The Beginning After The End Manga: Complete Review, Second Chance In Another World

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The Beginning After the End Manga is one of the best Isekai that one should read. King Grey has absolute strength in the martial world.

Even after achieving all the glory and fame now, he is devoid of any story of passion.

The king got reborn in a magical world as a child. He is Reincarnated as Arthur Lewin.

Arthur is set to go on a new journey with his past experiences as an adventure intact.

In the Beginning After the End Manga, Arthur is saved by a king dragon who is very caring towards Arthur but later on, she dies.

This is a turning point in his life which makes him sincere. Delving further, in the story, he finds the elf kingdom princess Elenoir and starts his new journey.

Who does Arthur Leywin end up with?

Tessia is Arthur's childhood friend and current love interest.

When Arthur was four, he was lost in the Forest of Elshire in Elenoir and accidentally came across a five-year-old Tessia kidnapped by slave traders.

As Arthur followed the slave traders and watched them closely, he successfully carried out a plan for the elf princess Tessia's escape.

happy moments of a couple

After about an hour of consoling Tessia, he agreed to help her and escort her back to her kingdom safely.

During their one-week travel, they slowly began to grow closer and started learning more about their respective races.

Arthur has finally returned his feelings to Tessia, believing that he had always had these feelings for her but was only trying to force them down.

They have now made a promise to survive the war and start a relationship and family.

What type of aether does Arthur have?

Aether is originally known to have 3 different types. Those are

Spatium, or space aether,
Vivum, or the aether of life, and
Aevum, time aether

Arthur creates his aether core. He is shown manipulating aether, something previously thought impossible, and using it like mana.

Upon discovering his new power, Arthur learns that the race of ancient mages, the djinn, who created the portals and the underground city in Dicathen, could manipulate the aether as they wished.

So far he’s only cleared 1 and already has 3 Godrunes, a 2 layer core, and even 2 Relics, by the time he clears all 4 he will have *at least* 6 Godrunes (from the 3 keystones he’ll get), a 3 layer core (based on the required Aether from Sylvie’s Stone) and probably more Relics either from the tombs or by restoring a dead one, and the purity of his Aether goes higher as the capacity so the efficiency will only increase, even if his new spells become more complex and draining, they will be that much more potent and he already can teleport, rewind time and destroy existence.

Who dies in the beginning after the end?

Reynolds Leywin

Reynolds termed Arthur a hypocrite since he has to fight in the war but refuses to fight with Alice.

Arthur realizes he can't enslave his parents, but his love for his family prevents him from acknowledging it.

They finally met at The Wall, where Reynolds was killed by a mana beast.


During the fight with Cadell, a scythe, and Elijah Knight, Nico Sever's reincarnation, Sylvie sacrificed herself for Arthur.

She handed Arthur her physical body before transforming into a translucent rainbow stone, which most likely held her soul.


Virion's close buddy Elder Buhnd was later appointed as one of the council members following Rahdeas' betrayal.

Buhnd was mortally wounded by scythe Cadell after Alduin Eralith led the enemy into the fortress through the transportation gate.


Following a horrible bloodbath, the Vritra left Alea as the last to die, dismembering her right arm and both legs before brutally sealing the wounds with fire.

Alduin Eralith

During the conflict, Alduin deals with the opposing side and secretly betrays the country.

The enemy, however, did not keep their word and killed him along with the other king.


The Beginning After the End Manga author not only tells about Arthur’s past but also the loneliness that he faced and how he overcome it.

Further, in the story, his character takes a lot of new developments.

The way in which author tells about mana and all the magical stuff in a brief and elongated manner is quite appreciated.

Anyone who is a fan of reincarnation manga will love this.