The Veil Kdrama Finale Review (Episode 12) | Han Ji Hyuk vs Baek Mo Sa

Can Yoo Je Yi and Han Ji Hyuk stop Baek Mo Sa? Will Han J Hyuk die?

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The Veil Episode 11 ended at a massive cliffhanger. Han Ji Hyuk discovered the security breach. Elsewhere in Yeouio, Yoo Je Yi discovered a timer for a bomb. What will happen to Je Yi and Han Ji Hyuk? What are Baek Mo Sa’s grand plans? Is he after the NIS or dismantling the country itself which abandoned him?

Fake Trap

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Baek Mo Sa never had any intention to bomb the memorial service. It was a decoy to divert their intention and distract the NIS from discovering their real plans. The timer went off but there was no explosion. Elsewhere in Je Yi’s location, it was an EMP bomb that exploded.

It stopped all the electronic devices, mobiles, phone networks, and car services. Je Yi was stranded without a working phone and unable to contact for help. She spots Baek Mo Sa and follows him.

The EMP Plan

Baek Mo Sa planned to use an EMP bomb to erase all the financial data of the bank stored in the main data center. Exploding EMP will create chaos and delete all the financial transactions like savings, loans, mortgages, etc. Je Yi contacts Han Ji Hyuk and informs him about her findings.

Yoo Je Yi & Han Ji Hyuk against Baek Mo Sa

Baek Mo Sa plans to uproot the country and instigate the people of the nation. He took control of the Hanmin Bank’s data center. Baek Mo Sa kidnapped all the employees and customers of the bank and set an ultimatum to the NIS to make a choice. The government has to choose the people’s safety or the financial data of the data center.  

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Choi Sang Kyun went to kill Lee Il Hwan but was stopped by Jung Yae Tae who brings him back to NIS. With Sang Hyun’s help, they were able to unlock the center and let Je Yi and Ji Hyuk enter the scene.      

This was the elaborate trap for the NIS from the beginning. Je Yi and Ji Hyuk discovered the fake EMP bomb and knew Baek Mo Sa had no intention of sparing the hostages from the very beginning. He was aware that the government will not choose their people and he planned accordingly.

Saving People Vs Country

Je Yi reported the situation to Do Jin Suk and asks her to choose the people over data. A disagreement breaks down between Do Jin Suk and Kang Pil Ho. Meanwhile, Bang Young Chan keeps pressuring Do Jin Suk to choose to save the data to protect the country.

Ji Hyuk becomes the bait and lures out Baek Mo Sa to the rooftop. Je Yi is the actual bait and enters the room where the hostages are kept. She takes her mask off and Baek Mo Sa gets triggered to see her there. There was a bomb planted that was auto-set to detonate after 3 hours. The detonator was to stop the explosion not to trigger.

Han Ji Hyuk Gets Shot

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With the confusion going on, on top of Bang Young Chan mentally pressuring Do Jin Suk to make choices. In panic and utter confusion when they saw Han Ji Hyuk with the detonator, people start doubting him. Bang Young Chan instigates the shooter to shoot Han Ji Hyuk and he gets shot right before he presses the detonator to stop the explosion.

The hostages are rescued along with Ji Yi who comes for Ji Hyuk’s aid. Baek Mo Sa dies not long before reuniting with his daughter.

Han Ji Hyuk’s Shocking Confession

Han Ji Hyuk recorded his confession and discloses everything about Sangmuhoe which was responsible for secret monitoring and manipulating the people for elections. Ji Hyuk’s confession is live-streamed and he receives the encryption key from the reporter and Planet’s owner Shin Su Young. He was willing to cooperate now that Sangmuhoe is exposed in the open.

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After a time skip, Kang Pil Ho is serving his sentence when Do Jin Suk visits her. Je Yi and others are still working for NIS. in the closing scene, Han Ji Hyuk is getting ready, perhaps for another mission.

The Veil Kdrama had a very satisfying ending. All the characters were amazing and kudos to the actors for their top-notch performance. Now that The Veil Kdrama is over, have fun binging!

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