The Naive Mr. Lu Manga: Plot Explained!

Lu Ningning furiously says, “Master Zong I regarded you as my brother but you pervert just wanted to sleep with me!”

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The Naive Mr Lu Manga

Disguised as a man, Lu Ningning attracts a bunch of girls due to her gentleman index on max and her prince charming smile leveled up!

Women are constantly surrounding her and men are getting mercilessly bent toward her presence. Life Motto: As long as the hoe is dancing well, there is not a single boyfriend that she can’t steal!

Zong Jize, regarded as the king of the city, treats her as his brother but he ends up pushing her in the bed?

Lu Ningning furiously says, “Master Zong I regarded you as my brother but you pervert just wanted to sleep with me!”

The Naive Mr. Lu is a romantic manga where the female protagonist had to disguise herself as a man to find her disappeared brother.

She fled especially from France and returned to China where her father and brother lived.

Many problems encounter in her way, but will she succeed and find her brother?


After her twin brother disappeared suddenly, she had to disguise herself as a man and take over her brother’s place.

However, things weren’t easy as she imagined.

On one hand, her family members try hard to find her in trouble, while on the other hand, the children of her stepmother find ways to seize the power.

She has to regain her power to run the company and investigate the truth behind the disappearance of her brother.

Here, Zong Jize seems to be the number one suspect.

She tries to approach him with purpose, but instead, this man actually falls in love with her!

The Naive Mr Lu Manga

The main characters in the manga The Naive Mr. Lu includes

  1. Lu Ningning
  2. Zong Jize

The Plot of The Naive Mr. Lu

Suddenly a young man appeared with a suitcase and stood right before his father (Lu Guohua). He looks exactly like his son.

Could it be that his lost son Lu Yining returned? That young man instantly shakes off his head. Then who is he?

The father was shocked to see his daughter standing right in front of him disguised as a man.

She’s is Lu Ningning, the twin sister of Lu Yining and they look exactly alike.

The Naive Mr Lu Manga
Naive Mr. Lu

It has been 13 years since their father and mother got divorced and separated.

The father hasn’t seen his daughter for all these years as she returned with her mother and fled to France.

But instead, the father is worried about his daughter’s gender!

His beloved daughter has turned into a boy?! What did she experience in all these years?

They too had a perfect family of four. But suddenly 13 years ago their parents split up, the father and son leaving beside each other and the mother and the daughter fled to France together.

Ningning’s and Yining’s father spent his life developing the RM’s (their own company) new messaging software, but due to fierce competition, the company was about to collapse.

Luckily, Yining collaborated with the world’s No 1 phone brand, Cerru (founder- Zong Jize).

However, at the crucial moment, Yining disappeared and all the plans of RM got delayed.

The father had to take the help of his ex-wife and ask their daughter to return to him.

He didn’t expect to see a boy standing in front of his eyes instead of a lovely, and precious daughter.

Did she undergo surgery? Ningning realizes and understands why her father is staring with such a depressed look.

She says that she’s his precious daughter and her gender is safe, she didn’t undergo any surgery. He’s is relieved to hear this and hugs his daughter tightly.

He then tells the whole story of when his brother disappeared.

The project in collaboration with Cerru was only the last hope, but Yining disappeared suddenly.

Cerru’s president- Zong Jize dislikes changing contacts in the middle of a project. She asks her father what she needs to do.

He has a plan but she also needs to find her brother. So what’s the truth behind her brother’s sudden disappearance? Could it be related to Zong Jize?

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