Top 16 Supernatural Shows To Watch On HBO Max, Ranked as per IMDb

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You must be eagerly anticipating the best HBO supernatural series to watch while you wait for House of Dragons.

It is a fact that the supernatural and fantasy subgenres are becoming more and more popular.

Due to the constant demand of the audience, supernatural drama shows are widely available on all streaming services.

HBO is hardly an exception either.

His Dark Materials, True Blood, Superman & Lois, Westworld, Ghosts, Fringe, The Outsider, and many other popular supernatural and fantasy TV shows need to be mentioned.

In this post, we've identified the top 16 supernatural TV shows available on HBO, ranked as per IMDb Ratings.

16. Made for Love (6.9/10)

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How would you react if your husband implanted a chip in your brain to monitor every action you took?

When faced with this challenge, Hazel Green (Cristin Milotti) immediately flees with her father's unhelpful assistance (Ray Romano).

Navigate this satirical romantic drama's perilous terrain with a dash of Black Mirror and a helping dolphin.

Yes, Made for Love is both surprising and ultimately upsetting.

15. The Outsider (7.1/10)

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The Outsider is a psychological horror thriller crime series that is based on Stephen King's 2018 book of the same name.

The series' unfathomable crime serves as its central theme.

While attempting to solve that crime, the investigators get perplexed by the mystery surrounding Terry Maitland, a suburban dad who is charged with a horrific murder.

Ralph Anderson, the investigative team's lead detective, finds contradicting leads. On HBO, the show aired from January 12 through Match 8 of 2020.

Jason Bateman received a nomination for an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series Primetime Emmy Award in 2020.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the TV show has a 91% rating.

14. Falling Skies (7.1/10)

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This post-apocalyptic sci-fi, which has Steven Spielberg as executive producer, combines family drama with alien invasions.

Following an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth, the protagonists of Falling Skies are a group of survivors who intend to fight back.

Space travel, numerous alien cultures, and a compelling climactic conflict are all introduced throughout the five seasons.

13. Lovecraft Country (7.1/10)

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The 2016 novel of the same name by Matt Ruff served as the basis for the American horror series "Lovecraft Country", created by Misha Green.

The series' narrative centres on a young black guy travelling around the segregated United States in the 1950s.

He learns about a village that H. P. Lovecraft, the renowned horror author, is said to have based his fictional stories. Many sinister mysteries afflict the town.

The cast of the show includes Michael K. Williams, Courtney B. Vance, Wunmi Mosaku, Jonathan Majors, Aunjanue Ellis, and Jurnee Smollett.

On HBO, the show aired from August 16 to October 18, 2020. On Rotten Tomatoes, it received an 88%.

12. Peacemaker (7.2/10)

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Peacemaker earns a position on our list even though it's 90% a superhero programme since it has extraterrestrial guests.

In the Suicide Squad spinoff series, John Cena plays the flamboyant Peacemaker, who investigates the origins of his slogan — "I adore peace with all my being. No matter how many men, women, or children I have to slaughter to obtain it "— originated.

The James Gunn-penned series is raucous fun with a surprising amount of emotion. It is gloomy, gory, and bouncing to a rocking soundtrack.

11. Raised by Wolves (7.5/10)

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Raised by Wolves will please viewers who wish to spend a lot of time (almost 10 hours, excluding the second season) immersed in a universe that Ridley Scott helped to create on the big screen.

After a conflict with a religious group that decimates Earth, two androids named Mother and Father try to start an atheist human colony on a new planet.

But they quickly learn that influencing people's beliefs is a challenging undertaking.

A controversial investigation of AI and religious ideas is set up by executive producer and director Scott, who also directed the first two episodes.

Mother by Amanda Collin features strong performances, blood, and a bloody main character.

10. Station Eleven (7.6/10)

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Any Station Eleven hype you hear is true. The meditative dystopian thriller, one of the best shows of 2021, is prestige TV that takes you on a voyage through surprising, moving, and distinctive locations.

The latter description can only be attributed to select episodes.

Two histories are followed, but the major focus is on the brilliant Kirsten (Mackenzie Davis), a lady who escaped a plague that wiped out the planet and now tours the ruins with the Traveling Symphony theatrical company.

