The Veil Kdrama (Episode 11)| Can Han Ji Hyuk Stop Baek Mo Sa’s Evil Plans?

Did Baek Mo Sa Kill Lee In Hwan? What is Bek Mo Sa planning? Can Yoo Je Yi stop Baek Mo Sa?

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The Veil Kdrama is almost near to the end and no one really knows what Baek Mo Sa wants except killing a few people perhaps. In The Veil Episode 10, Baek Mo Sa went to eliminate Lee In Hwan. Han Ji Hyuk visited Lee In Hwan earlier and warned him, was it a coincidence or luck that Ji Hwan was there? Can he save Lee In Hwan or is it a lost cause?

Baek Mo Sa’s Secret Deal

An enraged Baek Mo Sa impersonated another official and visited Lee In Hwan who was locked up, awaiting punishment for his crime. Sangmuhoe is planning to wash their hands off Lee In Hwan and surprise surprise! Baek Mo Sa teams up with Bang Young Chan and hands Lee In Hwan in the silver platter. This ajhusshi is too sly. He knows how to manipulate Baek Mo Sa and now that Lee In Hwan is exposed, it’s the perfect chance of taking care of him without getting his hands dirty.

Baek Mo Sa Kills Lee In Hwan

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Lee In Hwan still in his arrogant mood and hoping to escape the NIS’s clutches is caught off guard from a surprise visit from no other than Baek Mo Sa. Baek Mo Sa hangs Lee In Hwan to die struggling for his life. Guess who we have, a knight in shining armour to save Mr Lee?! Han Ji Hyuk comes just in the nick of time and saves Lee In Hwan from dying.

Han Ji Hyuk’s Surprise Prison Visit

The Huayang gang leader is locked in prison ready to be deported anytime soon. Han Ji Hyuk visits him to gather intel on Baek Mo Sa. He was curious to learn Baek Mo Sa’s past, present and motive to enter South Korea. Ji Hyuk does learn something about Bake Mo Sa and solves the last missing piece of the puzzle.

NIS United Together Against Baek Mo Sa

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It’s about time the party needs to start. Do Jin Suk is back and teaming up with Kang Pil Ho. Kang Pil Ho and Ha Dong Kyun were looking or the hidden researchers but to no avail. Do Jin Suk asks Kang Pil Ho to form a TF with trusted members to fight against Baek Mo Sa. Jung Yae Tae helped last time although he’s not a part of the TF, but is supporting from the background. He was critical help in taking down Lee In Hwan.  

Han Ji Hyuk’s concern for Yoo Je Yi’s Safety

The former teammates of the Information Centre meet together for lunch. Han Ji Hyuk expresses concern for Yoo Je Yi’s safety and asks her to step away front this mission as it could be dangerous. A determined Yoo Je Yi has resolved to stop his father who is Baek Mo Sa.

The Mastermind behind the Malicious codes

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When Lee In Hwan was attacked, nothing was recorded. They found out that there was no external breach and it was actually an internal job. The last time when Choi Sang Kyun hacked the NIS using his codes, those codes left a trace and was not completely wiped out.

Han Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Yi meet Choi Sang Kyun who was arriving from somewhere with his luggage. They have a conversion and figure out Sang Kyun is lying and hiding something. Sang Kyun is involved with Baek Mo Sa and he told him that Lee In Hwan will be killed/attacked. Lee In Hwan was responsible for Sang Kyun’s father’s death.

Encounter with Baek Mo Sa  

The team tracks down information and arrives at an abandoned warehouse suspected of illegal weapons. The team gears up with Han Ji Hyuk and Ha Dong Kyun leading the operation. Both sides engage in a fierce fight when Han Ji Hyuk catches up with Bae Mo Sa. Han Ji Hyuk finds Sang Kyun injured. It was Baek Mo Sa’s trap and he planned an explosion.

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When Baek Mo Sa was about to shoot Han Ji Hyuk, Yoo Je Yi comes to Han Ji Hyuk’s rescue. The father-daughter have a reunion and he hesitated to shoot Je Yi. Je Yi ends up shooting Baek Mo Sa, but escapes anyways.

Sang Kyun is hospitalised. Do Jin Suk plans to interrogate him but Je Yi is against the idea. She thinks it’s unethical and instead offers to recover information from the laptop retrieved. Kang Pil Ho and other backup Je Yi.

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Baek Mo Sa’s Plans Exposed

Do Jin Suk’s son passed away in an incident in the Battle of Hancheng. The 10th year memorial is conducted for families of the victims. The event will be held at Seoul National Cemetery where Bang Young Chan invited Do Jin Suk earlier. Earlier she declined, but now that the team is aware of the plans,  Do Jin Suk is determined to attend the event. The list of attendees was hacked and replaced by one of Baek Mo Sa’s people.

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Meanwhile, Sang Kyun visits Lee In Hwan with the intention of harming him.  Han Ji Hyuk found a bomb on the suspect and elsewhere Baek Mo Sa is enjoying the minutes left for mass destruction and fulfilling his revenge. Yoo Je Yi discovers the countdown, the bomb perhaps. What will happen to everyone? The Veil Finale has all the answers. Happy streaming!