guy. Han Ji Hyuk took him to the accident despite almost getting by his sunbae. He’s a great guy indeed and people think he lacks empathy. Such a preposterous thought; Han Ji Hyuk is an angel compared to others.  

Did Han Ji Hyuk and Yoon Je Yi Have a falling out?

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Yoon Je Yi was switching departments because of the reshuffling. But that wasn’t the end of it. Han Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Yi met one last time but is the partnership between them falling out? Je Yi found out that Ji Hyuk installed spyware in her phone because he didn’t trust her.

She was enraged and appalled at this treatment and refused to believe a word Ji Hyuk said. Je Yi believes that Do Jin Suk is the bad guy whereas Ji Hyuk is convinced that the head of domestic intelligence Lee In Hwan is behind everything. They disagreed and went separate ways.

Je Yi joined hands with Lee In Hwan to expose Do Jin Suk. of course Lee In Hwan doesn’t trust her at all. Everyone knows that she’s loyal to Ji Hyuk. It’s sad that Je Yi is treated as a pawn by everyone.

Oh Kyung Suk’s Betrayal

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Ji Hyuk visits to meet Kim Dong Wook’s wife. He later meets Do Jin Sook to get all the factors straight.  It was true that Dong Wook received an order from Do Jin Sook to shoot the mole.  However, she denied having anything to do with the killing. She had no motive to kill the defector and only ordered Dong Wook to keep an eye on the situation.

Turns out Oh Kyung Suk was working with Sangmuhoe and was working under Lee In Hwan. When things went astray during the mission, Dong Wook followed Kyung Suk and by the time he reached the hotel, the North Korean leader was killed in cold blood.

The Deadlock between Ji Hyuk, Dong Wook & Kyung Suk

Han Ji Hyuk reached the hotel room to find the leader dead and Dong Wook freaked out. They escaped when Chinese police almost broke into the trap. It was a trap set by Baek Mo Sa.  Dong Wook and Kyung Suk were arguing and pointing guns at each other. Han Ji Hyuk reached the scene but neither of the two was willing to back down. In a hasty moment and surprising turn, Dong Wook shot Kyung Suk.

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Han Ji Hyuk was doubtful of both of them but with one person dead things were more confusing. Ji Hyuk asked him to surrender but he fired shots and without any hesitation, Ji Hyuk shot Dong Wook and killed him.

It was a fatal mistake. Kyung Suk was the mole and set them up. Dong Wook shot Chung Chun Woo and the bullet grazed Ji Hyuk. He couldn’t believe his eyes because Dong Wook saved Ji Hyuk.

The final video revealed a confession from Han Ji Hyuk that he killed his partners and must hunt down the real mole in the NIS.

Who killed the North Korean Leader?

In a more shocking twist, it was revealed that Kyung Suk didn’t kill the leader and it was Baek Mo Sa who killed him to set them up. His motive was revenge on NIS and creating diplomatic tension before the election.

Baek Mo Sa’s next target was Lee In Hwan who he killed in episode 10 and staged it ad suicide. Lee In Hwan’s crimes were exposed when everyone worked together to collect evidence against him. But before justice could be served to him, Baek Mo Sa ended his life.

The Veil Kdrama: Is Betrayal waiting for Han Ji Hyuk?
What’s happening inside NIS? Why did Han Ji Hyuk get framed for murder? Who betrayed him?