Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 | How Did Lee Yeon Meet Lee Rang?

What will happen to Lee Yeon chasing the Masked Man?

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The 2020 TvN Drama is finally back with the much-awaited Season 2. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1988 starring Lee Dong Wook and Kim Beom as the Gumiho Lee Brothers are back with a blast. Season 1 of Tale of the Nine-Tailed was quite bittersweet with Lee Rang sacrificing his life for his beloved elder brother Lee Yeon.

RIP Rang, we missed you so much. Lee Yeon was reincarnated/ back to life as a Nine-Tailed fox reunited with his dear lover Nam Ji Ah played by Jo Bo Ah. Somehow, Yeon and Ji Ah’s marital life was going smoothly, but an unforeseen disaster may send up Yeon to a place he never ever expected.

With Rang dead, the brother misses his brother but what if he had a chance to meet him again? Would it be possible for Yeon to Meet Rang again, if so how and where?

Gear up with the brotherly bromance of Yeon and Rang played by Dong Wook and Beom with sizzling onscreen chemistry. Of course, the new addition of the Penthouse Kdrama famed Kim So Yeon would be a delight to watch!

What happened to Lee Yeon?

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Things weren’t quite peachy for Lee Yeon, who lost his dear half-brother Lee Rang. It’s weird how Rang and Yeon have a love-hate relationship. No matter, Rang’s sacrifice was quite hurtful in season 1.

Yeon was concerned about why Rang wasn’t reincarnating, to the point he was willing to sign the slave deal with the Afterlife Immigration office Ajhumma (Taluipa). Thankfully, Yeon signed a deal for a lifetime, till his wife is alive and to die with her to be relieved of the duties. Thanks, Yeon for teaching us how never to sign a contract before carefully reading them, life lessons learned.

Unfortunately, the calm and the peace were quite short-lived as an unknown masked man stole a magical stone that maintains the barrier between the living and the dead.

The Masked Man’s intention at this point is quite unknown.  The Afterlife Immigration Office was flooded with departed souls while Yeon and Hyun Ui Ong (Ajhumma’s husband) were trying to defend it, things weren’t great at all.

Given the dire circumstances, Yeon was forced to go seek out the criminal and extract the missing artefact back. Of course, Lee Yeon’s trusted aid Goo Shin Joo followed as well, only to be separated and land in different hell, quite literally.

How did Lee Yeon end up in 1938?

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With a deadline set, Lee Yeon was tasked to fetch the magical stone to bring it back. The only way to get it back is to follow the masked man whose intentions are yet unknown. Unbeknownst to Yeon, he was sent to 1938, the time of the Japanese colonial era. Sucks to be Yeon to get stuck in this era.

Without technology, without his beloved and having to chase a dangerous lunatic along with colonial soldiers is like one stack of problems on another. The only silver lining in this era could be Lee Rang of this timeline. The only catch; of course, Lee Rang would be salty and hostile as hell.

Lee Yeon isn’t on any luck, none at all in 1938. Yeon’s poor luck only to get wrapped up in the bombing case thanks to a look-alike of Ki Yu Ri and get captured by the Japanese soldiers. As if the immortal Nine-Tailed fox has to fear mortal beings.

With a good bloodbath and clean massacre, Lee Yeon has his sights on the weirdly obsessed person with a borderline Brocon. Seriously, Yeon is yet to meet the person he wanted to meet the most, of course after his dear wife.

How did Lee Yeon meet Lee Rang?

Now that Yeon had a clean wipeout of the colonial soldiers, a spitful estranged brother, Lee Rang was yet to greet his dear brother Lee Yeon. With a bit of brotherly love and a lot of grudges, the brothers have a heartfelt encounter, only to be Rang bloodthirsty for Yeon as usual. Like nothing changed in centuries. Lee Yeon, now in 1938 Korea met Lee Rang who had quite some fun setting him up for the culprit of the bombing case.

The brothers had quite a reunion, only Rang drugging Yeon again. Like his love-hate grudge and excessive obsession with him never ends. The reunion with the hug was quite tearful and maybe for a second did make Rang believe Yeon’s sincerity.

Welp, the only problem now was the masked man who followed them and stabbed Rang. The solution to this problem was to save Rang but also to go back in time to the present day. With the deadline left less than 9 hours, Yeon has his hands tied to choose.

Who is Dong Bak Sak?

Rang asked Yeon to take him back to Myoyeongak for reasons unknown. Yeon met Dong Bak Sak, a mysterious creature, definitely not human. According to mythology, Dong Bak Sak is one of eight Chinese Immortals. Some folklores refer to him as a powerful immortal wizard.  Even in the drama, Dong Bak Sak is a powerful immortal who was granting other’s wishes but of course with a fair exchange.

Yeon made a deal with Dong Bak Sak to retrieve the only things that can kill him. Thanks to Yeon’s survival instinct and not trusting others, Yeon was able to see through the lies and deceit.

It was quite compelling and weird to see the Lee Yeon of 1938 timeline, still weirdly obsessed over his first love. The straight-up fight between the two Lee Yeon was quite a scene. Thankfully, Yeon and Rang escaped the trap of Dong Bak Sak, and ended up killing him and freeing everyone’s soul along with saving his little brother.

One thing was clear, someone intended to trap Yeon in 1938. Yeon missed the deadline to cross the gate and was, therefore, stuck in this timeline.

What role is Kim So Yeon playing?

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It will be exciting to see Kim So Yeon who made a brief appearance in Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 Episode 1. Her character Ryu Hong Joo was a mountain guardian spirit but was now the owner of Myoyeongak.

Ryu Hong Joo is weirdly obsessed with Lee Yeon and wanted to marry him. Let’s see more of her in upcoming episodes.  Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 is airing on Saturday and Sunday. The weekends will be great again thanks to the series. Have fun streaming.

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