Review of the song That That, PSY ft. SUGA of BTS | PSY Come-Back in style!

PSY announces his comeback with the newly released song, “That That,” featuring SUGA (Min Yoongi) of BTS.

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psy and suga standing on the roof of the car

PSY announces his comeback with the newly released song, “That That,” featuring SUGA (Min Yoongi) of BTS. At the start of the song, it opens with Park Jai Sung opening a door, smelling the air of his comeback, stating the current year asking with the famous catchy line, “Long time no see, huh.”

With its upbeat music coordinated with hipster dance moves, the entire song is about being free in the post-pandemic era and letting ourselves do what the heart wants. Adapting to the new normal and reverting our lives to the mainstream, the way it used to be, with great mental turmoil and pressure, the song sounds crazy with its upbeat and chaotic rhythms that announce PSY’s comeback gallantly.

The line, “we’re back to laughing, crying, living, loving, let’s get loco,” shows the singer’s energy to inspire people to get crazy again now that the threat is over, and with his comeback, the vibes are better so people can have more fun.

Lyrics of That that

In the next paragraph, PSY sings the lyrics that suggest that he had been missing the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets where people’s distinct chatter could be heard rather than being locked up in their homes and relying on their digital presence to stay connected throughout.

He had “been aching all over” to get back the taste of the typical mainstream life that used to keep us on our toes before the pandemic hit. He mentions the famous “Gangnam” in these lyrics that got him famous worldwide, and now with his comeback, people should be celebrating their post-pandemic lives and his response.

SUGA from BTS makes an iconic entry into the MV

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SUGA makes his iconic entry with the jump that breaks the song into another part. He starts with “Bruh, you forget what I do for a living?” stating that he had got to the stage with his hard work and BTS. “still withstanding the test of time,” saying how much he had worked hard is stepping towards higher success.

He devotes the line, “To everyone i’ve longed and longed for,” to the Army, who are die-hard stans of BTS. The song is filled with iconic catchphrases to fuel the motivation of living into us. Lines like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” made them convey to their fans that no matter what they have been through because the pandemic has made everyone mentally drained with the death tolls and depressing songs.

“Haters gonna hate, players gonna play,” another iconic line that is flung into the music to increase the depth of the With the threat now out of reach, the singers are trying to motivate their listeners into a better world with better vibes and freedom to “do what to wanna, say what you wanna.”

The rhythmic beats, craziness in the dance moves, and the crowd dancing behind PSY and SUGA show the carefree and independent people away from the locked-up pandemic that had suffocated the people and made them doubt themselves more.

Through this song, the combined legendary singers help the fans get hyped with PSY’s comeback and featuring SUGA of BTS, which has taken the world with their domination outside the K-pop genre of music.

BTS References In "That That"

1. Haters Gonna Hate, Players Gonna Play

One of the most memorable portions of the lyrics was Suga and RM's identical wordplay, "Haters Gonna Hate, Players Gonna Play." BTS's earlier songs, such as RM's "Do You" and BTS's "Mic Drop," contain the phrase "Haters Gonna Hate, Players Gonna Play." The lyrics of BTS are what set their song apart from others. This was the proof right here.

That That & Do You 
That That & Mic Drop 

2. Daechwita x That That

If you didn't think of the legendary Daechwita music video after watching "That That", you'd be lying to yourself. It's impossible to ignore the resemblance. The same car, the same smirk was comparable to Suga's method of displaying his rap stanza. The music video just got 100 times better thanks to this daechwita reference.

3. The Fire Entry

The similar entry that was in the fire music video as well????? DAMN! DAMN! When Suga makes such an amazing entrance, we know the music video will be legendary.

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