The strongest is also human Ft. Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru is nothing if not dynamic, weird in the best way, and easy to befriend if you share the same interest as him (bitching about Utahime).

The strongest is also human Ft. Gojo Satoru

The overconfident blindfolded person who seems to know his way around curses and exorcism is the most beloved character of Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s not just his charismatic humour and aura, but his impeccable skills as a sorcerer and quirky conduct with his students that make him a mass favourite. From the first episode, as Gojo is introduced, he is shown to be the typical humorous and overconfident older guy who does not know how to act his age, and that helps people connect to him.

Redefining the Sensei-Gakusei relationship

Gojo Satoru is nothing if not dynamic, weird in the best way, and easy to befriend if you share the same interest as him (bitching about Utahime). When he meets Itadori and proposes a way for him to join Jujutsu tech, his demeanour as the teacher was not professional, but friendlier than anyone can imagine.

Students loved him as well as found him irritating and often wondered how such a strong sorcerer can act in a totally opposite way. This lenience between him and his students has helped them communicate clearly and without any constraints with him. This is a beautiful portrayal of destigmatising the narrative of being stern to teach, as teaching can be a fun process with learning as well as having fun.

gojo imitating Kugisaki

Gojo as a person is hard to define. His charismatic and dumb humour gets him mingled easily into groups and people often don’t recognise him to be the greatest until he raves about it with his arrogance. His careless casualty in front of elders might be frowned on but has a considerable reason. He is not ageist and refrains from easily respecting them just because their age demands them to.

Gojo and his friendships

Gojo and itadori

Gojo, despite his carefree behaviour and casual outlook, has a lot of lamented friendships that made him into an adult who likes t spoil his students and keep them together. In his discussion with Ijichi when Itadori was laying on the lab table for Ieiri to diagnose him, he expressed how much he despised the system of education and elders ruling all but he uses his way of educating his students so that they grow up to be able sorcerers. His friendship with Geto had affected him a lot due to them splitting when Geto changed sides and betrayed him.

gojo and geto in manga

Gojo is a strong-willed character with his dark past when he killed Geto along with their friendship for the sake of saving humans from his ploy to eliminate the entire race. Through the betrayal and unknown facts about Geto’s body and brain being used by someone other, his character goes through a lot of physical and emotional turmoil and conflicts that make him suffer and sacrifice his few close and dear ones.

While returning Yuta’s ID to him, Gojo says, “he is my best friend, my one and only.” he treasures his lost friendship and the best friendship he ever had with an arrogant smile that he always wears. His outlook never lets anyone suspect his experience and maturity in his life.

Gojo teasing nanami

Given his past betrayal, his unshakeable friendship with Nanami shows his resilient friendship and respect for his fellow sorcerers. While introducing Nanami to Itadori, he acts with his signature carefree outlook while siding with Itadori when they both agree how Nanami is dark and more adult than both of them combined.

We see a fun side of Gojo Satoru every time he is with anyone, whether it's a curse or his students. His trust and guidance and idiotic moments with Itadori shown in the Juju Stroll are laughable and sweet. His irritating behaviour and quirks with Nanami with his whims as usual give us a great comic relief as the series progresses.

Despite the hardships, and failed friendships, come what may, he had kept a strong front of being a quirky, humorous and sarcastic teacher who is more like a friend with insanely strong talent and powers.

Him getting along with his students, deciding the colour of Yuji’s collar, treating them after clearing a mission, getting them excited and enraged at the same time, Gojo Satoru is an extremely unique character with very rare expressions of his true self but mostly he hides it under his sarcastic sense of humour, blunt quirks and arrogance to show off.

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