12 Most *Heart Wrenching* Deaths In K-Dramas

K-dramas have gorgeous and relaxing rom-com sequences. But there is no doubting that K-drama has produced some of the most heinous sobbing deaths.

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The fantastic thing about Korean dramas is how they introduce you to wonderful main and supporting characters...and then kill them off as huge plot twists!

There could be a terrible ailment that is incurable. There could be a psychopathic villain who enjoys murdering. There could also be unexpected automobile wrecks or an explosion that catches you off guard.

Character deaths in Korean drama series are inevitable, but that doesn't make the heartbreak any less painful. The emotions are palpable, and sequences like the ones detailed below are what make K-dramas so moving.

12. Pong Woon Ho- 20th Century Girl

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Woon Ho, the film's main romantic lead, passes away at the conclusion of the narrative. The fact that he passed away by the end made the fans very sad.

What hurts them more was that Bora didn't find out about his passing until she was forty years old.

Following the exhibition, Woon Hoo's brother invited Bo Ra to pay her respects and hold the event in Woon Ho's honour.

11. Ko Mi Ho- Big Mouth

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The plot centres on Park Chang-ho, an ineffective attorney with a success rate of less than 10% who finds himself involved in a murder investigation.

He soon discovers that he has been accused of being the infamous con artist Big Mouse, and he must work to clear his name.

YoonA's persona In the course of trying to thwart the enemy's plans from the outside, Go Mi Ho passed away from lymphatic cancer.

10. Seung Joon in -Crash Landing On You

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Alberto, the charming second lead, must be on this list. His horrible end was unnecessary as he progressed from a deceitful conman to a man who gave himself for love.

Seung Jun had one of the best character developments in K-Drama history, even if it was cliché.

We sympathised with him as we learned more about his past, but they ended his character with a horrific yet heroic death.

9. Jang Han Seo’s Death -Vincenzo

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The story of Vincenzo has received a lot of praise. The drama depicted Vincenzo and Han Seo's friendship based on love rather than blood.

We were all moved to tears by Han Seo's sacrifice for his "Hyung," and the thought of our good son dying in that way broke our hearts.

8. Kim Moo-Young & Yoo Jin Kang - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

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Both main characters die defending each other from the sacrifice for genuine love, which is one of the novel's most tragic endings—today's Romeo and Juliet.

Nothing we say about the performance can express the emotional rollercoaster we went through; the play took a terrible turn, and we couldn't help but be overwhelmed by such an unexpected and abrupt ending.

7. Cha Yu-Ri’s Death -Hi Bye, Mama!

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Now, Cha Yu-death Ri's isn't spectacular in and of itself, but the story revolves around it. The drama is centred on the trauma and aftermath of her death.

The show is unique in terms of learning about the lives of those who knew the deceased.

4Death ends the plot of a TV show or reality show, but it does not end the story for the people surrounding them.

6. Bong Yi’s Grandmother And Father Ko’s Deaths -Mouse

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The deaths of both these minor but important individuals served as a catalyst for the main protagonists now that Mouse is a highly anticipated and exciting drama.

Because the central theme of the drama is losing your closest friends and seeking vengeance for them, these sequences were exaggerated, as they should be.

5. Hae Soo’s Death - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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This drama is similar to "Game of Thrones" in terms of deaths. One of the show's most heartbreaking episodes.

Fans of the show had been clamouring for a second season for a long time, but Hae Soo's tragic death during childbirth shocked viewers, and she died in her own time as well.

4. Lee Rang -The Tale Of Nine-Tailed

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Lee Rang is the most well-known evil-turned-good character. Lee Rang gave his life for his brother, and as he faded away, we could see tears in his eyes, but all we could think about was his journey from being a youngster yearning for a family to seeing his family race to save him, cling on. Please allow me to get my tissues.

3. Shin Joon Young -Uncontrollably Fond

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The death of the character of Kim Woo Bin, known as Shin Joon Young, who succumbed to an illness after giving up some romance goals, was one of the most dramatic and heartbreaking moments in K-Drama.

Unfortunately, after the drama ended, Kim Woo Bin became ill and was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer, and he has not appeared since.

2. Han Sung’s Death -Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

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Taehyung, a well-known actor who made his acting debut on this show, plays Han sang. He sacrificed himself for the sake of the show's central theme of brotherhood.

We noticed him approaching Moo Myung, the character played by Park Seo Joon. The episode also features Park Hyung Sik and Shinee Minho.

1. Ji Eun Tak -Goblin

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Our goblin bride gave us one of the most breathtaking twists of fate, and we're still reeling from it. Ji Eun Tak commits suicide in the final episode while on the phone with our Goblin, Kim Shin.

This couldn't be a more dreadful scene. If you're looking for a good recommendation, this drama has a lot of twists and turns.

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