Station Eleven, written and directed by Patrick Somerville, presents the end of the world through a more upbeat prism than The Leftovers.

9. His Dark Materials (7.8/10)

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This His Dark Materials TV adaptation is the second effort to translate Philip Pullman's renowned fantasy books to the big screen.

The plodding, flimsy storyline served as the foundation for the 2007 flop The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

The source material isn't precisely straightforward; it's set in a universe where people's souls appear as animal familiars.

A thrilling, philosophical adventure is created when you combine parallel universes, talking polar bears, and a highly inventive tale about growing up.

The support of Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and Dafne Keen helps this polished, more responsible effort.

8. Years and Years (8.3/10)

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Years and Years is a must-watch if Russell T. Davies' It's a Sin left you speechless.

The ambitious sci-fi series covers a period of 15 years while fast-forwarding through each episode to show the highs and lows of the colourful Lyons family.

The Lyons experience a lot, from technical advancements to jaw-dropping life catastrophes, yet they never lose their sense of humour.

7. The Time Traveler's Wife (8.3/10)

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Even though it was only on for one season, it was a really odd one.

The ludicrous premise of The Time Traveler's Wife is that a guy (Theo James) can spontaneously travel through time backwards and forwards without bringing his clothes with him.

In other words, he ends up in the middle of the street, naked, in front of approaching trains, and in the woods, where he meets his future wife (Rose Leslie).

The Time Traveler's Wife, which is based on Audrey Niffenegger's well-known novel and was made into a film in 2009, will please readers of the book and entertain those who can get beyond the slight ick factor.

Fans of Doctor Who will remark that Steven Moffat writes the show, bringing his distinctive wit and complexities of time travel.

6. The Leftovers (8.3/10)

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It might be viewed as more fantasy than science fiction, and it's certainly not close to being hard science fiction, but come on.

The Leftovers. It's Damon Lindelof, the brilliant creator of the acclaimed TV series Watchmen.

What transpires after 2% of the world's population mysteriously vanishes is the subject of The Leftovers.

The three seasons centre on two families, the Garveys and the Murphys, and how the "Sudden Departure" event upends their lives as a number of cults begin to develop.

5. Fringe (8.4/10)

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You may expect this sci-fi procedural to have five seasons.

Join the Fringe Division, a team of agents entrusted with examining strange phenomena, as they delve into parallel worlds and alternative timelines.

After a mediocre first season, Fringe rediscovered its footing, bringing original concepts and a compelling emotional core with it.

4. Babylon 5 (8.4/10)

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It would be sacrilege to leave Babylon 5, an influential legacy show, off this list despite its current dated edges.

The central idea is that as Earth establishes its place in the galaxy, a group of humans and alien species are cooperating on the space station Babylon 5.

The result is political scheming, character studies, and the prospect of war.

3. Westworld (8.5/10)

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Robots are encountered frequently in Alice in Wonderland. Season 3 of the truly intricate sci-fi Western may have complicated turns, but the first thrilling season tore down the barn.

The story takes place at a bloody and graphic amusement park where wealthy visitors can shoot, kill, and physically abuse the android hosts.

Dolores, one of the hosts, starts to show signs of sentience.

She is not happy with the way she has been handled, to be honest.

Westworld is a compelling, thought-provoking show that compels you to solve its mystery.

In addition, a lot of people believe season 4 marks a comeback.

2. Person Of Interest (8.5/10)

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Jonathan Nolan's sci-fi crime drama has earned a spot on the list of the greatest sci-fi television programmes ever.

The series is centred on a piece of government-used Precog-like equipment that foretells terrorist strikes.

A breakaway squad of underground investigators, however, set out to assist connected persons of interest because the device can also alert the user to lesser, yet still lethal offences.

Person of Interest is an intriguing, spectacular, and comprehensive espionage procedural that tackles complex issues including the notion of "the greater good".

1. Doctor Who (8.6/10)

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At this point, it might be difficult to win over new viewers for this venerable British programme.

However, if you want to get a taste of the highly imaginative, genre-defying adventure, try the later Jodie Whittaker episodes.

Whittaker assumes the role of the Doctor, a space- and time-travelling alien explorer with a good heart and an out-of-this-world sense of humour. Very enjoyable.