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Sweet Bite Marks is a fantasy romance manga. In the previous chapter, we saw that Lan Li controlled Roman (Lou Yi) by feeding him medicine.

He ordered to kill everyone and destroy the new government. When Simon reached, it was already late.

Knowing that Roman is under the enemy’s control, Xiaoxin thought this was the condition where worse came to worst.

She developed the antidote for Lan Li’s medicine and was about to feed Roman but the enemy attacked and she fell on the ground.

Xiaoxin hides the fact that she was pregnant with Roman’s child. Due to the attack of the enemy, she had severe pain in the stomach.

In Sweet Bite Marks chapter 184 we will see how Roman gains consciousness and attacks back this enemy.

When Xiaoxin got attacked by the enemy she fell and had sudden stomach pain.

Roman was under the control of Lan Li so he didn’t know the person in front of his eyes is actually his wife.

Xiaoxin whispered in his ears that she and their child are waiting for him to return and inject the antidote. She trembles in pain and falls to the ground.

To regain his consciousness she kisses him and collapses.

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Roman immediately realizes that he was attacking Xiaoxin.

When she trembles he holds her. Xiaoxin was bleeding down from her stomach to her legs.

He instantly realizes that she whispered about a child.

Was she really pregnant? Yes, it was their child, Xiaoxin, and Roman’s first child!

He promises Xiaoxin that everything will be back to normal and he returns to fight the enemy.

Simon is happy to see that Roman regained his consciousness.

Roman entrusts Xiaoxin to wait for him. She trembles and says she is waiting and suddenly collapses.

Without caring about his body conditions Roman orders his troops to attack the enemies and trusts Simon to protect his troop.

A furious battle begins and Roman uses his ultimate powers to weaken his enemies. During this, his old injuries open up.

Being defeated, Lan Li tries to escape but someone from the dark injects a silver needle loaded with a high concentration of holy water into Lan Li and his powers are almost destroyed.

Lan Li regrets about unable to protect his father, mother, and his sister and failing the mission. Roman kills him and the war ends.

The war place is about to collapse everyone hurries to escape that place.

Roman carries Xiaoxin in his arms even though his injuries are dangerous.

He’s worried about Xiaoxin and his child and prays them to stay safe while they’re escaping the place.

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