The Ghostly Doctor Manga Explained: Mesmerizing, Genius & Weird!

Regardless, many anime and manga fans have been drawn to the beauty of Manhua, finding them either refreshing or as something else entirely, one of them is The Ghostly Doctor

The Ghostly Doctor Manga

As an epitome of beautiful Manhua with stunningly gorgeous illustrations and an ever-intriguing story is The Ghostly Doctor series. Manhua is an up-and-coming culture of its own. To those who are not fully aware, these are Chinese comics given birth in China.

They resemble Manga quite closely, while also being completely unique in their own special way. Regardless, many anime and manga fans have been drawn to the beauty of Manhua, finding them either refreshing or as something else entirely, one of them is The Ghostly Doctor.

Known by multiple names including Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor, Extremely Enchanting: Ghost Doctor Supreme, Ghost Doctor Phoenix Nine and Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu.

This mesmerizing work first appeared as a novel series written by Feng Gui sensei, with over 5000 chapters under it, and has been concluded as of now. The Ghostly Doctor premiered in 2016, under the Publisher Qidian, Yunqi.

The Ghostly Doctor manga

The Novel was popular enough to get its own Manhua in 2017, written by Yuan man Dongman Sensei and published by AC.QQ. There are currently over 250 chapters, still ongoing.

The story turns to a ghostly leader of a modern organization, hidden in nature. This mastermind gathers geniuses of almost every known skill set under the flag while being highly skilled oneself.

With expert proficiency in medicine and poisons, the execution of even covert assassinations was a breeze. While being seen as insane and demonic by normal people, the prodigy is killed in an accident and then reborn in the body of a disfigured but young girl.

This girl, named Feng Jiu is now the main focus of the story. Feng Jiu is hardworking and not fazed in the eyes of defeat, as she keeps pushing forward with a resilient attitude. In addition, she is smart, resourceful, bold, independent, focused, determined, elegant, charming, and a woman of enchanting beauty.

The other side of this coin?

Feng Jiu can be devilish, arrogant, changeable as the weather, short-tempered, domineering, intimidating, ruthless, and a master of deceit and trickery.

Neither her disfigured face nor stolen identity at the start can stop her from seeking revenge on the one who dared harm her predecessor who inhabited that very body before her.

Even if without a family Feng Jiu could possibly turn to, she vows to live up to her previous life’s reputation. Unyielding and headstrong, she seeks to dominate over all the turmoil put before her.

Dressed in alluring red, armed with only her sword and her particular skill set, her name spreads like wildfire as she shakes the world she was reborn into. Spanning the settings of the Nebula academy, Phoenix Empire, and Hell’s Palace, the Manhua feature Magical artifacts, Cultivations, various Beasts, pills, and elixirs.


The bigger picture?

It’s the Universum. The story of The Ghostly Doctor explores how it is the norm everywhere, that the weak are bullied while the strong prevail over them.As such the protagonist relies solely on her own strength. Proving her strength, she is recognized and acknowledged by the world.

If she remained weak, she would be ignored and discarded. Regardless, Feng Jiu is strong enough to not prey on those weaker than her.

The Ghostly Doctor

Thus, there is an aura of kindness about her, though perhaps it is more often than not drowned out by her devilish aura. This makes her an intriguing and just protagonist that viewers can come to respect and love. On a side note, it also features beautiful romance! Sounds good enough yet?

If you love your Manhua, feast your eyes on this astonishingly gorgeous The Ghostly Doctor series ASAP!

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