The Beginning After The End Manga: Complete Review, Second Chance In Another World
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The Beginning After The End Manga: Complete Review, Second Chance In Another World

The Beginning After The End Manga: Complete Review, Second Chance In Another World

The Beginning After the End Manga is one of the best isekai that one should read. King Grey has absolute strength in the martial world.Even after achieving all the glory and fame now he is devoid  of any story of passion. The king got reborn in a magical world as a child. He is Reincarnated  as Arthur Lewin.Arthur is set to go on a new journey with his past experiences as an adventure intact.

The Beginning After the End Manga in the story later arthur is saved by a king dragon who is very caring towards arthur but later on she dies. This is turning point in his life which makes him sincere.Delving further, in the story, he ginds elf kingdom princess Elenoir and after that he starts his new journey.

The Beginning After the End manga

The Beginning After The End Manga Characters

Arthur Leywin

Arthur is the main protagonist of the series and he is the son of  Reynolds. He is quite sharp despite his age as he is reincarnated into this magical world. As he grew up he began to be popular between girls and h encounters several young girls during his adventures and some of them also have crush on Arthur a bit for example Tessia and Lilia are the most prominent one.

Arthur as a character is quite likeable. The story also follows the traditional way of saving people. It is quite dramatic too and watching it keeps us entertained.

Born as Arthur Leywin, Arthur had short auburn brown hair, and large bright azure eyes and as he grew up his facial expressions and features also changed. He became more handsome than before.

Once he had returned from Elenoir, to Xyrus city in Sapin their arthur has haircut which made him look more dashing due to his hair fangs.

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Reynolds Leywin

He is a the father of arthur lewin and the husband of alice lewin. He is very charismatic and have a good jaw-line. He is quite compatible in fighting and teaches Arthur a lot of stuff.

Alice Leywin

She had distinct color about her hairs and she also got brown coloured eyes which are quite beautiful. She is also a very warm and gentle person. She used to work Valden in a Guild House and she was given the duty to conduct the exams in Adventure Hall.

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Eleanor Leywin

Eleanor is the daughter of Alice Leywin and Reynolds Leywin and she is the only daughter they have. She is also the sister of the main protagonist Arthur Lewin. She is very kind hearted just like her mother.

The Beginning After the End Manga arthur


The Beginning After the End Manga author not only tells about arthur’s past but also the loneliness that he faced and how he overcome it. Further into the story his character takes a lot new developments.

The way in which author tells about mana and all the magical stuff in a brief and elongated manner is quite appreciated. Anyone who is a fan of reincarnation manga will love this.