Teenage Mercenary Webtoon Review | Read it or skip it?

Who is Yu Ijin? What will happen to Yu Dayun and Shin Yuna?

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There are so many interesting Webtoons that need to be explored and if you happen to like action series, welcome to Teenage Mercenary Webtoon.

This series is just the one for you!  

The series is created by YC and Rakyeon. Teenage Mercenary releases every Wednesday and currently 17 chapters are available.

Well, if you have Line coins you can access upto 32 chapters. Using Fast pass to read the next 15 chapters which will be made free in 100 days.

Teenage Mercenary | Plot

The protagonist of Teenage Mercenary is Yu Ijin. Due to a plane crash, Yu Ijin separated from his parents and younger sister at the age of 8.

The plane crash made Ijin land in a foreign country where he had to rely on his fighting skills and honed his skills to become a mercenary to survive.

Ijin became a soldier in the special military force.

Years later, Ijin joins a secret rescue mission where he rescues a couple of soldiers including lieutenant Kang Hamchan.

Lieutenant Kang traced Ijin’s family helped him to reunite with his sister Yu Dayun and his grandpa.

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Ijin is a calm and composed guy who barely gets flinched.

He has undergone intense training and can take opponents bigger in size than him.

Ijin is skilled in using different weapons including guns and knives. Ijin doesn’t panic even in the face of danger.

Ijin suffers from nightmares of the plane crash.

Ijin after reuniting with his sister and grandpa experiences peace, happiness and the love of family.

He cares about his sister and grandpa very much.

After attending school, he slowly learns to make friends and normally interact with everyone, although he is still the symbol of mystery and awe at his school.  

Before meeting his family and starting school, Lieutenant Kang taught Ijin everything he needs to know about being a teenager and the life skills needed for an ordinary school guy.

Kang is worried that Ijin might kill someone. Worried much Mr. Kang?!

Mr. Kang cares about Ijin and took care of him like a brother and stays in contact with him, he even bought Ijin the most expensive phone.

However, Ijin receives a new phone from his grandpa and shares the number with Kang. Kang’s entire military team teats Ijin like a brother and worries for him.

Ijin cares about his little sister Yu Dayun. Dayun was the target of bullies at school. She was bullied, abused, and harassed by her classmates.

Those trash and scumbag brother-sister duo had a reckoning when Ijin taught them a lesson.

He exposed senator Kim Inbae and his children (Kim Kisoo and Kim Hee Jin) who later were forced to transfer from the school.        

Ijin’s friend is Park Yeongchan. Yeongchan was the first person who was warm and friendly towards Ijin. He’s also Ijin’s seatmate.

Yeongchan informed Ijin about Dayun’s condition and how she was bullied at school.

Lee Jaehyung and Ju Hyeokjin were bullies who used to harass Yeongchan but gave up later after witnessing Ijin’s fighting skills.

After the Kim siblings leave the school, two new people return back to school.

Koh Sukjoo and Shin Yuna become Ijin’s classmates. Sukjoo is wary of Ijin and feels suspicious of him.

He did a background check and found some proof about Ijin’s past, although not everything, at least not now.

Yuna is good friends with Dayun and thinks that Ijin is not her real brother and is deceiving her.

When Yuna and Dayun meet to talk after a long time, they are kidnapped right in front of Ijin and Sukjoo’s eyes.

What will happen to Dayun and Yuna? Will the Teenage Mercery be successful in rescuing his sister from the clutches of danger?
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