The King’s Affection Kdrama: To Stream or to Skip?

The King’s Affection Kdrama is it worth watching?

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The King’s Affection Kdrama starting airing and replaced Police University Kdrama. The KBS drama was making quite a buzz because of Park Eun Bin and Ro Woon. The period Kdrama has a lot of expectations from fans but is the drama worth watching or skipping; let’s find out.

The King’s Affection Episode 1 was quite frankly super slow and boring. You can’t help skipping tons of scenes if you have low patience watching historical dramas. Episode 1 established all the major characters (played by some of the child actors) and gave a glimpse of what’s coming in Episode 2.

The King’s Affection episode 1 started with the crown princesses giving birth to twins; a boy and a girl. Under the orders from the King and according to the superstitions, the girl child was ordered to be killed. Pretty brutal if you ask, being twins is not big of a crime.

The Princess and her trusted associates were able to hide the fact that the girl child was alive and faked her death. When the King’s trusted man also the princess’s father came to check, the child was not breathing. The newborn girl child was almost dead; pretty ill foreshadowing if you think about it.

Some years later, the child grows up. Prince Lee Hwi meets his twin sister who works as a palace maid. After a string of circumstances, they swap clothes and places to go out. Totally a wrong move; just nothing left to say, drama logic.

The crown princess hears about her twin daughter from her son. She forbids him to mention her and keep a distance from her, but we all know how that will go. The prince wanted to go outside to meet his mentor who is getting beheaded for some sort of treason. Oh well, the conspiring minister aka crown princess’s dad orders to kill the twin girl. Wow, totally no mercy for his own granddaughter. RIP the ACTUAL PRINCE.

The hitman mistakenly kills the prince who swapped places with her sister. Poor guy didn’t even know that was her sister. More absurd drama logic to follow, the crown princess decides to make her daughter the prince.  Two minutes of silence for the crazy decision and weird logic.

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The very much healthy crown princess suddenly passes away. This was quite uncalled for. The girl who had a crush on a guy (aka killer’s son) had a sad goodbye.  Ofcourse, they will reunite some years later, that we gotta wait.

There’s a time skip, 10 years later, Prince Lee is getting reading for a hunt with her (his) scheming uncle and cousins (probably). The sky uncle using his not so decent archery skills takes an aim at the prince and messes her hair. The uncle keeps wondering why the prince looks like a woman. Duh, coz she’s a woman.

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The last few seconds of The King’s Affection episode 2 showed the entry of Ro Woon, the ML and the girl’s childhood crush. What will happen next can only be revealed next week on  The King’s Affection episode 3.

The King’s Affection Kdrama suddenly had a boost up or something. Episode 1 was quite slow-paced but episode 2 was faster than Flash. The King’s Affection is available on Netflix from Monday-Tuesday. Feel free to stream or skip it, or wait to binge it on one go. The drama was nothing special and seemed not so interesting. Historical dramas have their own charm, but quite frankly episodes 1 and 2 of The King’s Affection was quite disappointing. Hope the Kdrama will improve from episode 3!  

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