The Deathless: A World that You’ve Never explored

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Many questions arise when we hear the word- Deathless.

Can anyone really survive without dying? Is there any creature who never dies? Are they more dangerous than demons?

When we hear deathless we imagine many creatures like deadly monsters, vampires, demons, etc. But have you ever heard of Grim Reapers?

If you like to read fantasies then you’re on the right page.

Mythology says, if you die or you’re about to die then you most probably see a Grim Reaper.

These creatures take your soul from your body when you’re about to die.

They’re described to have a cloaked skeleton-like body structure carrying a scythe. These are the personification of death.

But what if we add more fantasies to our Grim Reapers?

The Deathless is a fantasy romance comic that personifies the unexplored world of Grim Reapers.

They look like normal humans unlike with some specialties- have very fair skin, very tall, and super handsome.

And most importantly, they carry swords to take away the souls of dying people.

Living life as an ordinary girl, Mian Lian is unaware of her true identity.

She possesses the eyes of death that can see the death rate of people. Even though she’s troubled, she cannot die.

Hearing her cries, the god of death i.e. the Grim reaper- Zouye Changyuan comes for her. But why he is unable to kill her?

What will happen between a girl who desires to die and the god of death who cannot kill her?

Does Mian Lian possess extraordinary abilities other than the eyes of death?

Is it a Curse or a Blessing?

Mian Lian was born with the ability to see the death rate of people. She can see the numbers which tell when that person is going to die.

The red color indicates that death is near while the orange color indicates the safer zone.

If anyone by mistake touches her, the death rate of that person increases to 100 which itself means death.

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Lian was raised alone by her mother. She was a cheerful, and carefree girl in her childhood.

But in junior high school, she started to see weird numbers on people.

This was the time she developed the ability to see death rates.

Due to this she lost two of her best friends, and her mother, and was left alone to suffer.

She tried to do suicide many times but doesn’t have the access to death, i.e. she cannot die.

Why is Mian Lian left alone in this world to suffer intense pain?

When the god of death tried to take her soul, why did she absorb his sword?

Does Mian Lian have a connection to the world of Grim Reapers?

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The Unexplored World of the Grim Reaper

If you think the world of reapers is a black sky with those scary bats, dried trees, some dead bodies, a river of blood, and a haunted castle, then you’re wrong.  

Zouye Changyuan is the son of the king of Grim reapers. He’s the next descendant of the throne.

They usually survive by absorbing powers from the special food which is grown only on reapers mainland.

They even celebrate parties that are similar to the human world.

Zouye Changyuan always desired to prove to his father that he is capable to rule their world and taking responsibility.

To prove his father, he visits Mian Lian who tries to suicide but fails every time.

When Zouye offers to help Lian by killing her with his sword, she absorbs his sword. This never happens with an ordinary human.

Then who exactly is Mian Lian? Some mysteries are purposely kept hidden from Zouye by his father.

What if that’s related to Mian Lian’s true identity?

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