The Veil Kdrama: Is Betrayal waiting for Han Ji Hyuk?

What's happening inside NIS? Why did Han Ji Hyuk get framed for murder? Who betrayed him?

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The Veil Kdrama is one of the most well-crafted suspense and action dramas of 2021. Watching Namkoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk is quite fulfilling. There are so many questions hanging for viewers and almost everyone character seems shady; it’s like betrayal is their nickname. Not a single character seems trustworthy enough in The Veil Kdrama.

After the assault on Han Ji Hyuk, he has been chasing the pursuers. He even got himself kidnapped to trap the Huayang gang. What came so shocking was Do Jin Sook watching the recording of the hotel where Han Ji Hyuk was tortured. She watching the recording and her connection has yet not been explained.

Is Soo Yeon dead?

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The second most shady person on the list is Seo Soo Yeon. Choi Sang Kyun hacked the NIS to get the truth of the case. He ends up revealing that his father was tracking the last person who made contact one year ago when Ji Hyuk’s team was in trouble.

He revealed the person to be Seo Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon Seems to be hiding a lot and has extreme animosity towards Ji Hyuk. In an unexpected twist, someone shot Soo Yeon in the middle of the road where Ji Hyuk was with him.

Ji Hyuk was framed for shooting her and turns out a program Deep Fake using AI was used to frame him. Ji Hyuk gets arrested and later transferred by NIS. There is hard video evidence collected from CCTV making him the suspect. It was later revealed that Seo Yeon is dead. Or is she?

If this wasn’t enough betrayal from Ji Hyuk, his mentor, and senior, Kang Pil Ho is hell-bent on trapping him. He let Ji Huk go but he shot himself and framed Ji Hyuk as the person who injured him.

Somehow Mr Kang’s intentions are not so pure. While pursuing reporter Jung Ki Sun’s case, Ji Hyuk and Je Yi trapped Mr Kang using Soo Yeon as the replacement. He is guilty of something and was perplexed. Although Ji Hyuk was successful in evading his pursuers and ran away with reporter Jang.

Ji Hyuk learned the truth from the reporter and started getting the facts straight. Chang Chun Woo (Jung Moon Sung) is involved as the formed agent in Shenyang when the list of active spies was leaked. Somehow he was not mentioned in the list. Some secret organization is involved with retired NIS agents controlling the scenes from behind. Ji Hyuk made a deal with Chang Chun Woo and obtained the real footage from him to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, both Do Jin Sook and Ha Dong Kyun are aware of Han Ji Hyuk’s innocence but are stalling for some reason. Whereas Mr Kang is chasing Ji Hyuk for reasons unknown. The identity of the mole seems way confusing. All of them fit the bill and have their own agenda for gunning Ji Hyuk.

Did Yoon Je Yi Betray Han Ji Hyuk?

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The most unexpected betrayal perhaps in The Veil. When Ji Hyuk visited Je Yi, he learned about her past and her reason to apply for NIS. Something happened to her dad and she’s chasing the truth. Je Yi was helping Ji Hyuk collect evidence. At the end of The Veil ep 6, Ji Hyuk sent her the original footage.

Je Yi sent him to the hospital where there was a trap waiting for him. In a shocking twist, Je Yi betrayed Ji Hyuk and she deleted the original file, his proof of innocence from the server. Ji Hyuk gets captured by Mr Jang and only time will reveal what fate is Ji Hyuk awaiting.

The Veil Kdrama continues to be the top-rated drama in this timeslot. The plot thickens and the mysteries are slowly unfolding. Too many people are involved and what exactly happened a year ago. Who was Soo Yeon actually involved with? With so many questions, the upcoming episodes will have all the answers hopefully. Keep watching The Veil Kdrama.

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