The Last Of Us: The Best Game Adaptation To Date

"There are a million ways we should’ve died before today and a million ways we can die before tomorrow. But we fight, for every second we get to spend with each other. Whether it’s two minutes or two days, we don’t give that up. I don’t want to give that up.” – Riley in Left Behind DLC

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The Last of Us is not only regarded as the best video game adaptation in the industry, but it also can rank among the best Hollywood adaptations.

Hollywood producers and filmmakers have already taken notice of the game's compelling narrative and complicated characters, and a television adaptation is presently in development.

The video game business has already recognized The Last of Us as a masterpiece. Thanks to its gripping story, complex characters, and rich world-building, it has all the ingredients for an engaging film version.

One of the greatest video game adaptations in Hollywood history could result from this project.

The narrative of the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the majority of people have been obliterated by a deadly fungal outbreak.

Joel and Ellie, the primary characters, are tasked with flying across the nation to present a potential treatment to a team of researchers.

They encounter numerous obstacles and conflicts with other survivors along the road, each with its own goals and agendas.

The game is ideally suited for a film adaptation because of its cinematic approach to narrative and world-building.

Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, and Resident Evil are just a few video game versions that have succeeded in Hollywood.

The Last of Us, on the other hand, presents a special chance for a more character-driven adaptation that might appeal to both players and moviegoers.

Above And Beyond The Tale

Two old men holding each others hand
Bill and Frank holding hands

It's worth noting that episode three's Bill and Frank plot represents the largest departure from The Last of Us game, even though many viewers—including ourselves—have already discussed how it differs from the game in numerous ways. Simply stated, in The Last of Us, Bill is not only already dead when Joel and Ellie discover him (which is a significant change in and of itself), but most of this episode is devoted to highlighting the friendship between Bill and Frank.

Though we don't see any of those things happen in the game, and Bill and Frank have already broken up by the time we meet Bill, some of those things might have been included.

Although this episode was almost entirely original, it may ultimately be seen as a sign of things to come even though it is arguably the show's best work (although not everyone agrees).

More episodes like this one ought to be forthcoming, it seems reasonable given that we recently discovered that The Last of Us' second season will significantly alter The Last of Us Part 2.

Stuck To Original Character Designs

An infected human with fungus growing out of its head

The production design, locations, and costumes, all thanks to costume designer Cynthia Summers, are some of the factors that make the program successful.

The costumes for the show span from the initial 2003 outbreak to the present, indicating that the "breakdown department," in charge of aging and distressing clothes, was hard at work.

The show centers on the relationship between Joel and Ellie as they travel through a depressing post-pandemic landscape.

Early set photos and videos demonstrate how accurately the program has recreated the settings and outfits from the original video game.

Barrie Gower, the show's prosthetics designer, recently expressed his enthusiasm for designing the monsters for the series and teased that they will be true to the first game.

The Last of Us will be faithfully adapted, but Mazin and Druckmann have also hinted at some mind-blowing new elements and scenes that were previously eliminated from the game that will be added to the program.

Great Performance By The Cast

A man and a girl in a degrading city
Joel and Ellie

Casting a live-action novel adaption is challenging. Even more difficult is casting a video game-based live-action adaptation.

Fans arrive with an established mental picture in mind. Even though computer images and motion capture hid the actual performers' faces, they had already seen other actors playing their favorite roles.

Pascal and Ramsey make the perfect Joel and Ellie, adding their quirks to the characters that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, the game's performers, made famous in the 2013 PlayStation release.

They provide a solid foundation for the rest of the ensemble, which includes actors who appeared in the original game as well as impersonators of wholly new characters and others who are practically exact replicas of their game counterparts.

The result is a faithful but creative rendition that wouldn't have been possible without the cast's help.

Like the first video game, The Last of Us on HBO came to an end, leaving us to reflect on the ethically dubious actions that the protagonists took to survive in their vicious and deadly environment.

Finally, Hollywood appears to be able to give these video game storylines right.

Game adaptations are incredibly popular, as evidenced by the success of Netflix's Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Arcane: League of Legends, and The Last of Us.

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