5 Most Popular The Promised Neverland Characters

Life is very good at Grace Field as all the orphans are like siblings and even though they have no parents they have a ‘mama’ who takes care of them. They are a big happy family connected with love not blood. But one day,  Emma and Norman discover the truth behind the orphans so called deeds.

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The three main characters of the anime

In The Promised Neverland Grace Field House, a home for orphans is the place where a lot of good deeds are done. Life is very good at Grace Field as all the orphans are like siblings and even though they have no parents they have a ‘mama’ who takes care of them.

They are a big happy family connected with love, not blood. But one day,  Emma and Norman discover the truth behind the orphan's so-called deeds. Facing the challenges, the kids need to work to change their predestined fate.

While all of the Promised Neverland Characters have their own charm, several have emerged as clear fan favourites.

#5 Mom Isabella

Mom Isabella, one of the cruelest character
Mom Isabella

Mom Isabella, known to the orphan kids as their mom, is a thirty-one-year-old woman who takes care of the kids and makes meals for them is considered to be a very loving, fun, kind and considerate woman.

Every kid at Grace Field thought she was a woman with a heart full of love and someone who would always have their backs. But instead, she turned out to be very cunning, manipulative and the sole reason behind their predestined fate.

She is a part of the whole program of raising orphan kids as meat for their species known as demons.

In spite of her current position, she was raised in a similar kind of orphanage and had an ID number 73584. She is the complete opposite of loving and generous. She shows much detachment from the kids’ horrible fate.

#4 Sister Krone

Isabella's helper, Sister Krone
Sister Krone

She is known to the children as ‘sister krone’ and is Isabella’s helper. Even though her current position gives her a good life she still aims to become the next mama of the orphanage, the Grace House Field. Just like Isabella, she was born and raised in an orphanage.

She is extremely cunning, manipulative and aggressive on the inside but she portrays herself to be a kind and loving person on the outside to become the next mama of the orphanage.

But unlike Isabella, Krone is an extremely short-tempered and aggressive woman which relates to her attire.

In order to frame Isabella she even tried to release the kids from the orphanage by leaking information to Emma and Norman but was ultimately killed by Isabella and ‘Grandma’.

#3 Emma

Emma, the oldest at grace house field

Emma is an eleven-year-old and one of the three oldest kids living at the grace house field. She is a very bright student and aces every test with flying colours and gets perfect scores on daily tests.

She is known for her optimistic and positive attitude. Identified by her ID number 63194, she does well in athletics too.

She is the one who discovers the truth about the orphanage when she visits Conny and finds him dead.

She teams up with Norman and Ray to escape the orphanage. Extremely strong-witted and confident, her most beautiful trait is her selflessness. She wanted everyone to escape together and get out of that wretched place.

#2 Ray

Ray helping in the escape plan

Ray is also an eleven-year-old and one of the three kids who helped in the escape plan. Just like Emma, he is a model student and gets good marks in his daily exams.

Identified by ID number 81194, he is very cunning and extremely intellectual. He is the only biological child of the caretaker ‘mama’ Isabella and hence, he never faced any problems, like, amnesia in the orphanage.

Ray becomes Isabella’s spy in order to get goods from her and a promise from her that he, Emma and Norman could live their lives to the fullest. He pledged to six years of his life to Isabella but then, Emma and Norman discover the truth.

As Isabella betrays him, he just becomes a trump card. But with Emma and Norman on his side, he promises to never give up and moves forward.

#1 Norman

Norman, the three year old kid

Norman is also one of the three oldest kids living at Grace House Field. He is also an eleven-year-old and gets good grades in daily exams. Identified by his ID number 22194, he is known for being smart and a strategic planner.

He is even a great player in the game of tag. After he discovers the truth about the house, with Emma he decides to free everyone from the oncoming hell they were about to face.

He teams up with Emma and Ray and makes a plan in order to save everyone even though it was next to impossible, but his love for Emma pushes him to try harder and never give up.

As he was the smartest among everyone, he is the first one to find out that Ray was Isabella’s spy. He even prepares some backup plans. As Ray is betrayed by Isabella, Norman is forcefully shipped to a new place before his twelfth birthday.

But instead, he is sent to a different centre where he finds various hideouts and even a way to wipe out all the demons. The Promised Neverland is a horrific yet beautiful story which talks about friendship.

With the amazing, Promised Neverland characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, every fan had a reason to cheer them on.

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