The Devil Judge Kdrama Ending Explained

What happens in the Finale of The Devil Judge Kdrama? Is Kang Yo Han Dead?

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The Devil Judge had a grand finale where Ji Sung and Jin Young truly shined. The Kdrama became memorable for fans as Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han and Jin Young as Ga On nailed their roles.

The unexpected twist of The Devil Judge episode 15 made fans somewhat angry and lash out at Ga On as he betrays Yo Han, only to be played by Jung Sun A. The Devil Judge finale could never have been better and delivered a perfect ending for fans. The ending did seem confusing so here’s The Devil Judge Ending Explained and what went down!

Episode 16

Things took a drastic turn when Jung A flipped her cards and got Yo Han arrested. Kang Yo Han landed in jail, whereas Kim Ga On was severely devastated by his mentor’s betrayal. It was one of the most shocking events of the Devil Judge Kdrama, but more twists are yet to come. A brave Ga On goes undercover on the farm to collect evidence, meanwhile, Team Yo Han have their own plans.

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After stopping Ga On from blowing Min Jung Ho and himself into pieces, Yo Han makes a dashing entry and resurrects from the dead. Yo Han holds the very last trial where all the corrupts are gathered in the live court as planned by Yo Han. Turns out Yo Han has plans to bomb the entire place locked up and joining them together for the afterlife. Or is it really?

In a shocking turn of events, Yo Han discloses the dirty deed of the foundation and joins them at the venue for the final judgement. With the craziness going down, Jung A shoots Heo Joong Se. Good riddance one might say. Although expected, Jung A declares her final love for Yo Han and shoots herself.

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Does Kang Yo Han Die?

With the timer ticking and the people going crazy fighting for a way out, Yo Han pulls the trigger and baam! The bomb detonates and everyone dies. A distraught Ga On looks desperately for Yo Han but to no avail.  Is Kang Yo Han really dead this time? well, fans will definitely be upset if Yo Han really died.

Kang Yo Han is much smarter than this and had a very lat card saved. Moments before the detonation, he kicked Ga On out of the room and becomes the martyr through his death. Turns out Kang Yo Han is not dead.

He had investigated the live court and looked for secret tunnels and ways for exit to escape without a scratch. He had planned it for a very long time it seems. Gotta give it to Yo Han for his ingenious escape plan. Turns out after everything is over Yo Han wanted to take Elijah overseas for treatment.

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Yo Han was successful in taking care of the high society trash, planned his death and became the villain. According to his plan, Ga On became the “Light” (hero) that the people deserved. After the commotion, people might forget about the Devil Judge Kim Yo Han and he just disappeared like he never existed.

Change is not that easy to bring.  Kang Yo Han might have taken care of the foundation and the trash, but new people will replace them in the future. The aftermath of the explosion shows a new committee (people) in power holding discussion, but unwilling to learn or change.

Ga On presents his version of the truth, but the old fogies are least interested. In a surprising moment, Kang Yo Han whispers into a distracted Ga On and tells him to do well. To make sure the Devil Judge has to never come back. Ga On comes back to his senses and chases after Yo Han and sees him from a distance.

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The way The Devil Judge ended, it kept a possibility of a new season in the future. Certainly, this chapter is closed, but the way the society is going, who knows the Devil Judge might be back. Ji Sung really breathed life into the character of Kang Yo Han, the necessary evil of the show.