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In the Previous Chapter of this romance manga, we saw how Xiaoxin injects an antidote into Roman and he instantly realizes that he was attacking his own wife.

Xiaoxin feels intense pain in her stomach and collapses on the ground.

She bleeds from her stomach and Roman instantly recognizes the words Xiaoxin whispered previously.

Roman promises Xiaoxin that everything will be fine and he will do anything to protect her and their child.

He fights back against the enemy and during this Roman’s old injuries open up. Neglecting his situation he successfully kills the enemy.

But the war place started to collapse, so all the troops hurriedly escaped. Now, let's see what Sweet Bite marks chapter 185 has given us.

Synopsis of Sweet Bite Marks chapter 185

In Sweet Bite Marks chapter 185 we will see what happens to Roman, Xiaoxin, and their child.

After escaping the war place, Roman instantly called the doctor to check Xiaoxin’s condition.

The doctor hurried and reached the place where Roman and the others were resting.

The doctor got stunned to see Roman’s old injuries severely damaged.

He suggested Roman check his condition first. But Roman ordered to check Xiaoxin’s condition.

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When the doctor diagnosed Xiaoxin, he got surprised by the results.

He told Roman that she was already in a state of threatened abortion.

Simon regretted bringing Xiaoxin to the war and he apologized for that.

Roman told him not to take all the blame and rather she hide this fact because Simon wouldn’t allow her to enter the war fields.

The doctor informed that a human being carrying a vampire’s child is very dangerous because the life force of a vampire isn’t something a human mother can withstand.

He’s afraid that both of them will die. Roman’s stunned to hear this. He orders the doctor to save both of them and his injuries got more serious.

Roman suggests doctor that if he couldn’t save both then he should save Xiaoxin at any cost.

Saying this Roman collapses on the ground and goes into a deep sleep.

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In his sleep, he remembers all his loved ones who were close to his heart.

His parents, his brothers, Simon and Xiaoxin. He dreams of Xiaoxin running away from him.

Suddenly he hears a voice. It was the doctor informing Xiaoxin to abort the child. The results weren’t good and therefore he suggests aborting the child as her body cannot withstand it.

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Xiaoxin refuses to abort the child because it was proof of her and Roman’s love.

Roman’s big brother suggests aborting it because those humans who bear a vampire’s child cannot survive after giving birth to them.

She stubbornly refuses because being a white witch her constitution is greater than ordinary humans.

But Roman’s brother informs her that after the war ended her constitution was even lower than ordinary humans.

She tells everyone to give her some time alone. Xiaoxin crawls back to Roman. She’s worried to take the final decision.

She’s afraid to kill their child. Even though in asleep, Roman tells her that both their child and Xiaoxin must stay alive.

Xiaoxin got stunned when he moved his finger. She finally made the decision.

After waking up from a long sleep of 3 years, he feels dizzy and confused.

Suddenly he hears a voice calling out daddy. It was their child- Angela. Angela is happy to see him awake.

But what happened to Xiaoxin?

In this romance manga's Chapter 184 &  Chapter 185, we saw that Xiaoxin was in a life-threatening condition for carrying a vampire’s child.  

She couldn’t withstand the conditions for raising this child in her stomach.

Even though knowing the condition she insists to keep this child because it was the symbol of her love for Roman.

After a deep sleep of 3 years, Roman finally wakes up from sleep and finds out a child calling him daddy.

If the child got saved then what happened to Xiaoxin? let's find it out in Sweet Bite Marks chapter 186.

Synopsis of Sweet Bite Marks chapter 186

Sweet Bite Marks chapter 186 is the final chapter of this romance manga. Let’s find out what happened to Xiaoxin.

Roman’s worried about Xiaoxin whether she is alive or she died after giving birth to their child.

Their daughter- Angela, asks her dad why he is so worried. Suddenly Roman’s big brother enters his room and scolds Angela for playing hooky again.

He’s stunned and happy to see Roman awake and asks him whether he is feeling pain anywhere. Roman asks his brother what happened to Xiaoxin.

Angela says that she will take him to mommy and pull him out of the bed.

Being unconscious for a long time he cannot stand immediately. So his brother and Angela support him to walk.

They lead him toward the garden and he’s stunned to see Xiaoxin alive.

She was resting on a swing in the garden. Roman says that he should walk to her alone and tells his brother to leave him.

He is happy to see Xiaoxin and Angela insists on staying with them. He surprises Xiaoxin by standing in front of her.

Being half asleep she sees Roman standing in front of her. She thinks that it’s again a dream of Roman standing in front of her.

Roman says dummy this isn’t a dream. It was really him standing in front of her. She touches him as if it still feels like a dream.

Angela says that this isn’t a dream and that daddy is awake from sleep.

Romans hugs them and leans on her shoulder saying that he shouldered everything on Xiaoxin for 3 years, and now that he is back everything will return to normal.

He thanks Xiaoxin for giving him Angela and calls her bean sprout.

The Happy Ending!

Angela is the treasure that the heavens bestowed on them and they both are really thankful for this wonderful gift.

Xiaoxin named their daughter Angela Lopester because she is their angel.

Roman asks about everything that happened in these past 3 years when he was in deep sleep.

Actually, he was very afraid when he saw their daughter because he thought Xiaoxin was dead but luckily miracle happened and both of them survived.

Xiaoxin tells Roman that the day of Angela’s birth was very dangerous.

The surgeon who was supposed to operate on Xiaoxin was asleep throughout the night but she saw a familiar figure who treated her and saved both of them.

After the treatment that mysterious doctor vanished and never came back again. After this long fight, the new government defeated the underground organization.

Though some of them escaped, they are no longer a threat to the administration for the current scenario.

The new government rectified some rules for the history of vampires and humans.

The artificial blood produced by the university and new government labs got promoted successfully.

The current situation is harmonious and everything ended peacefully and happily in the Romance manga.

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