Sweet Guy Manhwa Review

Sweet Guy Manhwa is the story of Ho Sang who was living a normal high school life. He is not famous or social person. But, he have many beautiful girls around him.

Sweet Guy Manhwa Review

Sweet Guy Manhwa is the story of Ho Sang who was living a normal high school life until now. He is now graduated from the High school and is currently working at an electronic store. He is not famous or social person he is a kind of weak or nerd. But, he have many beautiful girls around him.

Ho Sang cant gather courage to talk with them. He is kind of a shy personality. His boring life continues he does the things daily and daily no change in them. Then suddenly, one day a friend of his ask him for a favor.

She was a girl who had a few stuff with her that she wanted to sell and Ho Sang didn’t deny deny her instead he purchased those stuff from her. Don’t know what to do with them. He then tries those things he purchased. He tried various electronic appliances and suddenly he got electrocuted due to the malfunction. That incident gave some power to Ho Sang.

Sweet Guy Manhwa is clearly one of the best as its storyline is good.  Moving further, the power is not something like super strength or fast speed that normal superheroes posses but instead he posses the power to turn any girl on. This power certainly some of the readers will desire or have thought about.

NTR is short for netorare, and it’s like an emotional hostile takeover of a person a character cares about. So, the main question, Is Sweet Guy Manhwa a NTR? The answer is No, Not Really.

The main heroine had a toxic relationship with an ex who acts as an antAgonist in the series, but that’s really about it. There is the typical korean drama but it’s never based on the relationship between the Main character, Female main character, and ex but on a slightly different matter.

The power also depends on the layer like touching a girls have more significant effect as it turn a girl on more effectively. The effect only goes more stronger when more of the skin touches it give immeasurable pleasure just by getting intimate. This is certainly one of the power one would desire. Just like this he gets intimate with a lot if girls which led to girls following him because of his powers.

Dmitri is the scientist that makes Ho Sang powers came into being. He gets into debt due to some reasons that he have to work underground. He makes Ho Sang his friend just because he is blackmailed by someone or by some unknown organisation. He research about Ho Sang powers further just because he is pushed by someone to do so.

Sweet Guy Manhwa other main character is Hae Jun she was the very first person on whom Ho Sang used his power and we can also say that she is his first “victim”. She was just a passerby on a train. One day while travelling on train with Ho Sang she sees him. She makes a big deal out of Ho Sang when he accidentally touches her leg.

After Ho Sang got his power they gets intimate after being touched and after that they began to hang out casually and became friends. Another character which i would like to mention is Li Da she is the neighbor of Ho Sang. She is the only one on whom Ho Sang power doesn’t work. She always seems to be in a bad mood. She always gets bad headache too.

Sweet Guy Manhwa is very interesting to read if you want to read an adult manhwa. It is top rated manhwa. As far as This pornwhas go, No NTR, obviously  but it’s actually pretty good and the art is top notch. So one should definitely check it out.