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Sweet Bite Marks is a full entertainment package that contains fantasies, magic, horror, romance, action, and war.

It is a Fantasy Romance manga. It’s a story of romance where humans and vampires strive to save their love.

Can this intense racial war give a chance to the blooming romance of humans and vampires? Vampires are higher-class creatures as compared to humans.

They stay alive by sucking either human or any other animal’s blood.

Some vampires were soft at heart but the domineering ones replaced them and ruled the human world.

The cheerful and busty streets were slowly replaced with silent and fearful winds.

All the happiness got sucked and replaced with a dark world. Those laughing streets were now filled with screams and blood.

There was another world of humans who were growing stronger to protect their race. These were blood hunters.

They had some magic powers that can oppose vampires' magic.

But the most powerful of them was a witch who had the ability to control the at-most magic of a vampire.

Sweet Bite Marks characters include a powerful vampire prince whose magic was too much for the world.

It even has a witch who falls in love with this prince.

There are lots of twists and turns where each moment fills with hatred, love, care, fear, and compassion.

Each of the characters is striving hard to stay alive.

The two races who are the complete opposite of each other, can they succeed to make a peace treaty?


This Fantasy Romance manga involves a game of imprisonment and possession, a love of blood that makes you bewitched.

The struggles, love, fear, and intense moments leave you hypnotized.

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A noble vampire prince filled with hatred and rudeness towards the human race falls for his menial blood servant.

From refusal to acceptance, the blood servant cares for the prince and solves his problems.

However, there are many secrets and disputes which keep them away from each other.

Due to their gap in status, classes, and hatred, in this deal between humans and vampires, will they destroy the hatred and break the rule to save their love?

Sweet Bite Marks Characters

The main Sweet Bite Marks characters include Lou Yi and Du Xiaoxin

Lou Yi

He is the first descendant of the ancestor of the vampire bloodline with supernatural powers.

Lou Yi hates humans because he thinks they are greedy, cowards and they only know how to escape reality and break promises.

However, after meeting Du Xiaoxin his views about humans slowly changed. She almost represents the person who was closest to Lou Yi.

Many secrets were purposely kept hidden. When they together discover these secrets, new challenges await them.

Du Xiaoxin

She is a 16 years old simple girl who is afraid to live among vampires. She isn’t cowardly nor is she greedy.

But during her childhood, vampires killed her parents leaving her brother beside her.

Due to this, an intense hatred has grown in her heart towards vampires.

However, when Du Xiaoxin meets Lou Yi, this hatred slowly turns into love and they strive together to save their love in this racial war. Will they succeed?

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